Your Thoughts On Kahrs

Your Thoughts On Kahrs

This is a discussion on Your Thoughts On Kahrs within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What do you guys think about the Kahr series of firearms, after I ruled out SIG's and still have my S&W 1911PD still on layaway ...

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Thread: Your Thoughts On Kahrs

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    Your Thoughts On Kahrs

    What do you guys think about the Kahr series of firearms, after I ruled out SIG's and still have my S&W 1911PD still on layaway I am interested in these lightweight pistols as another carry alternative to the 1911......

    I am not really all that interested in the PM series, but the K series looks promising as it is all stainless, the P series also looks promising but I wonder about it's reliability and longevity.

    I would love to have a P45 but I wonder how long a 20oz polymer pistol would last shooting the 45ACP round.......

    I also really like the K series .40's and 9mm's with a slight edge going to the 9mm because I dont think you are gaining a whole lot going from 9mm to 40 with good's also so much cheaper to practice with 9mm, I also like these because they are all stainless and I would think would obviously have a longer life than the P series pistols......

    So what do you guys think about the P45, I am very interested, also interested in the K series or P series 9mm..........obviously I would rather have the 45, but what do you guys think or know about these pistols?

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    I have seen several of the p45 in used cases. This is relatively a new gun. I have heard some pretty negative impressions. I do not think it is a question of relaibility or longevity, or durability. I think it is just not a good platform for .45 yet. I have handled the p9. It feels like it is made for your hand. I have a friend who is a diehard 1911 man and he thought well of the p9's feel. The triggers are very reminiscent of the old double action revolvers, very smooth. If you are looking for a small .45 try the g36 or g30, from GLOCK. I have heard more favorable impressions from the g30 though.
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    I owned a P45 and got rid of it. Mine was reliable, but not fun to shoot. I found the recoil to be very stout which hindered f/u shots. One thing I found with this gun is that although it is a slim gun w/ a slide width of 1 inch, it does have a longer grip especially with those mags. I found that design to compromise the concealability. I do own a PM9 which I love. IMO, the Kahr line is best for the 9mm round. I do not miss the P45 at all.

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    I have a K9 with over 30,000 rounds thru it. Most of the rounds were Federal 124+P+ and NATO ball ammo, and the last 2 or 3 years I switched to Federal 147 HST and 124+P EFMJ. Only problems I have had was a broken magazine stop. I replace my recoil spring every 3,000 rounds and every 15,000 rounds I replaced all the springs. I also added XS Big Dot sights . Only failures I have had were shooter induced.
    I have also had a K40 and a MK 40 and they were great guns and I would buy another MK series when I get some cash together to buy one I personelly didn't like the 40 round. I was not as accurate as I had hoped and the recoil pulse was very different.
    As far as the P series goes only the P45 has caught my eye and I would consider replacing my K9 for a P45 as a daily carry. It was the only poly gun I have considered and still wish it was made as a K series also.
    I guess the reason I like the Kahr as a daily carry piece is they are great for concealablity and I shoot them well,and they are 100% American made.

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    Just as i said on your thread over on thr . Great little guns .
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    I love the Kahrs, the K9 is a sweet shooter, the P9 is a little lighter. If you dont mind the extra weight, go with the K or MK. I prefer 9mm in the Kahrs, and I wouldnt buy the 45.
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    i was hesitant for the longest time to even pick up a kahr for fear it might malfunction just by looking at it the wrong way. but then i went out on a limb and picked up a pm9 a couple weeks ago. the pm9 is quite small, and since i was looking for something smaller than my g23, i purchased it while mentally crossing my fingers.

    in putting it through its mandatory 200 round break-in period, it did experience some malfunctions. i've since polished the feed ramp a little and will try running it a little wet this weekend to see if it clears the problem up.

    all in all, i will NOT carry the pm9 yet as i just don't have the trust in it i have in my g23. but as the rounds go down the tube, i have every confidence it will carve its own niche in my carrying lifestyle.

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    I have heard alot of negative things about the p45 and the pm45. The only thing that comes to mind is controling a weapon of that size.
    I can understand, but all those folks who just gave up never thought about the TP45. Its fullsize grip makes the gun very controllable, infact "what recoil ?"
    Talk about lite in weight and very concealable....

