I have a whole new respect for snubnose revolvers

I have a whole new respect for snubnose revolvers

This is a discussion on I have a whole new respect for snubnose revolvers within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just got home from getting a late night/ early morning snack, and before I left, I really didn't feel like putting on my Glock ...

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Thread: I have a whole new respect for snubnose revolvers

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    I have a whole new respect for snubnose revolvers

    I just got home from getting a late night/ early morning snack, and before I left, I really didn't feel like putting on my Glock 19. I was just gonna go unarmed, because I was just going to McDonalds, which is less than a half a mile away from my house, but its always better to have something, just in case. So I opened the safe and loaded up the SP101, and stuck it in my coat pocket. I tell ya, these little revolvers sure do come in handy when you're making a short trip. There was one time I nearly sold it, but I am so glad I kept it. I just may get a S&W 642 for a snack grabbing piece.
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    I just love that little j frame I pack around....quick and easy,even for a snack piece!

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    I Love snubnoses, they are so easy to carry
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    Thumbs up

    The little snubbie.
    Always one of my favorite handguns.

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    Oh nooo...you're coming over to the dark side...no wait... is it the bright side?

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    I love my snubnose revolvers in my cas they are colt D-frames a cobra and a 1st issue agent. The agent has been my main ccw gun since I got it and the cobra was before that for a very long time. Now don't get me wrong I love my 1911's and do carry them but my snubnose pulls carry duty alot more,especially here in florida in the summer.

    I don't feel undergunned with my snubbie ever and feel like its 6 rounds(the vast majority of self defense shooting is 1-3 rounds) can handle most any situation that me as a non LEO might come across. That being said alot of LEO carry some kind of snubnose revolver off duty(and they did on duty for decades to) I think thats says something.

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    My 642 gets carried at work and times when I have to conceal "really good". There's times if I didn't have it, I couldn't carry... Hoooray for snubbies.

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    A SP101 is my BUG. Handy little thing with some power.
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    cute lil thang

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    Few years ago my carry was either M85 snub or, later a SP-101. These days they don't see much use but - always good to have one around to slip in pocket ... very much a great ''grab-and go'' option.

    My SP still sits even now on a shelf to side of the computer. It's just ''resting''!
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    My little Taurus 650 is really handy. I keep it close when I drive so I don't have to struggle with getting the 1911 off my hip. I don't feel in the least bit under gunned with 5 rounds of .357.

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    One has to respect something like the Jframe. Its been a favorite for longer than I or any of us have been around.

    Its really suprising what a J frame can do in skilled hands. I know a guy who shoots pin and falling steel matchs with a 642. Others in the class are shooting 6" 686's or GP100's. He uses a well worn 642 and spanks everyone everytime he shoots. Its flat out amazing what those little revolvers can do.
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    I love my Taurus M-85 Ultralight. It will fit nealry anywhere you want to put it. If your holster get's misplaced you can stuf it in your banana hammock. Ha Ha Ha!!!

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    My S&W 642 gets carried more than any gun I have. Light. +P is a good round, and small. What more can you ask for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tankdriver View Post
    My S&W 642 gets carried more than any gun I have. Light. +P is a good round, and small. What more can you ask for?
    Same here. I confess that if I did not have my 642, which I pocket carry almost all of the time, I would probably carry less then I do now, only because I prefer to wear my shirts tucked, even T shirts, so that putting on my IWB holster to carry my P99c becomes a bit of a pain(yes I know it is also called being lazy), so my 642 means that I am armed at times when I might not be(shame on me).

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