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    Quote Originally Posted by dagor2k View Post
    I have never owned a Glock but want one for carry. Between G23 or G27 - are there any advantages for one vs the other in terms of carry-ability?

    So much of this depends on how you dress. I were carpenter jeans and cary the G27 in my front pocket with a desantis pocket holster.
    I caried the G23 in a IWB Milt Sparks holster.
    For me the G27 is much eaiser to conceal. I have a +2 on the mag so I can shoot it well with or with out it.. I have a Crimson Trace grip on the 27 and Love it...
    If I had dress up I would go with the G23 and a IWB of some sort...

    I will tell you one thing you might as well buy them both

    Good luck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgp View Post
    Amendment: Got a G27 on my way home!

    Don’t ya hate that…suddenly….unexpectedly….a new pistol just shows up…not really anything you can do about it but give it a good home, feed it and care for it!

    My wife just doesn’t understand this, but It happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dagor2k View Post
    I have never owned a Glock but want one for carry. Between G23 or G27 - are there any advantages for one vs the other in terms of carry-ability?
    I went through the same process when deciding between the G26 and G19. The 26/27 has a shorter slide and grip frame than the 19/23 but if you carry IWB the slide won't show anyway and if you use extended mags on the 26/27 it's roughly the same length and the 19/23 anyway. On the other hand, the 19/23 offers a longer sight radius and maybe a bit less recoil due to the extra slide weight. I went with the G19 and I'm happy I did, it's a breeze to carry even OWB under a normal length button up shirt.

    Of course, the baby Glocks have their place too but I opted to postpone that buy until later on. I figured I could carry a G19 primary and a G26 BUG (or 23/27 combo if you prefer .40 S&W) and use the longer mags for reloading both.

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    glock 27 and a glock 23 for raids.
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    Glock 23 with Glock 27 backup
    Stay Safe,

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    Glock 30 carried in a M-TAC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinInstructor View Post
    Glock 23 with Glock 27 backup
    Now that sounds like a plan And has been mentioned since it depends on clothing being worn.. the option of the baby Glock would come in very handy at times. With Christmas shopping done - now begins the 'glock-shopping' phase for a reasonable deal !

    G27, Beretta 8040, Ruger GP100

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    I have been through all the Glocks at one time or another and finally came back to my Glock 17 for carry. I use a Fist thumb break pancake holster and it works just fine I just had to learn to dress around it. Use Gold Dots for carry and white box for practice

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