A Tale of Two Springfields

A Tale of Two Springfields

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    A Tale of Two Springfields

    Or a new Carry Gun comes Home

    Odd as it seems 1911's Do breed when left in the gun safe alone
    Seem my 1911sc and my 1911 Springer have mated and Created a 1911 LightWeight two tone springer

    Some early observations The new one isnt fitted as tight as my other loaded has a slight rattle as i shake it while the stainless has none i figure this is becuse Of the Alum frame.

    But also a surprise is that the barrel is not fitted as tight nor is it a one piece barrel. Also the Ejector isnt fitted as tight to the slide there is quite a Gap and the FLGR is a differnt 2 piece design than the other loaded.

    This one comes with novak nights and the stainless is just novak sights Another differnce is that the Mainspring housing is only serreted not checkered as on the stainless

    This one uses a Full ramped barrel good ideal dont have to worry about hollow points chewing the frame up

    Also the trigger is shapped different seem to grip the finger kind of nice centers finger on the trigger and the trigger pull feels like its about 4 pounds really nice pull

    On the two piece guiderod the pulg is a Gi style shorty once you take the front piece out looks like the Ed brown unit i bought to replace the two piece on my loaded

    So All i have to do to replace it is get a front plug for about 6 bucks and the guide rod is gone

    Havent shot it yet that comes this weekend but hey i had to brag

    And surpising that there are this many differances between the guns when there is only a year between purchases but who knows on when they were built .

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    Congrats Bud!

    Good shooting times are ahead for Bud White.
    Absolutely ditch the 2 piece guide rod.
    As long as there is clearance for the ejector then the amount of space around it is pretty much just a cosmetic issue.

    By the way folks check out the photo in the Member Picture Posts of Left Handed Bud banging off two .45s "Wild West Style" ~ It's a neat photo.
    Actually, one of my tightest shooting 1911s has the most loose "slide to frame" fit & the barrel WILL move down slightly but, pop back up again when I press down on it & the gun is in battery.
    As long as everything always "locks up" in the same place every time you should have a good, accurate pistol. Time will tell.

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    Also the Thumb safetys are different just Minor changes i Guess but Weird to buy 2 guns round same price and so different ...

    Since Qk likes this pic so much ill post it

    As you can see one handing each gun looks cool but at super fast rate of fire it dont stay on target this is towards the end of the 8 round mags

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire

    Thumbs up

    (lookin at Bud's pic with the 1911s) heyyyyy now I remember hwere I saw this guy.......From that movie "Last man Standing"..........

    BTW.....what did ya feed em, in order to get such a really nice offspring?
    GREAT Gene pool ya got there !

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    Darn it - my P12-45 has been laid straight on top of Sistema - nothing yet. Maybe they should be other ways round.

    Anyways - how the heck do you tell when a gun's on heat? Except of course when it's replete with ammo!

    LUV the pic Bud
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

    http://www.rkba-2a.com/ - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    Looks good Bud...
    "The pistol, learn it well, carry it always ..." ~ Jeff Cooper

    "Terrorists: They hated you yesterday, they hate you today, and they will hate you tomorrow. End the cycle of hatred, donít give them a tomorrow."

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    Did the break in this first day no FTE FTF .. just wouldnt lock the slide back with 3 CMC mags 2 wilsons or 2 novaks..

    Ran fine on spring field mags . The gun is undersprung and the next day when it starting loosing up a bit the slide started over running the mags .. Change recoil spring to 16.5 Varible From


    Thanks to QK for the link to them

    Other than those few bobbles the springer ran great accurate as can be let my dad at the thing and he was tear the targets up and rolling a pop can pretty fast with it..

    Not sure how many rounds though it close to 250 im sure gonna put 250 though it next couple weeks i hope and it will replace my smith as my light weight carry 1911

    Some comparsions to the smith The springer weighs 2 oz more has a 5 inch barrel vs 4 1/4 recoild even with the light spring a 14# i think was better off the springfield as the smith dug into the hand pretty bad with beavertail..

    2 other shooters complained of same problem.

    Also mag selection isnt as important i can run any mag though my springer but not smith springer has a fully ramped barrel smith doesnt and i have to worry about follower damage to the frame and JHP damage to the frame..

    All i can really say is more i shoot 1911sc smith more i dislike it and more i love my springfields

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    Great Bud

    You are a Shootin' Fiend!
    Glad that your guns are making you happy!
    That's what I like to hear.

    BTW...All of my Colts had problems with the "Chucky" Mags.
    I gave mine away.

    You'll be amazed at how long the Chrome Silicon Falcon Springs stay "Fresh" - I think they are making about the best 1911 recoil spring these days.
    You know that are good when I switched out my Wolff springs for Falcon Arms springs.


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