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Help Narrowing Down A New Pocket Gun

This is a discussion on Help Narrowing Down A New Pocket Gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You crazy kids worry too much. I pocket carry a Glock 30 and used to pocket carry a Glock 26. Noone looks at your pockets ...

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Thread: Help Narrowing Down A New Pocket Gun

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    You crazy kids worry too much. I pocket carry a Glock 30 and used to pocket carry a Glock 26. Noone looks at your pockets to see if you're carrying. Get what you want and find a way to carry it, period. There's an effective way to carry absolutely everything out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminaughty View Post
    You crazy kids worry too much. I pocket carry a Glock 30 and used to pocket carry a Glock 26. Noone looks at your pockets to see if you're carrying. Get what you want and find a way to carry it, period. There's an effective way to carry absolutely everything out there.
    Actually, I think your point has merit. Most people are oblivious to their surroundings. I've pocket carried a Glock 27 before, and while I felt that everyone would notice the "brick" in my pocket, I didn't get a second look from anyone. The only ones likely to notice would be a fellow CCW'er or an LEO. Especially with a pocket holster that breaks up the outline.
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    I own both a NAA 380 and a kel-Tec P3AT both run 100% and I have never done a fluff and buff on the Kel-Tec.It's a 2nd generation and has functioned right out of the box.Either one is a good choice but I pocket carry a S&W 637 most of the time if I can.

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    M KT P 11 was my first pocket gun. It has always run fine. The only difficulty I had was the hard trigger pull, but I had a trigger job done that fixed that. You do need decent sized pockets to carry but given that it works very well for pocket carry. Personally I think almost any of the pistols listed here would work well.

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    I'd suggest the Seecamp .380 over your original three. The NAA is a nice gun but quite a bit larger and heavier than the Seecamp. It comes at a cost though. I'm too leary of Keltec products...a real mixed bag on reliability. I'd recommend a Seecamp .32 also, but you limited yourself to .380 for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pogo2 View Post
    My personal choice would be something other than your 3 candidates. The reason is that I believe .380 is a marginal defensive caliber based on ballistics, and that Keltecs are not uniformly reliable as they come from the factory.

    A .380 from a short barrel delivers about 180 ft-lbs of energy, while a .38 special +P from a short barrel is in the 225 ft-lb range with the right ammo, or 30% more. A 9mm is considerably better, over 300 ft-lbs.

    Would you consider a S&W airweight J frame revolver like the models 442 or 642? They weigh 15 ounces empty, cost the same as your NAA candidate, and will conceal in a pocket. Their reliability is far better than Keltecs. That is what I prefer for pocket carry.
    I agree wholeheartedly. I was on my way to a P3AT and got a 442 instead. IMO a much better pocket gun.
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    I just sold my P3AT and picked up a used Kahr PM9. I liked the P3AT for what it was, but it's definitely not fun to shoot and it was the only 380 I had so now I have consolidated my calibers.

    IMO, if you want a gun that you can carry anywhere and everywhere in comfort and don't plan on shoot it a whole lot (25 - 50 rounds per practice session is all I could really handle) then get the Kel-tec P3AT. It's a fairly inexpensive way to always remain armed.

    I am really impressed with the PM9 though. It's a whole lot more comfortable to shoot and (with my big pockets) fits in a pocket without a problem.

    Oh, and I have a Charter Arms Undercover which is a J-frame sized revolver, but with an exposed hammer and the stock grips it doesn't really fit that well in my pockets. I have a DAO hammer and a set of hip grips on the way so we'll see how it works after that.
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    Pocket Pistol

    I love my P32 keltec with EURO ball in mag its fiochi ammo and one gold dot in the pipe I dont think you will get much expansion out of a 32. A 32 in pocket is better than 45 in the safe

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    P3AT. I like the light weight of it for carry. Mine (2nd generation) has been 100% from right out of the box through about 1000 rounds so far. If .380 ammo was cheaper, I'd shoot it even more. Accuracy is more than you would ever expect out of a gun with such small sights and short sight radius. I carry mine on the belt clip, and have the finger extensions on all my magazines

    For carry I load the DoubleTap 90g Gold Dots, which give 1000 fps and over 200 ft/lbs of energy. These are stout loads, and they are the reason I added the finger extensions, in order to keep my speed/accuracy up to the standard I enjoyed with regular velocity ammo.

    If you want something even smaller or lighter, you are pretty much limited to a NAA .22 mini-revolver. If you want something about P3AT size and don’t mind lugging around a lot more weight, then the Guardian or Seecamp .380s will work for you. If you think you need more power than .380, then size and weight will increase quite a bit, and you do not gain as much power as the ammo makers want you to think. .38 +P and 9mm out of a very short barrel give lots more noise and flash, but only 10-15% increase in power with good loads.

    Do yourself a favor and just get the P3AT.
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    Here's a useful comparison chart:

    Again, I'd get the Seecamp LWS380 and in fact did order one recently. I've got a long wait until I get it but it looks worth the wait. My other two pocket options are a NAA PUG .22 Mag and Kahr PM9.


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    Well, I own a P3AT and I do carry it when I have very tight jeans...or in my Tuxedo and Sunday-go-to-meeting suit. I recommend the S&W 642, however, and this is what I carry in most threat situations. It goes bang every time you pull the trigger. The little Kel Tek does have its problems. One must clean it weekly if you actually carry it a does collect all kinds of pocket dirt/dust balls, etc., and I've had many a malfunction. You must change the springs yearly as well if you fire it much. Anybody who actually carries the P3AT knows this...and it really is the last resort weapon of choice. Naw...go for the 642 in a Mika pocket holster...slides right in and is far...far more dependable and I much prefer the .38 Special to the .380 ACP as well.

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    P3AT 11oz loaded. What more do you want?

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    for me it would be the p3at then the p11. i have both and they work great. but, i carry off duty the j-frame s&w with the clip draw belt clip.
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    LWS .32 for me. Flyweight, no one knows it's there. .32 Winchester silvertips and you are good to go. I love mine.

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    Guess you know which one I would choose!! It's funny the same exact claims that Seecamp owners give for choosing a Seecamp are the same ones I give for choosing the Guardian over the Seecamp. I have shot several Seecamps, and the slightly larger size and weight of the Guardian makes shooting SD rounds, especially the DPX 380, much more controllable. These rounds can be a handful and when I shot them out of a Seecamp coming back on target for a second shot took much more time. Both of my Guardians have been 100% with every round I have put through them, I have shot many different brands, weights and configurations and the Guardian has ate everything. The Seecamps are much more selective about ammo, and will usually only function reliably with the more expensive SD rounds. The Seecamps cost double and are harder to find than the Guardian. One of these guns is always with me and I highly recommend them. The KelTecs were totally not right for me, won't go any further there. If you select the Guardian you will be very well protected.
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