Got a new gun today

Got a new gun today

This is a discussion on Got a new gun today within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; thanks to everyone here I went ahead and got my Bersa CC today. To make things even better they started there big X-mass sale today ...

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Thread: Got a new gun today

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    Got a new gun today

    thanks to everyone here I went ahead and got my Bersa CC today.
    To make things even better they started there big X-mass sale today that I didn't know about before hand. Anyway got my new gun for 125.00 and some change

    Now I just need to find a good holster for it and figure out what is the best ammo to carry with it. It's my 1st .380 so not sure what would be the best ammo.

    Anyway any input on a holster and ammo would be welcome

    I will try to post a pic tonight if I do not get to busy with family stuff.
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    Congrats. 125 for a cc is a pretty good deal. I also have a .380cc. I unfortunately got mine a while ago and they were hard to find and a bit pricey. Best little gun I own. I don't get to use it much anymore as the wife has decided that it is no longer mine and now hers. We use a ubg iwb holster for it and we also have a Don Hume iwb clip-on. Both good holsters, but the UBG is excellent, the Don Hume is a stock holster and available for immediate delivery though. We also have a generic Uncle Mike's nylon holster, we just use that as a dust cover now when it's in the nightstand. As far as ammo, for practice we use wwb ammo available at any walmart. For carry ammo, I use Cor-Bon powerballs. I would like to use Cor-Bon dpx ammo, but I seem to have problems finding it. The powerballs are nice because the little silicone ball on the end helps them feed flawlessly. Supposedly the ball is there to help with penetrating heavy layers of clothing, who know if it really does that? I like any and all Cor-Bon ammo though.
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    I have tried many holsters for concealed carry and I am now hooked on holsters by Great quality, great price and very comfortable. The lead times can be excessive though.

    While you decide on a holster, consider a good quality gun belt. That makes all the difference in comfort. Whether you choose, IWB or OWB, the belt supports the weapon.

    Congrats on your purchase and carry safely!

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    Congrats & Merry Christmas to you!
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    Wow! That was a good deal. If they had one that cheap here, my wife would kill me because I would have bought it.

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    Congratulations. Great gun and great deal!
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    congrats on your early gift...and Merry Christmas to you...
    I am very fond of Corbon pow'r ball or DPX
    Is your firearm rated for +p ammo?

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    IWB or OWB holster?
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    Excellent buy!
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    You can't beat that for the price. I have the thunder. It like rounded nose hollow points the best. I shoot either Remington Golden Sabers or Winchester SXT without any problems. They may not be the best PDR but if you have something your gun doesn't shoot well, the best performing round won't do any good. I had tried about 5 different holsters and the one that works best for me (IWB) is a Bianchi 6X made for a PPK. It is thin swade leather with a belt clip on it. I like it because it is thin, but durable. Also comfortable. It took a little work to strech the holster to fit but now it is like a glove. Enjoy!!!

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    Look at the Galco USA456, great conceal holster, can wear a shirt out or tucked with it. Nice gun too, at that price I woould have been tempted to buy 2!!

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    on the new family 'member'...

    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    Congratulations on the new Bersa, there's one at my local shop I've been considering as well. That thin, flat profile seems perfect for a pocket gun as well as a small belt carry primary.

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    Nice..Guess Santa is not anti-gun. He brought me my new toy as well. Luck.
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