what is your take on guardian 380 pistols ?

what is your take on guardian 380 pistols ?

This is a discussion on what is your take on guardian 380 pistols ? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have seen articles on the guardian 380 and was wandering if anyone has one or shot one and if they recommend them over other ...

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Thread: what is your take on guardian 380 pistols ?

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    what is your take on guardian 380 pistols ?

    I have seen articles on the guardian 380 and was wandering if anyone has one or shot one and if they recommend them over other pocket pistol like the kel-tec or seecamp.

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    I bought one in .32 to use as a pocket gun. It shoots well, although the trigger is a little on the heavy side.

    I only got to carry it briefly.....until the wife absconded with it!
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    Seecamp is much more expensive, for basically the same thing. Much better fit and finish than the kel tec. It is somehat heavier than the keltec, but it is all steel, and I hear that kel tecs, need a "Fluff and Buff" for reliability. I do not hear that from NAA owners. Slightly higher price and a little heavier than the Keltec, but in my opinion worth the difference for a "hideout" gun. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THIS GUN I WOULD NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT THE SEECAMP FOR THE MONEY.
    The worst part are the sights. Send it to NAA and get better sights. I am sending mine there for a gutter snipe tritium package. Thought about the novaks but decided this is for me. I have a Mika pocket holster which is nice but I think I am going to buy a leather pocket holster...and maybe the IWB Mini Clip from Kirkpatrick leather. Great little gun. You will not be disappointed. I shoot Gold Dots. The only other consideration is the .32 NAA caliber. .380 with a .32. bullet. Little screamer. Ammo is not plentiful...only made by one manufacturer. Get it you won't be disappointed.
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    Conversely, the Seecamp is exactly the same size as the .25 & .32-not something the Guardian comes close to. I would agree, though, at that price-point, you may as well splurge the next $150 and get the Rohrbaugh!

    Having played with my Seecamps quite a bit, sights are a waste on fist/pocket guns. If the BG is far enough away for you to need sighting, he's too far to try to hit with a 2.25" sight radius. Opinions may vary, but if you've got sight range, you should probably be running...or you should have a lot more gun than 5 rounds of .380!

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    I have both the Kel-tec P3AT 2nd Gen and the NAA Guardian 380.Both of them have been absolutely reliable out of the box.NAA is heavier and has longer trigger pull.I carry both of them in either an uncle mikes pocket holster or De Santis pocket holster or Galco Stow n Go IWB .I don't think either gun needs better sights because with a little practice at point shooting they will both surprise you.I have used Hydra-shok , ball and w/w silvertips in mine.Hope this helps. I would recommend either one.

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    The NAA feels like a brick, go with KelTec, Seecamp, or better Rohrbaugh (9mm)

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    My wife and I previously owned the NAA Guardian 380 and Kel-Tec P3AT. Both were the the biggest pieces of junk we ever owned. Both were sent back to the manufacturer twice and came back worse each time. We sold them for next to nothing to a gunsmith to get rid of them. My wife then purchased the Beretta Tomcat .32 and I purchased the S&W 642 .38. They have both worked flawlessly. Our best friend owns the Seecamp .32 and he loves it. It has never failed him.

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