Kimber Raptor II (8 months)

Kimber Raptor II (8 months)

This is a discussion on Kimber Raptor II (8 months) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well It's been 8 months since I purchased my Kimber Raptor II and I began carrying it soon after. It has been a flawless operaing ...

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Thread: Kimber Raptor II (8 months)

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    Kimber Raptor II (8 months)

    Well It's been 8 months since I purchased my Kimber Raptor II and I began carrying it soon after. It has been a flawless operaing gun since day one. The "break-in" period was essentially go out and shoot it 500 muffs, no fluffs,...proven reliable.
    I asked back when I was thinking of buying it if many here carried $1k+ guns and many responded "yeah, sure, why not". Well with this in mind and a weeks+ vaca payout(from a job I just quit) I headed to the gun store. I have wanted one since I saws it in a magazine a few years ago but figured "no way would I own a gun that expensive". I just like the uniqueness of it
    I remember seeing a picture of the real Walker Texas Ranger (I believe) 1911 he carried for his career. It was an amazing gun, the holster wear, the patina. I thought it had class from being used that much. Well I can say in 30 years I am gonna have one just like it. The edges are just beginning to "gloss-up" from repeated holstering.
    I have used it for my IDPA matches as my primary gun as well. It has ,I'd imagine, over 5k rounds thru it and it is without a doubt a fine shooter and surely more accurate than me. I have seen one other Raptor and it was a first generation model. This gun took a lil getting used to from my Springers as its trigger is slightly shorter but since I have gotten this gun I have taken first place this season in the CDP class. coincidence?
    The mepro nite sights are real cool as well., Nothing like laying in bed and looking over at the nightstand and seeing 2 green snake eyes staring back at you...the rear sight dots are bright! The unique scale-like checkering throughout is very grippy and has a very unique look, another thing I like about this gun, with its styling cues it is hard to confuse it with any other 1911 out there.
    Overall I am very satisfied with this gun. I would sell off my Springfield's before I would the Kimber for sure. I am by no means an expert in the field of quality 1911's but I like mine.

    This is mine. That is yours.

    Lets keep it that way.

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    It's always nice to read about someone and their pistola'.

    Carry it in good health sir, and may it always return to the holster after never having been fired in anger.


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