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Glock 27 vs. Kahr CW

This is a discussion on Glock 27 vs. Kahr CW within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The only Glock I still own is the 27. Small, reliable and powerful. I picked up a drop in barrel for it ($80.00) and now ...

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Thread: Glock 27 vs. Kahr CW

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    The only Glock I still own is the 27. Small, reliable and powerful. I picked up a drop in barrel for it ($80.00) and now have both .40 S&W or .357 SIG, two guns in one!
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    Kahr CW9

    Don't own a glock, but i have owned a Kahr CW9, great little pistol as far as concealed carry goes. Lightweight, good trigger pull, very narrow. Never had a problem with the gun. Accurate for such a small gun too.

    I eventually sold mine for a sig 239, no regrets there but the Kahr was good gun!

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    I feel like the Kahr is a better everyday carry gun...and it would be the one I chose to carry...

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    I dont own a khar but could of! I chose the G27 instead just for reliability reasons.not saying that khar is unreliable I just know that glock has a darn good track record.

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    How could you go wrong with either choice? I've owned several Glocks and they were fine guns. But between the two for a carry gun, I choose the Kahr. I like the grip shape better, it conceals more easily, and mine is utterly reliable. But what would a gun forum be without differences in opinion

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    does anyone have a picture showing the two together... the glock 27 and the kahr... I would love to see an MK40 / MK9 vs glock 27 comparison pic too

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    not an actual picture but two images taken from the web.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Glock 27 vs. Kahr CW-img_pa_cw4043.jpg  

    Glock 27 vs. Kahr CW-images.jpg  

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    For what it's worth

    I had a G27 and a Kahr PM9 in my arsenal at one time. I did not need both so I went to the range to see which one shot the best. The loser would get sold. Well, the G27 was all over the place on the target. The PM9 was dead on. The Glock was bulky. The PM9 pointed directly and felt good. The G27 was sold. Now, before you start flaming....
    1. this was a test for MY personal preference
    2. I have and still do own Glock
    3. I once had a Kahr CW and sold it. With Kahr, pay the extra. You do get what you pay for.

    I like Glock, it is ultra reliable. But Glock needs their frame to be more ergonomic. Never heard or seen of a Kahr getting a 'grip frame reduction', but have with Glock (I own one with one!). In my opinion, Glock needs to do something with their frame.

    Just my two cents!

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    Glock 26/27 is probably the best all-around small semiauto carry gun made. Hands down.

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    i carry the g27 and i love it. but come to think about it i love all my glocks, no matter the size. never had any problems with them. yes i have many other guns, but the glock brand just keep on ticking.
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    Glock 27. Shoot both and you will come to the same conclusion.

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    Honestly I don't see the comparison.

    The Glock is by far the better choice.

    I'd also look at the G23 as a comparison to the CW40.

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    From a price stand point I'd say Glock. If price is not an issue There are better firearms on the market. Reliability, I would go to the Glock. Own three of them and never had a hiccup.
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    I had a similar choice a while back and went with Kahr (pm9). I shot a couple of my friends Glocks and did not regret my decision. I have over 1000 rounds on my PM9 with FMJ and various defensive rounds without issue. My dad has the same gun as well as a CW9 and swears by both of them. Hope this helps, it's a personal decision and I hope you make the right one for you.

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    Remember he said the cw 40, the polymer kahr. That being said I finally have retired mine and it will be trading stock. I found that its not worth the little voice in the back of my head going is it gona screw up again. Kahr service is excellent but I have 3 distinct problems. The magazine follower coming apart rendering the gun useless, failure to go to full battery, and the last problem was yesterday of locking open as if out of ammo every time you pulled the trigger.
    The first 2 problems kahr service was great about taking care of it asap. Will be calling them tomorrow about the new problem.
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