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This is a discussion on What caliber within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry 9mm +P rounds, 124-127grain Just a comparison from a certain brand of high pressure ammunition, 511 lb. ft. of muzzle energy from a ...

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Thread: What caliber

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    I carry 9mm +P rounds, 124-127grain

    Just a comparison from a certain brand of high pressure ammunition,

    511 lb. ft. of muzzle energy from a 4" barrell for 9mm loads and 543 lb. ft. from a 4" barrel in .45 loads.

    So for me, 94.1% of the muzzle energy, and the proven added trauma effect ability from a higher velocity round, plus a significant higher capacity, is a winning round for ME.
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    I have from 9mm and up, my choice to carry is a .45 ACP. I have seen first hand what a .45 can do to a perp. It is a proven Manstopper for almost 100 years , that alone speaks for it self actually.

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    .45ACP, Cor-bon Pow-R-Ball 165 gr loads.........

    Nuff said
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    My vote is for 10mm with Double Tap 180 gr...flat shooter...750 ft/lbs energy....high mag capasity...Hoooahhh.
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    ...if not...be prepared to meet Mr.10mm, .45, .40 or any one of their little brothers.

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    1st rule of a gun fight is bring a gun.
    I always have a .357mag with me, and sometimes a 9mm, .40S&W, 45acp. It just depends. Either gun you said you own would be fine.
    I personally, don't own anything under a 9mm though.

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