My developing concealed lineup.

My developing concealed lineup.

This is a discussion on My developing concealed lineup. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So far this is the plan: -NAA PUG .22 mag mini-revolver (BUG duty, ordered, should be here in a week or so) -Seecamp .380 (couldn't ...

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Thread: My developing concealed lineup.

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    My developing concealed lineup.

    So far this is the plan:
    -NAA PUG .22 mag mini-revolver (BUG duty, ordered, should be here in a week or so)
    -Seecamp .380 (couldn't resist, filling out the order form today, one year wait )
    -Kahr PM9 w/DLC slide and NS (ordered, here next Tuesday)
    -Ed Brown Executive Carry all stainless .45 (still wondering if I should spend that kind of coin on this one, may go with a Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry II w/NS and CT grips instead)

    I'm still up in the air on my .45 choice. The Ed Brown is damn nice but is it worth it for my needs? Just like getting a new car, I'd probably baby it too much (at least until the first scuff/ding). For everyday carry, the less expensive Kimber may be the ticket. I'm worried about getting the Kimber though with the negative quality control and customer service comments that I've read.

    The above lineup is probably overkill (and overlapping) but I should be set depending on the situation and my concealment needs. Also, I've managed to get some excellent deals on what I have on order. The .45 is where I need to find a deal yet and I'm sure that will be tough with the Ed Brown.

    Any input/suggestions on any other 3"-4ish" .45s?

    Thanks for reading my post.

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    For carry I like to stick with the same trigger concept between all my guns.

    Since my "Issue Gun" is a DAO autoloader I prefer DAO in my revolvers and autoloaders. I started on D.A. Revolvers and still favor them today, but can only carry them off duty.

    My selection is as follows, in order of preference:

    S&W 22-4 (4" Barrel 45 ACP)
    Ruger GP100 (3" Barrel .357 Magnum)
    Glock 19 (NY1 Trigger and Standard Connector)
    Kahr PM9 (Best DAO Trigger on the market, IMHO)

    I own other guns, but those are what I select from in regards to off duty carry. I most often carry the 22-4 and the 442, as I carry a BUG off duty 99% of the time. The Ruger will become my favored gun once I get it sent off to the gunsmith and get it back.


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    A Les Baer Thunder Ranch Commanche. An excellent 4 1/4 inch 1911.
    Les Baer 45
    Sig Man
    N.R.A. Patron Life Member

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    Personally if I was going to go with a 1911 commander size I would get a Springfield. I used to be quite a 1911 fan until I shot my first sig. I am more accurate with that even in the heavy double action pull. Maybe a sig 220 carry would be a good option for you.
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    Ed Brown Executive Carry

    Very very nice.

    But, I am so use to a Glock type action, it would take a bunch of shooting before I would feel safe carrying it.

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    Once you shoot the Ed Brown, you'll know where all of the extra bucks go.
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    I would go with the Kimber with the CT grips...over the ed brown for a carry gun.
    all firearms that are carried daily are going to show holster wear, and a certain level of abuse.

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    Ed Brown Special Forces Commander Bobtail with Gen 3 tops my list.

    courtesy of Ken Lunde
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