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CCW for my wife?

This is a discussion on CCW for my wife? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; my wife likes my HK USP 45 fullsize version and has no problems handling it.being the fullsize I am suprised,I would think, tho I don't ...

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Thread: CCW for my wife?

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    my wife likes my HK USP 45 fullsize version and has no problems handling it.being the fullsize I am suprised,I would think, tho I don't own one the HK compact 45 would be a better choice being the same weapon but shorter.she really likes the walther p99,9mm but cannot rack the slide.if racking is a concern a revolver may be the best option for her.

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    A few things to consider...

    If she is new to handguns...keep it simple.
    Revolvers are better for new shooters or even those that shoot very little.
    There are no safetys to remember, no magazines to insert backwards and no hand strength required to "racK" the slide.

    If she has long fingernails,they may be too long for her to rack the slide of a semi without breaking a few. If she breaks one and hurts herself, she will never pick up the gun again.

    Semi automatics are great, if she trains with them. When I say "train" I dont mean twice a year, I mean several times a month until she can safely load or unload in the dark without giving it a second thought. When she can automatically snick off the safety when aquiring the targer without giving it any consious thought ...that is a beggining. When she can consistantly place all of her shots on a defensive target in a few seconds, reload and do it again in the same time frame, she'll be confident enough and competent enough to be able to use it in a self defense sceanario....and NOT BEFORE.

    The problem with woman is that many of them take the advice of their well meaning husbands and buy small semi autos that are hard to handle and they have little to no training in their use. Their husbands may load it for them, point them in the right direction and let them shoot it until its empty where they reload it for them again. That is not training, and it sets them up for failure should it ever be nessecary for personal defense.

    On the other hand, I have qualified many women for Concealed Weapon Permits that were well versed in the use of semi automatics and they did very well. I cant tell you the amount of time that I've spent on women that attended classes with their husbands Ruger .45 or a Government Model Colt that they had never shot and had no clue as to load or unload the thing.

    In the case of your wife, I would recommend a revolver. Have her handle several sizes and brands and if possible let her shoot several. Teach her the basic rules of handgun safety. Let her make the choice...dont try to do it for her. When she does get one, help her, encourage her to train with it.Take her shooting as often as you can. Make she she becomes competent BEFORE she may "need" it, not after.

    The time to learn is on the range...not when she has to shoot an attacker off of her...

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    Very good advice fellas - thanks. HotGuns - I think you hit several nails on the head. We're going out this weekend to shoot a few different revolvers. Unfortunately I don't have access to an SP101, but a buddy of mine does have a GP100, and she'll shoot a few 38+P and some .357 as well. Then it's off to the gun cases to see what she wants.

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    My wife could not handle a taurus 85 in .38. We sold it and got a smaller revolver in .32H&R mag, then I had her shooting .32 S&W longs to get used to the gun and she is now a better shot with it than I am.

    Go with a small revolver and do not discount a .32 if you wife finds a .38 too much. The .22 that hits the target is better than teh .40 that goes off into space.

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    Yeah, .32 H&R Mag. My wife carries one on her hip while hog hunting(also a .45-70 in her hands) S&W and Taurus both make a snubbie with the very light frame. A good smith could slick up the double and/or single action trigger pull for you. That would be a sweet carry weapon. If you reload you could use the same bullet that my wifes little gun carries in it. The Beartooth 115gr hardcast. It has great penetration and very accurate. Take a look at them .32"s.---------

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    take her shopping, bring your credit card and SHUT UP!!!
    It's her gun.
    Don't say a damn'd word about size, caliber, weight or anything.
    It's not your's it's hers and she doesn't want your input, just your cash.
    Would you buy her shoes?? NO
    Don't buy her guns.

    Gun control is hitting what you aim at

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    Right-----When she wants that 500 S&W for her purse gun------well------go ahead and buy it for her. All my wifes hunting/carry guns gets a input from me. She trusts me. Not to buy one for her or talk her into something,but to help her make HER decision.---------

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    i got my wife a taurus 650 cia. she kinda liked it. then she found a s&w 649. that's her main carry gun now. got some laser grips on it and an xs big dot sight. she's got it loaded with speer .38 135 gr. gold dots. she does NOT like shooting .357's in it though. says it bites a little with those in it,lol.

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