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Will a .45cal.pistol incapacitate as effectively as a 9mm pistol?

This is a discussion on Will a .45cal.pistol incapacitate as effectively as a 9mm pistol? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Metro 40 The only thing time has proven is that people will never stop arguing about caliber, despite the documented incidents of ...

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Thread: Will a .45cal.pistol incapacitate as effectively as a 9mm pistol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metro 40 View Post
    The only thing time has proven is that people will never stop arguing about caliber, despite the documented incidents of failure with every handgun round, and documented incidents of success with every handgun round.

    They all work sometimes, and they all fail sometimes. You pays your money and you takes your chances......
    The only reason I didn't comment on the .40 is that I'm too "practical" to own one: I have "9"s and a ".45" so I don't need the added logistics of stocking ammo for one between that paralells them both. Other than the fact that .40 still costs more than either of those, if I were buying a primary handgun today, knowing what I know now, I'd probably buy a .40 instead of both of the others just for the same reasond it is so popular - it seems to be the (nearly) perfect combination of traits (size/wt Vs speed).

    Stay safe,

    Chuck Brick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubby45 View Post
    But the 9mm has been killing people since 1902 and the 45 Auto has been doing it since 1905. Very few calibers used today have that kind of track record.
    I guess I need to contact our police department's firearms section and have them switch immediately to 9mm or .45, since our .40s have only been "killing people" since 1990.

    Seriously, the point of a handgun is not to kill people. It is to stop someone who is trying to take your life or the life of others. They may very well end up dead when you shoot them, but that it not the point. Rapid incapacitation is what we're looking for.

    The .22 long rifle cartridge was first used in the Marlin 1891 rifle, and the .22 short dates from the civil war period. Killing people since the 1800's! I still prefer a .40 for defense.

    Actually, if you use history as a guide, you probably won't find a handgun that has as much of a track record as the .45 Colt. Killing people since 1873, it is the oldest service round still in use. Get rid of your newfangled 1911 contraption and get yourself a Peacemaker!

    Cause you know....anything made after the Colt Single Action Army is just a niche gun.

    (Hey, this thread is worthless.....might as well have some fun!)
    Slow is smooth.....smooth is fast.

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    Red face Alien vs Predator...

    Either one works-provided you do your job.

    My EDC is a .40 SW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Alte View Post
    Years ago the military replaced the .45 with the 9mm because to many people couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with the bigger calibre - especially true for some of the weaker sex. With that said the army went to the .45 from the .38during the Philippine insurection because the Moro warriors wrapped heavy vines around their bodies and many a GI got macheted because the .38 didn't stop the BG - the .45 would drop them. Without a doubt the .45 is the superior calibre but the weight and kick as a factor the 9mm may be the best choice - you can probably get more rounds on target.
    Actually wasn't that to standardize with NATO forces?

    Anyways, a friend told me once something that will stay with me for a long time: 9mm is .45 set on stun. Shot placement...sure! Under stress?? Of course! In reality though .45 packs a bit more whallop due to it having more kinetic energy. End result? The receipient feels as though he's punched by a big dude vs little gal (I like the pictures posted couple posts above).

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    Your 9mm MIGHT expand. My .45 will never get any smaller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeecup View Post
    Your 9mm MIGHT expand. My .45 will never get any smaller.
    I was going to post that too! For HD, why "cheap" out on the caliber? You're not going to be toting it around all day.

    Somewhere I read a blog of a coroner who saw literally hundreds of shooting victims, maybe DC area? Can't find the link now. He basically said he saw a lot of people killed with all calibers, but the 9mm ones usually had more than one round in them. 45's were more likely one shot-one kill. YMMV.

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    I think if people put as much effort into their own pistol skills as they do obsessing over caliber, they could shoot a 32 and be fine.
    "Just blame Sixto"

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    Remember a few weeks back the BG that shot the mom 2 times, and the daughter 6 times and both lived? 2 to the heads is good shot placment, so there goes that argument.

    Kinda gruesome, I know, but I wonder what caliber he was using. Cause if I remember right, with respects to the little girl, 2 of the 6 shots were to the head.

    .45, 9mm, .25?

    "Nice grips, weird choice of etching" Rocky

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat-O-Matic View Post
    In the Marines I was taught shot placement ,shot placement so I am quite aware of accuracy & point shooting! This pistol will be used for home defense!
    Shot placement is the ticket! Semper Fi!
    Training means learning the rules. Experience means learning the exceptions.

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    I have quite a few hand guns in a variety of cal. Also a former leo. I carry every day. The weapon that leaves with me is usually my sig 239 9mm with gold dots 124gr +p for short bbl. Save your money and buy ammo. In the next few years you may need it the way the econonmy and violence is going.

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    i have heard alot of horor stories about bg getting shot with a 9 mm ,and still comming when u think that alot of bg are jacked up on something ,i tend to go with the theory that if i have to pullthe trigger to save me or my loved ones ,i want to hit them with largest and hardest hitting bullet i can shoot ,so i feel alot better about a 45 acp or even 45lc ,alot of times i carry a bond arms 2shot in 45 lc fits in any pocket or will even fit in iwb holster and its so small it disappears .

    peace to all piece of lead to all the bad guys

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    Shot placement is paramount. Without the bullets hitting in a vital area there is no difference in calibers, they will all fail. What that really means is the most important thing about the caliber chosen is that it is practiced with. Practice, practice, practice, etc., etc., etc.. Sight picture from any position; Smooth deployment from cover; follow-up rounds; shooting under duress. Practice is what will make the real difference. After you have practiced, it is only personal preference, and potential application, that will make the decision.

    I prefer the .45 ACP and in support of that caliber I read an article by a coronor for Atlanta county. He described why he made the choice he made for carry weapon. He said he never pulled more than 2 .45 slugs out of any body on the table, so whatever he carried was going to start with a 4 or higher. He wanted something that was going to have the ability to bowl through ribs and outer garments without being deflected.

    The article also said there is no accounting for luck, no matter what caliber. There is a motivational poster out there that says something like, the harder I work the luckier I get. Refer back to point one, practice makes perfect.
    But if you are authorized to carry a weapon, and you walk outside without it, just take a deep breath, and say this to yourself...
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    The larger the permanent wound channel, the more chance of hitting something vital such as a organ or artery and the more tissue destroyed. You need penetration and larger permanent wound channel damage. A 9mm "can" do this. A .45 will.

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    As said before...shot placement, shot placement, shot placement...that being said, I carry an XD9, and if you check out the ballistic studies, 9mm actually has a higher 1 shot stop ratio in real life battles...now, I for one am not part of that school. If I have to shoot, it's not going to be a 1 shot thing...
    DA: Why did you shoot the deceased 12 times?
    Me: Because I didn't have 13 bullets.
    For me, I can manage the recoil a lot better with a 9mm for quick/repeat shots, and the ammunition is cheaper for practice. And practice is going to help with my shot placement...by the way...did I mention shot placement?
    It really doesn't matter what caliber bullet you use. No pistol caliber is strong enough for a guaranteed one shot stop. Short of carrying around a 50 caliber, military grade weapon, you just can't guarantee a one shot stop with a shot to the body. My .02...2 to COM, 1 to the head...not a 1 shot stop, but pretty effective.
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    IMHO, it's no so much the caliber or power behind it, it IS about shot placement. Comfort has something to do with shot placement. If you are 100% comfortable with the weapon, your targeting and placement will benefit from it.
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