Who Carries a Sig 220 Carry?

Who Carries a Sig 220 Carry?

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Thread: Who Carries a Sig 220 Carry?

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    Who Carries a Sig 220 Carry?

    How does it carry? (weight, thickness, etc.)

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    I tried to post a few minutes ago but must have done something incorrectly, so I will try again.
    First of all I have a Sig-245 which I think is basically the same weapon without some enhancements,
    It is a bit heavier than my G-23 but it is about as thick or thin which ever you prefer. I carry mine in a M-tac from Comtac IWB the weight is spread out and it is hardly noticeable once you find the sweet spot for carrying. A spare full size P-220 magazine is carried for reloads.

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    I will carry a 220R on duty after I graduate in a few weeks. I really like the 220 and the 220 Carry balances even better. I love the 220 line. It feels like it was made for my hand. If my Dept. decides not to switch to the S&W M&P 40cal which I'm crossing my fingers they decide not to do, then I'll either carry a 245 or 220 Carry as a back-up and off-duty.
    Yeah I like Glocks, wanna fight about it!

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    I have been carrying my 220ST in a Blackhawk CQC with SERPA. I hardly notice it there.

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    I carry a P220, does that count?
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    My P220R Carry is my favorite P220 to carry!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    I alternate between a Kimber CDP Pro which I carry in an IWB from HBE and a P220 in a Don Hume Jit slide. I carry both between the 3 & 4 o'clock positions. I have no complaint with either set up and both conceal nicely.
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    Yes, a in a Milt Sparks VMII. Exceptional setup. I concur w/ the others who mentioned the superior balance of the Carry. It's not at all excessively heavy or thick. It's just about perfect!

    It started out as a P220 Carry SAS but I never warmed up to the DAK so I sent it to SIG for a TDA conversion w/ action job and short reset. Now I've got the best of both worlds. But I digress...

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    I do, in a milt sparks VMII. Conceals great, with a good belt the weight is handled nicely. it no j-frame or pm9, but carries well. Real fun to shoot but thats not what you asked about.
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    I tried to carry my 220 Carry Elite ST in MS VMII on Rafter S belt...kept getting the Walter Brennan walk so back to the P2SK.

    Not a fair comparison as the ST is heavier than my 220 Elite TT or P2SK.

    My .02
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    I found it to be a bit heavy...... not really a "great" carry gun IMHO.
    (Maybe getting that J frame Smith spoiled me??)
    It shoots great....... made it's way to the house gun. (9 rounds of TAP 200 grainers and the night sights)
    I even met a guy at Sturgis this year who works for Sig...we talked a while....told him the P220C was a bit to big.... and he told me that "yeah..... it's not really a good concealed carry gun...a bit too bulky"
    He asked what type of product I'd like to see Sig make and seemed to value my ideas.

    Anyway..... my 2 cents

    Sig P239
    Sig P238
    Glock 17
    Glock 36
    S&W 60

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