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My "vehicle" handgun

This is a discussion on My "vehicle" handgun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Ram Rod Very nice. If I had a chance to get P89 or P95 for that price, I'd go for it in ...

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Thread: My "vehicle" handgun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Very nice. If I had a chance to get P89 or P95 for that price, I'd go for it in a heartbeat. I've had those before, and they are good for the intended purpose.
    Yes they are indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tire iron View Post
    I appreciate that - but I plan on all the bad guys I meet being armed anyway. And if they broke into your house or vehicle and stole your guns - and are armed with your guns - I will hold you 100% blameless.


    tire iron
    I have to agree with SIXTO on this. We can plan on the BGs being armed, but that doesn't mean they will be. A BG getting a windfall gun would not be a good thing at all for anyone. You'd lose a gun and if the gun was used to kill someone, you'd probably be affected by that, knowing you left your gun vulnerable. It could be a bunch of youths that break in and discover the gun.
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    I would suggest the Bersa Thunder 9. Its durable, reliable, its hold 17+1, and its has an external safety. And a new one should cost just over $300. obviously it's a lower quality gun than most, but it will do the job.

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    THANKS! Thanks for the kind words and for the post.


    Sounds like you're covered! Thanks for the post.

    Ram Rod
    and Sarge

    Yeah - the Ruger was on my list as well. Good solid guns.


    I understand where you are coming from - and appreciate your concern and comments - but I refuse to be held hostage by the notion that somehow I may be a contributor to crime because someone *may* break into my LOCKED vehicle and break into my LOCKED console and steal a gun.

    My actions (locking my vehicle and locking the console) are 100% legally and more importantly morally justified - and if some LAWBREAKER gets to my guns - those are HIS actions - not mine. I will not feel responsible one little bit for the immoral, illegal actions of another. I didn't put a gun to his head and force him into breaking into my vehicle, and then breaking into the console, force him to steal the gun and then force him to commit further crimes.

    I shake my head to think we have come to this point in our "politcally correct" world that we should feel that we did something wrong when a lawbreaker did the wrong.

    I refuse to feel in any way *guilty* that I did something *wrong* if some scumbag breaks into my vehicle and steals a gun.

    If you (and SIXTO) would feel guilty about that - then I suggest you don't ever keep a gun in your locked console in your locked vehicle. But I would then suggest that you shouldn't keep any guns at all - because they can break into your house and into your safe too.

    What is the difference from them stealing it out of your house or out of your vehicle??


    Hmmm....I have never considered the Bersa. I have never fired a Bersa - however - if they are reliable - you are right - it would fit the criteria I outlined above. Thanks for the post.


    tire iron

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    My truck gun is a much maligned sigma that's served me well.It was my first
    auto pistol that hooked me.I went to glocks after this one but this one is dependable and goes bang when needed.

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    Your process for decision making was great. While I both understand and respect your reasoning for wanting a 'vehicle weapon', it is not something I would do.

    I prefer to have my weapon ON me, and I have already had a vehicle burglarized...would hate to lose a weapon.

    Now, to have a weapon mount in the vehicle makes more sense to me, but why would an empty vehicle need a weapon?

    Again, I respect your decision and I am sure that your plan will work for YOU...

    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    I wish that Ohio allowed a loaded handgun in the car with ready access. Our vehicle laws restrict carry to concealed on your person or locked in the glove box/console or safe. or in a container in plane sight that has a latch mechanism. And then only if you have a valid CCW permit.

    That Judge looks like it would fit the bill nicely and probably isn't too far out of your original price criteria.

    I would recommend the COM car safe for the times your car is left unattended. Its quick and easy to use and enough to stop anyone who doesn't actually steal your car from getting your gun. I keep my carry piece in one when forced to disarm for the Post Office or City building trips.
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    I'm with Sixto here and am not too keen on leaving a firearm in a vehicle on a permanent basis. If I wanted a reliable "knock-about" gun for stowage while I was operating a vehicle I'd find a good inexpensive Smith & wesson Model 10 4-inch, load it with +P 158 grain SWC's and be happy as a clam.

    Hey, that's what I carry all the time anyway.

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    I can say that I have had three different vehicles broken into in three different locations in this fine State of Michigan. One of them was actually parked directly across the street from a sheriff's station in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

    Additionally, I also had a car stolen right out of my driveway (lower peninsula) about 4 years ago.

    So...for myself, I am not especially fond of leaving much of anything of value in my vehicles over-night.

    I am residing in a rather violent city that has considerable gang and other undesirable activity. Therefore, I do share in your dilemma about the ability to use your firearm when seated in the car.

    I currently carry a SP101 IWB at the 3:00 position using a Concealco (fantastic!) holster. I do not like the idea of shifting my gun to the console and back every time I enter/exit the truck. For longer trips I do the revolver shuffle, but not for local driving. I have not solved this as of yet....

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    How's this for a vehicle carry? Check out the Gallery for photos. Great option in an open carry state. Locks securely too.

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    I have a few emergency tools in my car at all times. Knives, Machete, shovel, axe, and saw. My EDC is my vehicle carry gun. If I plan on going to the hills I may throw in a rifle and ammo and another pistol. I would then have 4 guns, My IWB, BUG, Rifle, and extra pistol (usually .44Mag single action). To leave a firearm in my vehicle unattended all the time is not something I would do. The only time there is a firearm unattended in my vehicle is if I have to go into somewhere it is not allowed, then it is only for a short period of time.

    It used to be a common practice to leave a rifle or pistol locked up in a vehicle but then they started to get stolen, so people never left them there anymore. I suppose that if I had an armered vehicle that couldn't be opened with the 'Jaws of death' then I would feel safe in leaving a weapon there.

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    Scanned the thread, don't think this was brought up.

    You mentioned that your state allows you to carry within certain parameters with a concealed carry license.

    What you might want to consider is what the law is re passengers with you. According to the instructor of my CCW course, in Arizona you can have a pistol pretty much anywhere in your car WITH a CCW (without, you can have it holstered anywhere but under the seat). However, if you have a passenger in your car, they are considered carrying your pistol too. That is, if you have it in your glove box or console unholstered and your buddy is with you, your fine with your CCW but your buddy is carrying concealed illegally.

    Just a thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    While I both understand and respect your reasoning for wanting a 'vehicle weapon', it is not something I would do.

    I prefer to have my weapon ON me...
    Thsi was also my initial reason for clicking open this should be "on" you. But, you did say you are carrying in a less than ideal mode.

    I have thought that even in my IWB with out tucked polo shirt...that weapon is difficult and slow to aquire from a seated position, especially with seatbelt affixed.

    I suggest a Glock 20 in 10mm. Mount a small digit controlled combination safe. 15+1 rounds of 10mm is pretty substantial firepower.
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    My vote was for glock until you mentioned a safety.
    I'm afraid I am also voting against a gun permanently in the car.
    Out of sight, too much can go wrong. Even the gun shop I bought my carry from suggested not leaving it 'unattended'.
    I finally decided they were right, on the bod, under control at all times.
    Just my 2 cents...

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