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Your Thoughts On Kahrs

This is a discussion on Your Thoughts On Kahrs within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a P9 and carry it daily. I love it. Never had a FTF w/about 1500 rounds through it. It's light and very concealable. ...

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Thread: Your Thoughts On Kahrs

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    I have a P9 and carry it daily. I love it. Never had a FTF w/about 1500 rounds through it. It's light and very concealable. I am looking forward to purchasing another. Yeah, my experience w/customer service has been great.

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    I love my CW9, so much that I just ordered a new CW45.
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    Yes, i want/need a single stack 9 so I can smartcarry when I workout. If it also fit in the pocket, all the better. It does not have to fit in the pocket (I have a 642 revolver and P3AT for that). My Glock 27 is just a little too thick to be comfortable and easily concealable in my shorts while I workout. The length and height are no problem.

    I am used to the Glock Trigger, so I am keenly interested in the new Walther PPS 9mm. looks to be between the PM and P in size.

    The PPS9, from what I have read at waltherforums, does have some teething problems (safe backstrap and slide locking back), which is a downside. No tritium sights available for it yet, another minus.

    The trigger pull on the Kahrs is a downside. The reports of reliability problems w/ the Kahrs (moreso the polymer) has me concerned. Tritiums are available, which is a plus.

    I will not buy the kel-tec PF-9. I do not need a project gun. I don't need to F&B and to send back to factory. A friend had his nearly new PF-9 break on him. I do have the P3AT (2nd gen) and after breaking that in, I know it works and don't shoot it much.

    So, for me it looks like either a Kahr or a PPS. I am leaning towards the Kahr right now.

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    I've owned & shot Kahrs extensively. I've come to a very simple (however personal) conclusion. I'm completely pleased with EVERY steel frame Kahr I have purchased & carried. With the exception of their inherently L-O-N-G trigger reset, I am happily sold on their usefullness as a CCW.

    I am not a fan of the polymer framed Kahr models. Yes, they're lighter & slightly thinner but (again, MY experience) they lack the reliability & durability of their steel-framed counterparts. I'm NOT a polymer pistol basher. My GLOCK 19 is a fine carry gun. But the Kahr PM9 & TP40 just didn't make the grade with me. Opinions & your results may vary. Good Luck.
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    I carry a P45 daily & on weekends. It has over 3,000 trouble-free rounds through it. I really like it.
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    I have owned a PM40 and a K40 Covert. IMO the Kahr polymer frames are not up to par for forearms use. The PM40 I had was a total piece of crap. The frame looked like it had been hit with some sand paper. There were polymer shavings all in it. Not to mention I had an average of 2 FTFs per mag and they only hold 5+1. Then the Kahr factory lost my gun for a month and when I got it back it still wasn't 100% reliable.

    I was really sad because I was excited about the PM40 and I really wanted it to work out for me. Suprisingly enough I purchased another Kahr. but this one is another story. It was a Kahr K40 Covert. IMO the steel framed Kahrs are wonderful guns. The K40 Covert was 100% reliable and build like a Chevy truck. I sold it because I can't carry it with my current dept and I wanted a Seecamp for my wife. I only wish they had figured out the alloy frame. An MK9 with an alloy frame would have been my ideal carry gun.
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    My first P45 was trouble, back 3 times in 4000 rds, Kahr replaced it and I have 1000+rds troublefree thru the replacement.
    I have confidence in it when carrying, light, comfortable to shoot (185grs.) and accurate.
    I would like to shoot the TP45.

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    My wife has a PM9 and it has been flawless. It has been just as reliable as any of my HKs, SIGs or Glocks.

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    Another happy PM9 owner here. I have had no problems with it post break-in and carry it daily.

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    WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    I just got back from the range- shot my sexy black diamond PM9 for the first time since owning it (14 days now, the first 13 of which were spent back at the factory thanks to the unscrupulous former owner). NOT ONE SINGLE failure of any type in the 100 rounds I put through it tonight. I have never, ever shot through a box of ammo- much less a double box- with ANY gun without a single failure of some sort, so I was super impressed. Sweeeeet shooting gun- once I got used to the dot-the-i type sight, I was making some big holes in that target, and even out at 15 yards I got all but 2 shots (out of 13) in the head of the silhouette. I'm clearly no marksman, but this gun is incredibly accurate. I shocked myself- at 7 yards, I really took my time thinking through the entire shot, and put a hole right through the loop of the 9 (which is exactly where I was aiming)! and this was repeatable! Recoil is minimal- after what I've been shooting lately, it felt like shooting a .22LR.

    FWIW, the complaint the former owner had with this gun was stovepiping, despite 2 trips to the factory with OK test fires while he owned it. Assuming he was unfamiliar with shooting ultracompact guns, I took a chance and bought it as a factory refurb. Turns out, soon as I got it home and stripped it (which was not allowed in the store), the interior of the barrel was badly gouged in a few places- we're talking ditches leading to speed bumps occupying ~30% of the XC of the barrel- so the gun was unfit to fire. The store sent it back to Kahr, who replaced the barrel, recoil spring, guide rod, and cleaned/lubed the gun, and had it back to me, running slick as a whistle, in about 11 days!!!

    Kahr is my hero!!! Long live the PM9!!!

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    I have a P9 that I got lightly used, maybe 500 rounds through it. TOP NOTCH, no problems whatsoever. Nice shooter. The Kahr has the barrel a little lower and is easy to handle.

    The only somewhat quirky thing about the kahr is the angle that the rounds are kept in the mag. Long story short, if you carry a spare mag keep it in a mag carrier. The top round flies out awfully easily. OTOH, they *feed* easily too :-)

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