I want to love the 1911, but...

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Thread: I want to love the 1911, but...

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    I want to love the 1911, but...

    Does anybody else find themselves suffering from this condition? I think the 1911 is a great design and I am a big fan of the .45ACP. But I have always thought that if somebody is going to carry a 1911, it should be the only gun they carry. Because the manual of arms is so specific, I never felt comfortable switching from my duty weapon (it is a required-issue-carry DA/SA) to a 1911 as an off-duty. I tried the Para LDA series, but out of the 3 I owned, none of them were reliable.
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    Sort of the same with me.

    I have Mil training with a 1911
    I like 1911s
    I own A 1911

    I NEVER Carry a 1911.

    I'm lefthanded
    All my CCW guns are DA or DA/SA.
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    Since my department approved 1911's 20 years ago, there's never been an issue for me. I agree...there is a difference in manual of arms, and I believe in consistency in platforms. Under stress, muscle memory takes over. If you've trained with a Glock intensively, you'll forget to disengage the thumb safety on the 1911.

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    I still disengage the thumb safety on my Glock. Doesn't hurt, and I don't forget to do it on the pistols I have that do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swiftyjuan View Post
    I still disengage the thumb safety on my Glock. Doesn't hurt, and I don't forget to do it on the pistols I have that do.
    Me too...
    I usually carry my Kimber Ultra, but at times I carry my Glock-36.
    I have found my thumb clicking off the the Glock safety (?) on the draw...just muscle memory I guess.

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    I too love the 1911 ........ I guess most folks do but - I never used it to start carry. In fact never used it to a large degree even way back at the ranges.

    I went from snub to BHP (close to 1911) but then back to snub and from then on DA/SA. I would if no other options carry a 1911 but as I am less muscle-memoried with the platform and keep it for enjoyment.

    I do think folks who choose that for carry do need to be totally automatic (no pun) with regard to its useage. Reliably fluent if you will. Safety of ones platform and useage is paramount and I'd certainly not suggest a noob to 1911's choose that as carry - not until VERY familiar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swiftyjuan View Post
    I still disengage the thumb safety on my Glock. Doesn't hurt, and I don't forget to do it on the pistols I have that do.

    It's not NEARLY as embarassing as when our firearms instructor, Der Glockmeister, tries to squeeze the life out of my 1911.


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    I have 1911s and I have SIGs. When I decide to change weapons, it's for a length of time, at least 30 days or longer, so I practice with the different weapon first and that includes a LOT of drawing and dry fire practice at home before I start carrying it. If it's a SA/DA SIG or a DAO SIG or back to a 1911, I stick with it and practice often.

    I'm capable of learning more than one platform and remembering what I have since I don't change frequently. I have been carrying a 1911 now since the end of October.
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    With my mustang, I always keep cocked and locked 24/7, doesn't seem to bother me, but it ain't full size either.
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    i think the only thing for me was the saftey. I carried a glock and it didnt have one but whn i practiced i always had my thumb there. so now i only buy guns with external safteys.
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    The 1911 is my "most favorite" side arm. I currently don't own one but my tax refund will be here before I know it........

    It was my first carry weapon.....my first duty weapon.....and the thing just fits my hand and I can shoot it.....simple as that.

    I haven't had one for awhile now......I do love my Glocks.....but it's time to get back to my first love.
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    My predominate choice of carry has evolved to the xd 40. I have 2 1911's 45 ACPs and love them.

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    I guess it depends upon what we "cut our teeth" on. For me it was the 1911, but when I got out of the Navy in '94 I didn't have the scratch to buy one. In stead I got a Beretta clone (Taurus). I wound up carrying that "Cocked and locked" for about the first six months that I owned it because that is what I was familiar with at the time.

    Now, after thirteen years, I will switch back and forth between my 101 and 1911 with out thought. Today I would even carry one of those odd looking guns with the spinny thing in the middle with out a second thought.

    I don't think the manual of arms is so much different from one gun to another, but that could be, dare I say, experience talking. Now I am no expert or guru, I just like to shoot and do so as often as I can with as many platforms as I can.

    Yes, I carry a 1911 just about everyday, and shoot it as often as possible, but one of my favorite guns to shoot is my Ruger Blackhawk.
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    As my primary carry, I use either my Baer Supertac or Thunder Ranch Commanche. If not one of them, it's a Sig. My BUG is a SP101 in .357 mag. Any of my primaries work fine for me since I practice with them, but if I choose one or the other, I'd probably improve in that platform.
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    I love 1911s, but carry DAO or DA/SA. I like to keep it simple. Pull the trigger, it goes BANG. Nothing to mess with other than the bang switch.
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