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Need New Carry Gun - Opinions Please

This is a discussion on Need New Carry Gun - Opinions Please within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; my vote is then for either a govt 1911 (SA or kimber are my favs) or an XD...

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Thread: Need New Carry Gun - Opinions Please

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    my vote is then for either a govt 1911 (SA or kimber are my favs) or an XD

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    Beretta is comping out with the Px4 Storm in a subcompact model in January. They also just came out with the Px4SD (Special Duty), a .45ACP. But I'm not sure if they'll have a Px4SD subcompact.
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    take a look at the kahr cw40. it's very slim and light. can be had for around 400 as someone said earlier.

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    WOW! Awesome input - thanks! Reason #42 why I love this site. I'll try on a few and see what fits. Kimber is a bit out of my price range, though I like the way it feels. I know Springfield makes a 1911 Commander as does S&W and that option is on the table. Kahr and the XD look good. Glocks do nothing for me, however I can't pass judgement until I try on one. Several friends would divorce their wives before they part with their Glocks! Consolidating to one caliber has crossed my mind; adding a caliber crossed it too! I've thought about adding a 9mm to my collection so I could have "the big three." The downside is acquisition cost and yet another caliber to stock. The upside is diversification.

    I think I will start my gun fund and see how it grows. Once I get over the $400 mark, I'll start thinking about which pistol to add. For now, the suggestions to improve my holster and leather makes a TON of sense. My 1911 and I go way back and I just don't miss with it - rapid fire or staged fire. On the other hand, there's something about the XD .45 with near double my mag capacity.....

    Thanks again to all!
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    I weigh about 175 lbs. and stand 5'11" tall. I have no trouble carry a Gov. model or a Sig226, 220, 229, and a host of others under a t-shirt in the summer. Your 1911 should work great if it's reliable for your primary carry.
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    sheewwwt...I'd carry that 1911!

    Summer or's an easy carry with the right IWB holster. Try Cross Breed for awesome holsters.
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    Check out the Stoeger Couger very reasonable priced pistol.

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    I would stay with the government 1911 and make sure you get a good belt and holster. I recommend Kirkpatrick's TSS. Stay safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sniper58 View Post
    I don't like the feel of a sub-compact (not enough gun for my hand), but I've never shot one so I can't say how I would shoot.

    Regarding Glock sub-compacts. I mostly carry a G27, and yes you are right, not really enough gun for my hand. However you can get a Pearce grip extension for your mag. which helps (my son has one on his) or you can get a new magazine floor that has a little spur that extends the bottom (I have that on mine). I really like mine, it makes a HUGE difference in having something to hold on to w/o making the gun larger. Good luck on your selection.
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    As far as a full size weapon goes your 1911 is probably as small or smaller then most others listed. Yep a XD45 has just about double the capacity and is also a tank in size compared to the 1911. I have a XD thats spends most of its time in the safe. I have been thinking also about a M&P45 to try but it will probably end up in the safe with all the others as I tend to go back to the 1911. Winter is easy but summertime I carry my 1911 in a OWB Allessi CQC and a untucked button up shirt. Carry the 1911 until spring and by then you will have decided on the 1911 full time.

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    CZ P-01 9mm, P-06 40 cal or CZ RAMI in either 9mm or 40 cal. all are easy to conceal, extremely accurate and won't break the bank buying them.

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    If I were you, I would go with a model with a thumb safety or no safety at all, since that is the type you are already familiar with. No sense in getting a gun with a completely different/incompatible manual of arms than what you are used to. If it helps, I really like my Kahr, and you can pick up a used K model or a new CW model for not much more than $400 if you shop around.
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    SA-XD9,40,45 compact or subcompact all make excellent carry guns. But I agree with everybody above, there is no reason you can't carry what you have. The SmartCarry holster is pretty inexpensive(under $50) and has several different sizes to fit any size gun. Also, unlike IWB, you don't need a belt and you can tuck in your shirt or not. I honestly forget I am carrying sometimes, and their customer service was impecable.

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    Of course everyone has their personal favorites. I carry a Springfield XD .40 SC with Trijicon Night Sights in a Crossbreed Super-Tuck Deluxe IWB holster. In my opinion this pistol AND the holster are the most natural and comfortable fits for me.
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    Colorado does not license the pistol , it licenses the person. go with what you have for the winter , and by the late spring when things really warm up you will have much more an idea what changes you need to make if any .
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