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This is a discussion on Pocket Guns! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here's a nice litle "pocket gun" it's that Bulldog Pug, for $150.00 which I placed on Lay-a-Way last week. I went up to Kittery and ...

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Thread: Pocket Guns!

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire

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    Here's a nice litle "pocket gun" it's that Bulldog Pug, for $150.00 which I placed on Lay-a-Way last week. I went up to Kittery and picked it up today. While I was there, the temptation got the best of me again, and also got this S&W LadySmith model 60 in 38 spl. for the "steal-me-now" price of 185.00. The deal with the 60 was it had a "bit of history" about it. Seems it was quite possible that it was in an "altercation" which left it with a couple of "etchings" on the top strap (possible blood stains) but for that price, what the heck, I'll take a chance
    Yes QK.and Chris, I couldn't resist it Guess that REALLY makes me a "gun nut" huh?
    I found myself looking through my holster bin and found a Galco Fletch holster for a Colt Diamondback 2 1/2 in bbl, that fits the Pug perfectly!
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    I need some Advise!

    Okay, I've been reading this thread and thinking hard about pocket pistols and I'd like to ask for your input. I really NEED a good pocket pistol that is incredibly small, light weight, flat, and RELIABLE. As a pastor and purchasing manager, I'm always in dress pants, tucked shirts/tie, etc. I do wear a suit coat when I preach so I'll carry my Kahr IWB, but in the summer here in Missouri its really HOT. I tried the Kel-Tec P3-AT and loved everything about it except the reliability. I have a S&W 637 but It's bulky in my front pocket because of the cylinder bulge and carrying an extra load in a speed loader is another "bulge". I need something for TRUE pocket carry that is all the things I mentioned above. The Rrohrbaugh would seem to be the obvious choice but the cost is really prohibitive for me and I've heard they seem to be quite heavy. I've considered the Kel-Tec P32 as it appears to be more reliable than their .380 version. I want to carry all the time even though I live and work in a low threat area, but, the way I need to dress, it's just not possible for me to conceal a full size weapon. Even on weekends I never wear anything untucked. So I need true pocket carry. I've considered a Kahr PM9 even though it's pricey but even that really would fill up my pocket. And the NAA little revolvers are too small. Some guys think a 1911 is a pocket pistol, and for them it might be, but for me a S&W 637 is too bulky for dress pants.

    So, if you can think of the ideal pocket carry pistol that is the best blend of all these considerations, I'd really appreciate your input!

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    Well without putting out for the Rohrbaugh, the Kahr PM9 is as good as it gets in a 9mm I think. I pocket carry it in Levies, so slacks should be no problem.

    A .45 derringer would be the next option for me if I had to go lighter, but I don't like them.

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    I've always found the PPKs in .380 to be a very good choice. Some will disagree with me on my next choice, but if you look around for a early AMT (OMC, TDE) backup in .380 with the STEEL follower mags, not the fiber ones. The Backup makes for a really good flat print on your slacks. I know that AMT (sometimes short for American Made Trash in some circles) had lacked reliability for a while, but look around for a EARLY OMC/TDE single action one. Might fit the bill, as it's got the grip safety, stainless steel, and if you find one with the steel follower, you can modify it a bit to hold 6 in the mag (and quite reliably, as I've done it) plus one in the snout (7 shots total).. Loaded with 90 grain hydrashoks, it's a potent package

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    Seems Gideon with your constraints the P-32 may be way to go. NAA Guadian could work too but heavier.
    Chris - P95
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    While not exactly "pocket carry," my S&W 640 is what I end up toting on a regular basis due to its combination of concealability and power. On my shirt-n-slacks/khakis days, I carry my .22 NAA Mini, but if I'm wearing a jacket, it's the Charter Arms Off-Duty. It's one of the older models without the bbl. that I picked up for $80 from a lady who just wanted to get rid of it. The gun was barely ever fired in the 15 years she had it.

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    Sounds like you may need to "camoflage" your gun...whatever you may decide on. There are rigs made to fit some of the smaller guns that they fit into like a holster and that makes them appear like a wallet.

    You could carry your wallet in one back pocket and your gun in the other. When wearing a Suit jacket, the inner pocket would be no problem. You could do it even in the front pocket as it hides the ouline.

    My Sheriff wears a suit quite abit. He wears a small .38 in an ankle carry rig that you wouldnt know was there unless he was was sitting with his leg crossed. You can even buy books(in your case a bible would work )that can house even full sized guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDGator

    I don't much see a hide-out pocket pistol as a status symbol.... I certainly don't think the Rohrbaugh owners I know think of it as such.

    I have to take issue with your chart a bit.

    The PM9 may have a "matte SS" finish on the slide, but much of its is polymer. Some people don't like polymer--or MIM or cast parts for that matter. The R-9 has none of either.

    I think there are plenty of people who would quibble with the "proven reliability" of the PM9. There have been recalls, barrel issues, and mag catch issues -- just to name a few. Perhaps both are awaiting the test of time.

    The R-9 does not prefer ball ammo. The preferred loads are Gold Dot JHPs, although it is certainly not a one-round type gun. Tolerances are tight and ammo selection is something that has to be considered.

    My last comment is not a disagreement with the measurements provided -- just a commentary. Those few ounces, and fractions of an inch, and protruding rear sight and such -- all make more of a difference in person that they do on paper.

    IMHO, the PM-9 is a small gun some people can jam in their pocket. The R-9 is designed from start to finish to be a pocket gun. People insist on drawing comparisions between these guns all the time, but I think they serve two different purposes. The R-9 is better compared to a Kel-Tec P-3AT or Seecamp .380 or NAA Guardian .380 -- which are also pocket guns.

    DD (somewhat biased) Gator
    DDGator - I concur:

    You all will note that the only Kahr in that collection is for IWB carry; went through Litterally (3) factory replacements; 2 plastic wonders, & 1 "Mini-Pocket Boulder", to finally settle for the "K9 '03 Elite"; not what I was shopping for, but ended up loving this one anyway..; this #4 was what I kept. Only took 5 1/2 months to get their..!
    These were all to make up for 3 other "Pieces... provided by Kahr" (#1) Factory replaced - P40; "Slide frame broke @ 104 rounds Std. pressure (I never use +P anything; I just hit what I shoot at... (#2) Factory replaced - PM40; "Bore shot completely out (Like a smooth bore only with more of a coarsely sandblasted appearance...) after 39 rounds. (#3) Factory replaced; weighed as much as the K9, only made my pants try to fall off, if I tried to carry ("Jamb") it in a pocket, not to mention "Feeling bulkier than a "J" frame in my pocket..!" Yes, I do have a couple of plastic guns, but I'm a metal gun kinda guy over all. Status symbol hell; Just 1 of lifes day-to-day tools..! (IMHO..!) ...

    Eric Howland
    Savannah, GA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gideon
    So, if you can think of the ideal pocket carry pistol that is the best blend of all these considerations, I'd really appreciate your input!
    Not a pocket carry, but a zippered Bible cover could look like a bible and / or a "man purse". That'll carry a full size frame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock
    ...... a zippered Bible cover....
    That, in it of itself, will probably have any BG running away from you!!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Jim Linch-can you give me more details about that wallet holster

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    I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry II, .45 ACP in a Sam Andrews pocket holster. It fits very comfortably and is drawn easily.
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    My pocket guns of late are a Kahr PM9 9mm and Kel Tec P3AT .380 ACP.
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    S&W 642 in a Desantis Nemisis pocket holster

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    2nd gen Kel-Tec P3AT works great for me.

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