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This is a discussion on New Gun - FN Herstal within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got a fnp 40 about a year and a half ago. I dont take it out too much and never carry it but when ...

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Thread: New Gun - FN Herstal

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    I got a fnp 40 about a year and a half ago. I dont take it out too much and never carry it but when I do shoot it I really like it. Never had a problem with it. Its the gun I usually take camping with me because it doesnt weigh much and I completely trust it. The only thing I have a gripe about is the decocker on mine got slightly bent one time when out camping. I think I got my toe under a root and tripped and it got caught and bent. Still works just fine, just sticks out a little bit. Anyways, it is a great gun and I would trust it as my EDC if I didnt have anything else...
    Enjoy it.
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    I have an FN-P 9mm that I bought for my girlfriend, back before I discovered she didn't like autos....oh well. Mine is great, light, fairly accurate, and was pretty cheap, as well. They don't seem to have caught on, but they are good guns.
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    FN is currently running a promotion until the end of December '07. Buy a new FNP 9 or 40, and they will give you another magazine, a Blade Tech kydex holster, and a double mag pouch. The pistol comes from the factory with three magazines already. Not a bad deal. Forms for this promotion can be had at FN's website.

    FN is currently running several ads in the gun magazines. For instance, see the December '07 issue of SWAT. There at least three large FN ads for the FNP.

    That said, I have examined the pistol at a local dealer. It looks and feels good, but it has a frame within a frame receiver similar to the Steyr M series. I am not too excited about this design because the slide rails are dropped into the polymer frame, not a part of it. I question the durability of this method of construction. I would have to see some reports on how it handles in high volume use before buying it.

    Other than that issue, the DA/SA trigger is not bad, the decock only safety is on the frame (where it should be), there is no magazine disconnect device, and it comes with a second backstrap to adjust the fit to the palm of the user.

    It field strips easily like a Sig. In fact, it looks a lot like a polymer frame version of the Sig 228. With a going retail price of less than $500, it just be may worth a look if one is in the market for a tradition double action service pistol. If you buy one, keep us posted on it holds up.

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    I'm really suprised alot of you haven't really looked into this gun. Out of all of the guns I have shot, it is my favorite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jualdeaux View Post
    FN makes almost every small arm for the military, M16s, SAWs, M2s, PDWs, etc. they also make the huge rotary vulcan type belt fed machine guns for aircraft and other large vehicles. FN knows how to make superior firearms.
    yessir. besides their military weapons, they also own browning and winchester. they don't make bad stuff, and they don't need to market.

    my primary ccw is an FN.
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    I have an FNP-9. It fit my hand like a glove, its accurate, and unflinchingly reliable. I have about 2,700 rounds through mine so far and its basically been perfect. There was one failure to feed when running some cheap low quality remanufactured lead ammo through it after not cleaning the gun for about 800 rounds. Thats still pretty good by any standard though.

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    So - you bought a Hi-Power, right? I think most people who replied are thinking you bought an FNP-9, but they're not steel. FN Herstal is the manufacturer name, not the model name.

    Hi-Powers are great, by the way. I know a girl who has a full house Yost Bonitz Hi-Power that I'm completely jealous of.

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