    BTW.... out of the box with no cleaning, no hiccups....nada...I shot 600 rounds over a week. Nothing went wrong.....
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    I have a MK9

    I was hesitant to buy a Kahr for many years, having heard stories of unreliability. But I was attracted by the small size and clever design of these guns. Finally I bought a Kahr MK9 about 6 months ago, the smallest all steel 9mm Kahr makes.

    After 500 rounds at the range, I am very pleased with the gun. It has a smooth DAO trigger that requires 7 pounds of force, and the break surprises you because there is no "stacking" or increase in force prior to the break. The MK9 has been absolutely reliable for me, and it is quite accurate for a small gun. The 24 ounce weight handles recoil very well.

    The MK9 is small enough for pocket carry (see photo below with S&W 642 for comparison), but it is a little heavy for the pocket. So I have been using a tuckable IWB holster from CompTac called the "2 O'clock", which is designed for appendix carry (see second photo).

    The gun conceals very easily on the belt because of its short grip. It came with a 6 round flush fitting magazine (shown) and a 7 round extended magazine that adds to the grip length a little.

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    I carry a Kahr P40

    I carry a Kahr P40 and have a little under 3,000 rounds through it. It is the perfect sized carry gun in that I can wear it with jeans n' t-shirt without any problem (when wearing a bearclaw holsters kydex iwb). No complaints but many praises. Suprisingly, I shoot more accurately with my Kahr than with my 4 inch 1911 - even at 30 yards ... kinda weird.

    That said, if I wear a jacket of any sort, I carry something larger only to have a higher round-count.

    I've never found the one perfect gun for every carry situation - but the Kahr comes pretty close.

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    I own a P9 w/night sights and it has performed well and fits like a glove too. I also owned a K40 and although it was an all steel gun, it still was not very manageable for F/U shots (for me), so I sold it. I have only handled the P45 at a gun show, and although impressive looking the checkering on the grip front and back was extremely sharp and pronounced. I would hate to fire .45s out of that light gun and have the "checkering" slice my hand up. There was a review of P45 in a recent gun rag that was a smithed out version and it had the grip melted/altered into a stippling type and it appeared the sensible way to go. I always wondered if these companies (Kahr) ever realize this stuff when they go into final production? Why must we send a $900 dollar gun to a smith to do all of this work afterwards? I can see if it were a 1911 platform, but a polymer gun...? The slide stop on every Kahr is very sharp but couldn't it be be rounded off by the company easily enough considering the gun's cost? Every Kahr that gets worked on by a gunsmith usually always has it done to theirs. I may have my slide stop done too just so it won't eat up my holsters. They do a good job around the 9mm, but their.40s and .45s don't seem to function as impressively to me. -Scott
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    Don't know why you don't like the PM series. I love my PM 9.

    Don't even feel it on my belt in a UBG IWB holster. Doesn't poke and jab and try to pull my pants down like my 1911.

    It is my always carry. Don't know about the bigger calibers though!

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    I carry a K9 as my daily carry. Small enough to comfortably conceal IWB even in FL during the summer, but robust enough that it's comfortable to shoot with anything you might want to feed it.

    I can count the chambering failures on one hand, with fingers left over, in the past 10 years and many thousands of rounds. Great little gun.

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    I've had a K9 for about 7 years. I've found it accurate and dependable. I especially like the factory (Trijicon) night sigts. Factory support has been great even when a non-factory smith screwed up my gun. (Hint: let the factory do things like change out sights and triggers).

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    Quote Originally Posted by pogo2 View Post
    The MK9 is small enough for pocket carry (see photo below with S&W 642 for comparison), but it is a little heavy for the pocket. So I have been using a tuckable IWB holster from CompTac called the "2 O'clock", which is designed for appendix carry (see second photo).
    Pogo2 - how does the weight of a loaded MK9 (standard mag) compare to a loaded 642?

    I am in the market and looking really hard at the MK9 or P9 or the new walther PPS in 9mm. I would like the steel, but not too interested in the steel if it is much heavier than my 642. It would be pocket carry with standard mag and smartcarry with extended mag.


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