Need New Carry Gun - Opinions Please

Need New Carry Gun - Opinions Please

This is a discussion on Need New Carry Gun - Opinions Please within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I made a New Year's resolution today in the wake of the shootings at the Omaha mall and the two churches right up the interstate ...

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    Need New Carry Gun - Opinions Please

    I made a New Year's resolution today in the wake of the shootings at the Omaha mall and the two churches right up the interstate from my home. I WILL get off my a$$ and get my Colorado CCW. I will do everything I can to keep my wife and I from becoming statistics. I'm not sure if my current holdings will work. I have a 1911 Gov't and a "compact" EAA Witness blue steel .40. I say compact because it's actually Witness' medium-sized offering. Winter carry won't be much of an issue. I could take what I have with an IWB, OWB or shoulder holster. Summer carry, on the other hand, might make a full-sized .45 or a steel .40 a bit awkward.

    I know I am fixin' to open a debate, but I want your opinions. Budget IS an issue and this purchase must be planned and budgeted. I've looked at Beretta's Px4 Storm (.40), S&W's compact M&P (.40), Witness Poly compact .40, Springfield compact XD-40 and Taurus PT 24/7. I didn't fall in love with any of them but could learn to get good with any of them. I don't have to have a .40 or .45, but my ammo inventory will be more manageable if I keep it fairly simple (the older I get the more I like simple) and I like the ballistics of the .40 and .45. I am open to your suggestions. Thanks!
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    such a hard question to answer. really depends so much on the person.
    1. thickness- you looking for summer carry, so im assuming thinner is better, but some guys the thickness really isnt an issue. decide if u want single or double stack.
    2. action- do you have a preference? sao,dao,sa/da?
    3. safeties- thumb grip, trigger, none, doesnt matter?
    4. barrel and grip length- looking for a compact or subcompact. many can get away with a compact gun in summer. i cant. i must go single stack subcompact if not smaller.
    5. what do and dont you like about your current guns? remember, 1911s get pretty small! (like mine )

    figure that stuff out for starters. then we shall talk again

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    Mini-Glocks (26/27), Glock 19/23, Springfield Armory XD Compact, Smith & Wesson M&P, Walther PPS, Kimber ProCarry or Kimber Compact. My top picks.

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    Good points all! Thickness? Yeah, I think thinner is better. Single stack is OK, but not required. Action? doesn't really matter, but I prefer SA for a second shot (or something that feels like SA). Safety doesn't matter. I don't mind a de-cocker and both of my pistols have a thumb safety. Barrel length doesn't matter as much as grip. I have average sized hands (gloves are Large). I don't like the feel of a sub-compact (not enough gun for my hand), but I've never shot one so I can't say how I would shoot. I'm not anticipating a prolonged firefight, but you never know. I love how both of my pistols feel and shoot. Weight, balance and grip are excellent. I think both are a bit heavy for summer carry. Like I said, winter won't be an issue - I'll be wearing a ski jacket that falls below the waist from October to May. Thinner summer clothing might make bulky pistols awkward. I looked at smaller .45's and don't think I can afford them :(
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    A Kimber Ultra or a Glock-36...OMO

    Wait...can you hear that?
    (It's the Kimber and Glock complainers, I hear them coming...)

    Either should work very well!

    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    Kahr K9/K40, Glock 19/23/32 or 36 or ????

    What is your budget for a gun, mags and holster? Assuming you've already got a good gun belt, or add that into the total too.

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    Out of the ones you mentioned, I'd take the Springfield. On the other hand---I will never trade or sell my G-27! I'd have to sell my own blood first.

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    The guns you already have CAN be carried in the Summer comfortably in the right holsters.

    With money tight, the almost obvious choice to me is Glock.
    In .45 I'd recommend the G36.
    In .40 I'd say the G-27.

    Hope that helps a little.
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    Of the ones you listed the PX4 Storm and MP 40 compact are very good guns. My primary is MP40c. Choose the one that points well for you and feels "right".

