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For Snubnose Owners - spare ammo?

This is a discussion on For Snubnose Owners - spare ammo? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry the 135 grain for short barrels as well. If all I have is the j frame I carry 2 speed strips. I much ...

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    I carry the 135 grain for short barrels as well. If all I have is the j frame I carry 2 speed strips. I much prefer speed loaders, but I haven't found one that I like and that works with the stock grips on my j frame.
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    +1 on the 135 gr Speer GDs. That is what is in my 640 BUG. When I used to carry the 640 by itself I always had a few speed loaders on me.
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    I carry either 135 +P Gold Dots or Double Tap +P 125 Gold Dots. Been favoring the Double Taps lately. I carry a Jet Loader ( spring loaded speed loader with no interference with grips ) and a speed strip if it's in a primary load. A speed strip if it's in a BUG role.
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    Occasionally, I carry a K-frame .357 snubby on a belt holster. I haven't given ammo selection much thought for this gun, but I figure as long as I have hollow-point .357 ammo I'm adequately armed. Spare ammo (rarely carried) is on a speed strip.

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    I also carry the 158grn LSWCHP +P. I carry a speed loader in my right front pocket. I've thought about the lead exposure before but it doesn't concern me too much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    I accidentally swallowed a Benjamin .177 pellet in 1968 and am still waiting for something to happen. Does that count as proper lead exposure?
    Something probably already did happen and you are not aware!
    No one here for DPX 38+P, 110 gr.

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    In the few occasions that I carry my S&W 617, I also carry at least one speed loader...
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    One speed loader.
    158 gr SWC HP pure lead.
    I am an old retired law dawg and carried that load while behind the badge.
    At that time it was the only load known to reliably expand out of a two inch barrel.
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    I don't post here anymore...Sorry
    135 grain Gold Dot, however; I have been looking at the Ranger Talon .38 special loads.

    I like the 50 round boxes...

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    I'll be honest, a 442 and it's piped with 135 grain GDHP. No extra ammo on my person.
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    don't worry about it. carry a speed strip in your pocket, you be ok.
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    I used to think spare ammo was a burden and rather silly to carry but then I took a great revolver course and I practiced alot of reloading when I got home. It can be done quite quick. I carry an extra speed strip either in my pocket or in a speed strip pouch. Not worried about lead.

    In 357 I am using the short barrel 135Gr Gold Dots
    In 38 I am using either Corbon 110gr DPX or DoubleTaps 125Gr Gold Dots

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    Speed strips make the most sense to me. Inconspicuous carry in several possible locations, plus the option of a partial reload if your not in a hurry.
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    Thanks for all the replies. Lots of good info and I appreciate it very much! :)

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    Hey QKshooter;

    Never heard your take on lead exposure. This paranoid generation that makes up our American society would have us believe that only walk past a bit of lead based paint and you better have your will in order. It's gonna git ya'.

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