Discharging A Round Upon Decocking

Discharging A Round Upon Decocking

This is a discussion on Discharging A Round Upon Decocking within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I posted this thread on another forum some time ago, but am interested in the response from members of this forum. My main carry gun ...

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    Discharging A Round Upon Decocking

    I posted this thread on another forum some time ago, but am interested in the response from members of this forum.

    My main carry gun is a Walther P99c, which cocks the striker when I rack the slide to chamber a round. The trigger, at that point, is essentially S/A, or what Walther terms A/S. By using the decocker button, I can decock the striker and the trigger then is D/A, which is how I carry because IMO it is the much safer way to carry, bearing in mind that there is no manuel safety.

    Each time I decock the striker, I have an uneasy feeling about the round in the chamber possibly being discharged, although I know that there is an internal safety designed to prevent that from happening.

    So, my question is whether anyone with a similar gun(where you need to decock to get the trigger from S/A to D/A) has ever had that happen(a round being discharged upon decocking), or has heard about that happening?

    Now, I understand that we are dealing with a mechanical device so that there is always the possibility of a mechanical failure, but I am only interested in responses from those to whom this has actually happened, or, as I said, has heard about it happening from what they believe to be a credible source.


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    Hey Ron, have to say that many folks have worried about decockers causing an AD, but I have not ever heard of one happening on Walthers or Sig's. Actually the only weapons I have personally known (through officers I know personally or having been present) that have had an AD while fingers were completely off triggers, are 1911s and one Glock. The 1911s went active (full auto) due to worn parts, when the slide was released into full battery. The Glock fired when the slide was released from slide lock and to this day, noone knows why. I personally witnessed the officer and know his finger was off the trigger and even Glock cant explain it. The only saving grace for the officer was it was caught on the dept's internal camera system that proved his finger was off the trigger.

    Wouldnt worry about it, but as ALWAYS, keep the barrel pointed in a direction that provide you with the best back stop incase of an AD (something I do each and every time I do a press check before leaving for work).

    One thing I did was take an old vest of mine (you can buy an old used one for this purpose) and put it behind my gun box in my closet simply to work as a back stop when loading and unloading weapons.

    Hope that helps a little.
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    Hey Ron,

    If you can look up the mechanics of how your de-cocker works, I think that will help put your mind at ease. Once I saw how that worked on my SIG, I never again gave it a thought!
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    Ron - whether I decock my SIGs or my S&W99 (even the old P95 or 97 too) - I too have that tickle of mechanical distrust

    I do tho always ensure a totally safe direction for the manouver and as Thumper mentions, if you see how the system works then it is somewhat reassuring. The SIG blocking mechanism is IMO about as foolproof as anything gets.

    For sure tho - to reiterate - always but always decock in safe direction - it's just good ol' rule #2 anyways.
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    I've thought about the same thing with the decocker on my Beretta 9000S...
    I don't use the pistol much anymore. From what I've read, the decocker switch, when used, actually blocks the firing pin from making contact...
    But, it was always on my mind!
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    Anytime I handle a firearm, I try to always recognize the risks. As such, the muzzle is always pointed in as safe a direction as I can manage, so that even a failing decocker won't get someone killed. Both of my primary carry guns are decocker models. I have yet to hear of any single instance of either allowing a discharge upon decoking. Have put 50K rds through them and have never experienced a decocker-induced discharge. I think it's pretty safe. Combined with the 4 rules, it's about as safe as I can make it.
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    I absolutely never worry about decocking. Of course I carry a j frame 642.
    Seriously I've thought about the same thing with my Sig 225 but it is comforting to think that the Sig DA/SA's have been around for so long and have served with the German police, American police and even the US armed forces with a stellar safety record.

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    My Ruger P345 also has the decocker on it and I always have it pointed in a Safe direction when decocking it.

    I still cringe a little bit tho. LOL.

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    Hey guys, thanks for the words of reassurance. It is also comforting, in a way, to learn that am not alone in my sense of unease when decocking. Needless to say, the muzzle is always pointed in a "safe" direction when I decock, but I am often in my laundry room where I keep my mini gun safe for my carry guns, so if a round discharged I could still do quite a bit of damage. I am wondering if a bucket with 5 or so gallons of sand would work, if I pointed the muzzle to the bucket? What do you think?

    Steve, thanks for the suggestion of a vest. I guess I could look around for one.

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    The first time I decocked my sig onto a live round I was a bit nervous, I still ensure the gun is pointed in a safe direction when I do it. I suggest studing the operation of your gun to understand how it works to relieve your concerns.

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    Yeah, I make sure that it is pointed in a clear direction when decocking my FEG PA-63. It just doesnt seem right dropping the hammer on a round, but hey it works...

    If really worried about it i'd suggest this http://www.safedirection.com/ballist...portcases.html

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    I've had decocker's on a number of SIG's and NEVER had an issue, or heard of anyone having an issue. I've never thought twice about it. I've always pointed it in a safe direction before touching it, but that's just good practice.
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    Unfortunately ,there are very few documented cases of firearm failure to be found
    on the Internet .

    I have two SIGS and an XD , and I depend on my maintainence , following safety
    rules , and the designed safety features to prevent accidents.
    -SIG , it's What's for Dinner-

    know your rights!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsrule View Post
    Unfortunately ,there are very few documented cases of firearm failure to be found
    on the Internet ...
    You mean fortunately, right?
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    Every time I visit the range I shoot one full magazine using DA. Since the first round fired from my Sig in a self-defense situation will be DA, it is important to maintain accuracy while dealing with the slight increase in trigger travel and pulling force. After each round I use the de-cocking lever to return the gun to DA mode. I have repeated this process hundreds of times and have never had a problem. Of course that doesn't mean a mechanical failure in the future won't happen, but for now I have complete confidence in the weapon. I also see to it that the gun is inspected and proper maintenance performed on a regular basis.
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