your take on s&w mp .40 for carry?

your take on s&w mp .40 for carry?

This is a discussion on your take on s&w mp .40 for carry? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a smith&wesson m&p full size in 40 cal. I really enjoy the gun but what was wandering if anyone else carry's one and ...

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Thread: your take on s&w mp .40 for carry?

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    your take on s&w mp .40 for carry?

    I have a smith&wesson m&p full size in 40 cal. I really enjoy the gun but what was wandering if anyone else carry's one and what do you think of them?

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    I carry my full size M&P9. I really like the gun. I can shoot it very accurately and it's really not all that heavy.

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    I like it enough that I trust my life to it each and every day. Out of all the guns in the world, I chose it (ok, maybe going a little far there). I prefer it much more than any Glock or XD, and yes, I've handled and shot them for camparison. While it is a fullsize and conceals rather well (I'm 5'6" and 130lbs) under a button up shirt or polo, it is still a fullsize pistol. I want a Walther PPS for a BUG or when I need a pocket pistol.
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    I carry my M&P .40c everyday. Trust my life to it as well. I chose it after handling/shooting Glock + XD as well. Compact is a little easier to conceal ofcourse. It disappears in my smartcarry with an extra 10 rd mag. I wear it all day, everyday. Going to the range tomorrow to put a few hundred more rounds thru it. Enjoy it, as long as you prove your gun's reliability, you're all set. Keep her clean, and never tell anyone about your friend.

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    About a month and a half ago, I bought an M&P40c, it is very comfortable, easy to handle, easily concealable especially considering the power your carrying, and amazingly accurate!

    Unfortunately I have had a good deal of trouble with mine in terms of reliability. I had a number of failures to feed and misfires (light primer strikes). I sent it back to S&W for repair etc, and recently got it back from them ... repaired I hope. So far so good anyway, and once I have about 1000 rounds through it consecutively without a failure of the ammo I shoot, I will start using it as another one of my possible carry guns. It's a really sweet gun. Although regardless, my S&W 640 revolver will continue to be my primary carry gun. I like to be 100% sure, and theres nothing like a revolver when it comes to reliability.

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    I have and carry a 40 compact as my primary. Had no issue with it at all and plan to get a full size in the near future.

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    I dont own one , but have shot a full size some . I have to say that if i ever own another to carry .40 the M&P is at the top of a very short list of contenders. I am not a big fan of the .40 but was extremely impressed with that little smith .
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    It looks to be a fine choice although I haven't had the pleasure yet

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    Bought the M&P 45 and loved it, however it was a little large for summer carry. Purchased the 40 compact and love it also. It hides well even under an untucked t-shirt.

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    I also have the M&P40. I've never had any issues with it. 100% dependable for me.

    I inititally bought a Comp-tac paddle holster but rarely carried it as it printed a lot. (Good holster though.) Found my self carrying my J frame Smith most of the time.

    Just yesterday I got my Crossbreed SuperTuck IWB for the M&P. Wore it for a few hours and its very comfortable. Adjusted the cant (a great feature) and it almost disappears under a t shirt.

    Although I've been spoiled by the light weight of the 642, I think the M&P is going to be my primary carry weapon. 15 rounds vs. 5....

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