Sig P228 - First Sig?

Sig P228 - First Sig?

This is a discussion on Sig P228 - First Sig? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; New to and have appreciated all the information I have received from those on this forum. Like many I have a few guns in ...

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    Sig P228 - First Sig?

    New to and have appreciated all the information I have received from those on this forum. Like many I have a few guns in the safe but always learning and looking! Primarily a 1911 45 guy. Anyway, I have wanted a Sig and was looking to purchase a 220 Carry. Had the opportunity to shoot a number of Sigs last week and loved the 226 (9mm), 220 ( 45 ) and the 228 (9mm) which I found to be no longer distributed as a new offering in the USA. I know I can always pick up a new 226 and 220 but there was something about that 228. Maybe because its not offered but I liked the feel and weight in my hand. It actually was the one Sig that I felt I could carry ! With the right personal defense loads I have no issue with the 9mm as a carry option. So here is my question. After some research, gun store visits and internet searching I actually ran across a NIB 228 for a price of $600. After talking to the owner I obtained the serial number and called Sig - date of birth was 1998. Gray box, 2 10 round mags ( I will obtain a few 13 rounders that are available for the 228/229). Reputable source out of state..... So for my future Sig brothers what do you think? I feel I could carry it, take it to the range, have it for home defense. Maybe this summer send it to Gray Guns for a carry package...... Your thoughts?

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    Had a few Sigs, only one I still have is my 228. A few other fanatics on here as well. I say go for it.

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    That'll work.
    One could do much worse.
    I have 6 Sigs. The 228 or 229 is an exellent gun.
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    I have a 228 that I bought used a couple of years ago. It came with 8 13 round mags. I've shot it a few times and it is very accurate. Although, I prefer DAO.

    I have carried it concealed. It is a little heavy, but nothing that will break your back. When I get home I usually take it out of the safe and keep it with the 7 other loaded mags in an easily accessed area. I usually keep either my Glock 23, 27 or Kahr P40 on my person. The Sig is basically a night stand gun for me.
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    For NIB the price seems pretty good. I expect you'd pay $450--$500 on a CPO, though you'd likely get two or three 13rd mags with that.

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    I have the similar P229 and I love it. About 2k flawless rounds through it so far. I do carry it now though I fear it may be hard to conceal come summer.

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    I'm not a SIG guy as I only currently have a 642 but yesterday I visited a local shop in SC and they had a "used" 226, 9mm, extra mags, nite sights, hogue grips for $475. Don't know the type of trigger pull but the gun looked in really great condition as it was carried by a security guard.

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    You can get 15 rd mags for the 228/229 at; I have 4 sigs. they're the BEST!

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    The Sig 228 is an excellent 9mm.
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    I carry my 228 once in a blue moon. Its an outstanding piece accurate, reliable, and sexy.
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    The P228 is what any concealed carry/defensive handgun should be: reliable, accurate, easy to use under stress, moderately sized, (did I mention reliable?), and easy to shoot.

    Other plusses - the weight can be an issue for some, but on the other hand it makes the 9mm a real pleasure to shoot. Ammo is relatively inexpensive and available everywhere, and can be had in many weights, pressures, and bullet designs. There are tons of holster options available. There are trigger and grip mods available, should you so desire. Spare parts and accessories are still readily available. And so on and so on...

    In short, it is a fantastic handgun, and many folks consider it just about ideal for concealed carry. It can certainly double as a home defense handgun as well.
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    If you liked the 228 and can get one, I'd say go for it! If you can't get a 228 take a look at the 229, that's probably the closest thing.

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    Buy it! I own all three models you mentioned and rotate them as my carry psitol. Each one has it's special niche. If I could only keep one it would be my P228. An outstanding pistol in every way.
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    Out of my collection of pistols, my sig 228 is my favorite. Its very reliable, easy to carry, accurate, has nice weight to it (if you like a little weight like I do), and can usually be found for around $500. I have spent thousands trying to find the ideal pistol for me. I haven't tried everything, but I can say without a dought that you probobly couldn't do any better than a 228.

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    The 228 rocks! Buy it!
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