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I need a soft shooting cc gun for health reasons.

This is a discussion on I need a soft shooting cc gun for health reasons. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Mike: I switched from a 5" 1911 in .45acp to a 9mm Glock 19 to save weight and recoil effects on my spine. The .45 ...

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Thread: I need a soft shooting cc gun for health reasons.

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    I switched from a 5" 1911 in .45acp to a 9mm Glock 19 to save weight and recoil effects on my spine. The .45 doesn't really have a sharp, flip-type recoil, just a good reward shove and a little rotational torque. Switching to the 9mm, even in the polymer Glock was like night and day - no more back pain from shooting and follow up shots are quick because the recoil is fairly light.

    I'd highly recommend adding it to your list of guns to rent.

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    I don't want to make a specific suggestion. What I have found, by making the wrong choice, is that a smaller gun is one you are more likely to actually carry. Obviously, the lighter it is the more recoil and muzzle tilt regardless of the caliber choice. I think for your specific issues, you don't want the smallest of the 380s (Kel Tec) because everyone says they are too hard on the hands.

    I use a Mustang 380, but Bersa, or Sig if you want to pay, or NAA, or any of these sort would probably give a nice balance of minimum kick and concealability.

    It is probably my perception, but I have a 22 lr that seems to kick more when Stingers are run through than my 380. And in some 380s, you can use some fairly hot ammo.

    I like the SW 642 hammerless 38 sp., but I'm uncertain which, the hammerless double action squeeze, or racking a slide, would be harder on your skin and more likely to cause you to bruise.

    Finally, if the bruising is due to medications, make sure that your doc has your medicine dosage correctly adjusted. Some of the blood thinners require fairly vigorous attention with laboratory tests and frequent adjustment to amount taken. Excessive bruising could be a sign that the doc doesn't have the dose right, and that you are at risk of internal bleeding. Good luck.

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    FN Five-seveN. very low recoil compared to popular rounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dagomike View Post
    Thanks for the replies. Great thoughts on the revolver. How about a 686 3 in comp? Would the comp. help?

    Watch out for rubber grips. They can drag or catch the skin, particularly in the web of your hand. You'd be better off with very smooth wooden grips if your skin is that sensitive. You need to start with a small caliber to judge your sensitivity. If the skin is extremely fragile you may not be able to tolerate any recoil for awhile. I've heard of some whose skin was torn by rubbing too hard with a wash cloth. If you're in that category I don't know if I'd try to shoot a gun until things improved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    Nothing says you have to load .357 Magnum in the gun.

    I was thinking he should load it with "mild Recoiling" 38 Specials. From what I hear, haven't tried them yet, the Gold Dot 135 Grain 38 Spl JHP is a very mild load. It is a short barrel load, but it should work fine in a longer barrel.

    The reason I recommended a .357 Magnum is, if he selects an appropriate gun, like the 686 or GP100, the mass of the gun should reduce the recoil even more and also for the versitlity you have with any .357 Magnum revolver in regards to cartridge selection.

    BikeRN I agree with ya again, and good choice, I forgot about using 38’s in a 357 body.

    And that reminds me of the last time, I had to qualify with a handgun, I used my Dan Wesson 357 installed the 6-inch barrel, and used light 38 specials. The recoil is so light that at 10 yards, I could draw a smiley face on the bull’s-eye.

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