    Note: Glocks never feel right for me.

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    Glock 27 - the lightest, thinnest, shortest 10 shot .40 around. It's got a good bit of recoil, but it's manageable. Not an all-day range gun, but perfect for CCW. It can use the bigger high-cap mags of the 23 and 22 models.

    The S&W M&P compact 40 is just a little bigger and heavier, but handles recoil of the .40 better (IMO), and is 10+1 rounds. It also can use the bigger mag of the full size model. I had a 40c, but had slide lock-back problems with rounds in the mag. I went back to the Glock 27 and its 20 year history of proven reliability. But I'd really like to get another M&P 40c when they get the bugs worked out. They feel a lot nicer than a G27. Maybe they are ok now? (I had an early one)

    You might handle a Sig P239 in .40 and see what you think. I've never owned one, but I've "visited" one at a local gun shop, and they've got a great feel to them. I think capacity is 7+1 in .40, and you really can't go wrong with a Sig. If budget is a concern, you might hunt for a used one. They are all metal, but lighter than 1911's and your EAA.

    My thinnest and easiest to carry pistol is my Kahr none. I think it's .90 inch wide, and VERY light. The trigger is sweeeet...DAO, but very smooth. You can get a Kahr CW40 for about $400 or so, capacity is 6+1. My CW9 is 7+1, and is slightly lighter and thinner than the CW40. I've never had a problem out of my CW9. It's a keeper.

    Good luck!
    Slow is smooth.....smooth is fast.

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    Use what you have for now. Then do your research by handling and trying any guns you feel might be better suited for your lifestyle and how you carry. The Glocks and Kahrs are made in the calibers you like. I love my G23 & 27 in .40 SW

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    I'm 5'06" and 150 pounds soaking wet. Let me give you a rundown on the different guns I've concealed over the years, in the desert heat no less.

    S&W Model 28 (4" Barrell)
    Berretta 92
    Glock 19
    1911 (Gov't Model)
    S&W 640
    S&W 686 (4" Barrell)
    Glock 36
    1911 (Officer's Model)
    S&W 22-4

    BUGS (Carried with the bigger gun, not in addition to)

    S&W Model 36
    Taurus Model 85
    S&W 640 (Infrequently carried as a Primary)
    Kahr PM9
    S&W 442

    As you can see I favor "Duty Size" weapons, as well as carrying two guns. The "trick" is to learn to "Dress Around The Gun" and to use good leather. I would give up a lot before I gave up my assorted collection of, according to my wife, "Assorted high priced leather playthings."

    If you select good leather, like Milt Sparks, Mitch Rosen, Matt Del Fatti it will go a long way in helping you to conceal your handgun. Also, when you order a Holster take the time and spend the money to order a Belt from the same maker. Holsters and Belts are designed to work as a unit together.

    I hope that helps.


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    If you've already got a Gov't 1911 why not try keeping with the same manual of arms and get a lightweight commander sized 1911 to carry? I've got a S&W scandium Commander and love it!

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    Of course YOU have to decide what fits and what trigger action you like, but
    I recommend you sell or trade your witness and get this........

    XD compact .45

    Only one caliber ammo for you to buy, gives you a smaller.45 for carry.
    -SIG , it's What's for Dinner-

    know your rights!

    "If I walk in the woods, I feel much more comfortable carrying a gun. What if you meet a bear in the woods that's going to attack you? You shoot it."
    {Bernhard Goetz}

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    Carry what you've got - save your money in a "gun fund" and keep shopping. I'm in FL and can easily conceal my 5" 1911 w/ magwell and two spare mags. A quality leather belt makes a huge difference. I think if you can't afford a sub-compact 1911, it might make sense to invest in some quality leather and extra ammo. There's nothing wrong with the guns you have for CCW - assuming they are reliable. You said yourself that you like them - so use them. JMO


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