Caliber/Capacity/barrel length survey

Caliber/Capacity/barrel length survey

This is a discussion on Caliber/Capacity/barrel length survey within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi, I'm trying to take some data to see how capacity, caliber, and barrel length affects how people rate their guns effectiveness. I don't want ...

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Thread: Caliber/Capacity/barrel length survey

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    Caliber/Capacity/barrel length survey


    I'm trying to take some data to see how capacity, caliber, and barrel length affects how people rate their guns effectiveness. I don't want to start any caliber wars, or hear anybody say "shot placement" or anything, or even have much "discussion" really. I mean, if you have something to say, go ahead, but that isn't the point of this thread.

    For those of you that switch off between 2 or more different carry guns, could you please tell me for all the guns that you carry, what caliber the gun is, what the barrel length is, and how many bullets you carry in it. Then I'd like you to rank the guns in order of 'most comforting' to 'least comforting'. If two are equal, say so.

    For example, one might say

    .45acp 5" barrel 13 shots
    .45acp 5" barrel 8 shots = 9mm 3.5" barrel 15 shots


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    .45 8 shots 5 inch barrel
    .40 8 shots, 3.5 inch barrel
    9mm 8 shots 3 inch barrel

    the 9mm Keltech is the smallest, therefore the most comfortable. The .45 Commander is the biggest and the heaviest. The 40 Sig 239 is smaller than the .45 but lots bigger than the Keltech.

    its all about shot placement...

    sorry...couldnt resist...
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    .45 ACP - 8 + 1 - 4 1/4" barrel
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    Fayetteville, AR
    G17 (Glock full size) 4.46" barrel, 9mm, 17 rounds including the chambered one.
    G22 (Glock full size) 4.46" barrel, 40 cal, 15 rounds including the chambered one.
    G27 (Glcok sub-compact) 3.49" barrel, 40 cal, 10 rounds including the chambered one.
    SIG P220R-TSS-SAO (SIG full size/single action only), 4.4" barrel, 45ACP, 8 rounds including the chambered one.
    Hard to say whether the G22 or G27 gets the most carry from me. My SIG is four weeks old and too early to tell where it will rank for carry, but I switch off with all four of these.

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    Salt Lake City, Utah
    45ACP, 7+1, 3" barrel
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    Beretta PX4 Storm - 40 S&W, 4" barrel, 14+1 capacity. Very comforting and reasonable comfort. Smooth double action, crisp single action. Like it better than my Glock 22 (department issue), can shoot it more accurately. Best handgun to have in a (God forbid) mall shooter incident.

    Glock 30 - 45 ACP, 3.78" barrel, I carry 9+1. Also very comforting and comfortable. Big bullets cause warm, fuzzy feelings. For me, not the bad guy.

    Glock 27 - 40 S&W, 3.49" barrel, 10+1 capacity. Comforting, but a little harder to control. Best thought of as an awesome replacement for the .38 snub role. Very comfortable to carry & conceal.

    Kahr CW9 - 9mm, 3.5" barrel, 7+1 capacity. Fairly comforting, but most comfortable. Pistol is so light and slim, I forget I'm carrying it. Beats a .380 or .38 Special in power and capacity. Easy to carry an extra 8 shot mag, which is very thin.

    Taurus 85CH - .38 Special, 2" barrel, 5 shot revolver. In the front pocket of my blue jean shorts, on the hottest days. Fairly comforting, and comfortable. Only carried occasionally, when out in the yard or running down to the local gas station. Just don't have the heart to NOT carry a snubnose, at least a little bit of the time.
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    Austin, Texas
    1911-a1, .45acp, 5" bbl, 7+1, 1-2 reloads 4 o'clock/strong side IWB. (whenever I can)
    KelTec PF-9, 9mm, 3" bbl, 7+1, 1 reload 4o'clock/strong IWB, or 1o'clock AIWB strong side. (The rest of the time)

    Never without one or the other; occasionally both.

    Stay safe,

    Chuck Brick.
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    4.5" barrel 10+1 .45 ACP - EAA Witness

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    Near St. Lou-istan, MO
    9mm 3" barrel, 16+1 XD = 9mm 4" barrel, 17+1 S&W

    Capacity, caliber and barrel length are all a wash, for what I expect to need in a self-defense situation.

    As far as the most comforting, my mind tells me the XD due to it being 30 years newer, and reading good reports of it vs. almost no reports of the S&W. So either the S&W 59 was a crappy gun that no one carries anymore, or it was a good gun that got all used up. (Mine has been fired less than 1,000 rounds.) But either way, the XD's newness and its reliability tests carry weight with me mentally.

    My heart apparently tells me something different. The other night I was jarred awake by my wife gasping at a noise inside our house near our bedroom. A switch inside my head went full on, and I remember kicking the covers off with one kick. The next thing I remember, I was standing at the end of our bed listening, with the S&W in my hand. I don't remember grabbing it, nor passing up the XD which had been right next to it.

    I'm not sure what draws me to the S&W. Maybe the history we share, maybe S&W's legacy, maybe all steel. Maybe because when I carry both, the XD is in a Smartcarry due to the shorter barrel, and the S&W is on my hip, where it will be the first to be deployed. I don't know. They are both comforting, but in different ways.

    Oh, the sound was one of her sweaters falling off the counter in the bathroom, and no, I didn't have to shoot the suspect... this time.

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    SW Missouri
    Glock 17 (9mm)-4.49" bbl. capacity 17+1
    Glock 19 (9mm)-4.02" bbl. capacity 15+1
    I don't really have much of a preference between the 9mm's...pretty much whichever one I can conceal (I don't think less than 1/2" of barrel makes much difference).

    Glock 23 (.40)-4.02" bbl. capacity 13+1 (this is my duty gun...I don't like it as much as the 9mm's)
    Taurus 85 (.38)- 2" bbl. capacity: 5 (this one is a BUG or what I carry when I can't carry a real gun.)
    "Being a predator isn't always comfortable but the only other option is to be prey. That is not an acceptable option." ~Phil Messina

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    Most comforting:
    9mm, 3.9" bbl, 14 rds -- CZ P01 semi-auto; reliability, capacity
    9mm, 4.7" bbl, 15 rds -- Browning BDM semi-auto; capacity, concealment
    .380ACP, 1.8" bbl, 6 rds -- KelTec P3AT semi-auto; concealment.
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    Columbia, MO USA
    .45 cal. 5 in. 7+1 Springfield Armory 1911 A1 "Loaded" model

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    Twinsburg, Ohio
    2 inch 5 shot .357 with crimson laser.

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    Republic of Texas
    .45 8+1 5" Barrel
    .38+P 5 1 7/8" Barrel

    The .38 get's carried, as I haven't started carrying the .45 yet (just got it) and I don't feel 'under gunned' by any means. I beleive in the old saying, 'A .22 in hand is better than a .45 in the safe.'
    “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” Benjamin Franklin
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    go jimmy go!
    are you seeking the elusive MRS between caliber and number of rounds?
    here is my 2 cents.
    5 shot 2inch 38special= 7 shot 3 inch 32 acp
    Merry Christmas to Everybody!
    Six for sure...Uh, I mean Five. Five for sure..

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