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Beretta PX4 Storm

This is a discussion on Beretta PX4 Storm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Has anyone fired or purchased a Beretta PX4 Storm? I am shopping and like the reviews so far. Thanks....

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Thread: Beretta PX4 Storm

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    Question Beretta PX4 Storm

    Has anyone fired or purchased a Beretta PX4 Storm? I am shopping and like the reviews so far.

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    I have one. I bought the 9mm one almost 3 years ago.

    I put a hurting on my wallet when I first got the pistol. I was at the range once and even twice a week.

    This was my first handgun and i will never sell it.

    it has 3 backstraps to adjust your grip. The medium one that came installed is just right for me. My brother who has bigger hands liked it and my g/f with smaller hands likes the grip as well.

    It has eaten alot of rounds at the range. I put a lot of them down the pipe in the first 6 months then the cost of shooting got to me...

    I would say I have 6,000 rounds through the gun. Of the 6,000ish rounds I have only had two failure to fires. Both times I just pulled the trigger again to restrike the round and it fired.

    It has a light recoil and very accurate.

    It has just the normal ware nothing has broken of fallen off.

    I can get at least 300 rounds down range without having to worry about cleaning.

    The last time my g/f shot it she put 250 rounds throught it without a problem.


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    I've got one. It's gone through around 10k rounds now with no problems whatsoever. It was stolen, thrown across a parking lot, messed up good, but still functions 100%. The trigger gets better with time and shooting.

    The finish is kinda blah (or at least was in the early models). However, at this point, I kinda gotta get the thing hardchromed anyway because of the thrown across the parking lot thing, so I guess that doesn't matter anymore.

    It's a good full sized handgun alternative to the Glock/XD/M&P in the 500 or less range imo. The rotating barrel mechanism does help to reduce recoil for followup shots. It's even noticeable in the 9mm version. I own that one, but have fired the .40. Also, Welcome to the forums!
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    I just bought the .40, used.
    I have been trying to get one for almost a month. My local store got a new one in for $550 and a two month old used one for $399.
    I purchased the used one because I felt that, although I love shooting it, it won't be my primary carry gun. I have been carrying a Para at 38ozs for 5 years and wanted something a little lighter. The PX4 with 14rounds of .40 is the SAME weight as the PARA; but I love the feel of the gun so much that is why I bought it.
    After having it for a few days, for now, it WILL be my primary carry gun...I think the gun is that good (at least for me).
    It shoots amazingly good, almost so that I could call it a tack driver. Now I am patiently waiting for their sub compact to come out.
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    I have the G model in 40. The superluminova sights came off at the first range session, the finish flaked off of the slide at the muzzle end (from reholstering into kydex). I had night sights installed and CCR refinish the slide, barrel and slide release lever. For that price, those things should not have happened. After refinishing, the rotating barrel has worn off some of the refinishing on the barrel.

    The slide based decocker wreaks havoc on my hands doing immedate action drills (tap, rack (overhand "slingshot"). Changing mags pinches the palm of my shooting hand when some flesh gets caught between the frame and the mag.

    I am not as proficient w/ DA/SA than I am with constant trigger pulls.

    As comfortable to hold and as much as I wanted to like the PX4, it does not work for me.

    It sits in my safe with 4 spare mags and a few holsters. As soon as I get the oomph, I am going to go to a gun dealer and use it for trade or sell it online. Then I'll put the holsters up for sale.

    You can find more info. on about the PX4.

    Good luck.

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    This is the only gun I have sold that i regret doing so.

    It was so accurate in my hands my buddies nick named it the laser.

    I had 3k thru it no failures.

    I will own another one...maybe .45?

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    I had it in 9mm. It was during the warmest summer months and I had to get a hogue universal grip to keep it from slipping around in my hands.

    I shot well after that with the PX4. This may sound strange, but before buying mine I saw someone selling and the posted there was nothing wrong, he just wasn't feeling it.

    That's how I felt. Just cannot explain. You can get cheap extended mags at and it makes for a solid high capacity 9mm.

    The glow in the dark sights were lame.

    It's a good gun. I just couldn't grow to love it for some reason. Check out the M&P, XD, and new Ruger SR9 in addition to the G17- if Glocks fit your hands.

    There is a Beretta forum too.


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