XD9 vs. Gock 19...

XD9 vs. Gock 19...

This is a discussion on XD9 vs. Gock 19... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am currently looking to purchase a 9mm carry gun. Based on price, length, width, weight, reliability, trigger action, and magazine capacity, I have narrowed ...

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Thread: XD9 vs. Gock 19...

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    XD9 vs. Gock 19...

    I am currently looking to purchase a 9mm carry gun. Based on price, length, width, weight, reliability, trigger action, and magazine capacity, I have narrowed my search down to either the Glock 19 or the Springfield XD 9 4".

    I'm just back from the range, having fired both of them today. I'm not at all experienced in firearm comparison and I fired probably 3 times as many rounds through the XD, but a couple of initial thoughts:

    Between the two, the trigger action and recoil seemed pretty comparable. I like the position of the slide release on the XD better, since I didn't have to change the position of my strong hand to manipulate it. I think, maybe (but I'm not sure), the XD also pointed a little more naturally for me, although the G19 had some weird rubber grip w/ a laser sight that may have changed my hand position some. Both gave me ragged holes near the center of the target at 7 yds. Both were infinitely more pleasurable to shoot than the M9 I carried in the military.

    Here's my question: What other factors do I need to be aware of and how do I go about comparing these two weapons as objectively as possible?

    Thanks, you guys (and gals) are the best!

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    i would personally choose the XD over the glock for the following reasons:
    1. xd has grip safety- something i find very important on a lighter triggered gun
    2. xd grip angle is nicer for me, but that varies for everyone
    3. xds positioning of things like slide release as you said
    4. xd has striker status indicator and loaded chamber indicator
    5. xd has much nicer trigger safety thing- i get a little indent in my finger after shooting a glock for too long

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    My first recommendation would have been to go out and shoot them both, but since you did that and both are very good guns - buy the one you like best.

    I shoot both (along with the M&P) and I preferred the Glock 19. I've never done one thing to it, but feed it any and every kind of ammo I could find.
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    I am not a fan of the XD. I do not like the feel of it and I personally do not like the grip safety. I love my G19. I have had a friend (LEO) that needed his XD and the grip safety failed to operate and the fun would not operate. Luckily, his partner carried a glock. I know that the situation with his XD is a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of happening, but I will still stay with my G19.

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    XD 9

    The XD is a better pistol then the Glock. It points more naturally and beats the Glock in torture tests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentmel View Post
    Both were infinitely more pleasurable to shoot than the M9 I carried in the military.
    I too compared XDs to Glocks. I chose the XD9 and have not regretted it. While I'm a fan of the XD9 Service, to say that it is more pleasurable to shoot than the M9 is, I believe, a bit of a stretch.

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    Unfortunately, I did not compare the two before I bought the XD. I eventually traded the XD when it choked several times on +p ammo. I bought the Glock-19, and I've never regretted the trade.
    To me, the main advantage the Glock has over the XD is that it will chew up anything you feed it! Additionally the Glock is lighter than the XD , smaller than the XD and in my opinion, conceals way better than the XD.
    I am not dogging the XD by any stretch 'cause it's a fine gun. But for me, the Glock serves me as a carry gun, not just a range gun.
    One last thought: Glock parts are readily available, and I've been told that you can fix just about anything in a Glock yourself, because of its simplicity, and, for about $10 worth of parts. The XD, on the other hand, must be sent back to Springfield.

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    The Glock 19 is probably the best carry gun out there, IMHO.

    It is much smaller and more sleek than the XD9, not saying the XD9 is a bad gun.

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    I have owned both of these guns, and I can say I prefer the G19. I like the fact that there are replacement parts that I can buy myself, and I seem to shoot it better than the XD.
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    I love my XD and it will eat anything I feed it. I reccomend getting whichever shoots straighter for you without using the sights.
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    I dont care for the XD's too, they have a lot of unneeded stuff, stuff for marketing purposes, or stuff to make rookie shooters feel better.
    The G19 is a proven gun around the world, I think this is a no brainer.
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    I agonized over this as well. I was choosing between the G19 and the XD9SC. In the end, I went with the G19 because of Glock reliability and the availability of parts should I want to tinker. Not to mention that I had the G30 already so manual of arms is the same, but that doesn't apply to you so....

    I'd say its a pretty close call, so go with the one that speaks to you.
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    I would try to shoot both(have)....the Glock and XD are both fine firearms and you would not go wrong with either...although I own a G19....feels and shoots just a tad better for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdaiker View Post
    The XD is a better pistol then the Glock. It points more naturally and beats the Glock in torture tests.
    WOW, that is a very large statement. Find me one well known (Nationally recognized) instructor (that isn't paid in some way to indorse or use a product such as an XD or even a Glock) that has been training, watching students use all makes and models in combat, CQB and/or fighting pistol classes over many years and have them come on here to back your statement and I will throw away my Glock and use my XD from then on.

    Personally, I like both of them and own both and I can tell you that the XD is not a better gun than the Glock. They are close but why wouldn't it be, Springfield had many years to develop and copy the Glock in many was and still couldn't make a better fighting pistol.

    I like a Glock better due to I want a simple platform with as little safety add on's as possible. The XD fails in the Safety add on's for me.

    I don't need a chambered rnd indicator

    I don't need a stricker indicator

    I don't need a grip safety

    I don't need any of the add on's that the XD has.

    Plus for me the grip of the Glock is more natural, fit's perfectly in my hand and is a serious work horse. People with smaller hands maybe not so much but that doesn't make a Golck no good because of the grip or angle. That can be fitted to a person if need be by a gun smith.

    We will customize 1911's and anything else we can customize all day long but won't customize the Glock grip to fit a persons hand if they need it? I don't get it.

    I know of three LEO/Swat guy's (2 are instructors) that have had a Glock/Duty Glock since the first gen and all three have well over 100k through more than one Glock and with proper maintaince have worked just fine.

    I am really courious as to how an XD is better.

    But for the OP, in the end, you have to choose what is best for you and what you feel your needs are. You might want the extra safeties that the XD offers, the chambered rnd indicator, etc. But for me, I still don't rely on any of it as a fix to really check my firearm before it's operation. If a rnd is in the chamber and the indicator is up, I still check to make sure anyway. The gun is either cocked or it's not, if a rnd is in the chamber it's ready to go, I don't need an indicator to do the job I should be doing anyway. It's all about training. If you don't want to train as much then the XD with all the safeties and indicators is what you should get. If your serious about your skill set with a ccw and want a true fighting pistol then your choice might be a Glock.

    Personally, I don't feel one can go wrong with either of the gun's but you should know why they are different and why many choose one over the other or at least why many lean towards on over the other.

    Good luck........

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    I prefer Glocks.
    -parts availability
    -torture tests http://www.theprepared.com/index.php...iew&id=90&Item

    I know a lot of folks have XDs with no complaints.

    Conclusion? Get the one YOU like the best for YOUR OWN reasons.

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