Springfield vs. Kimber

Springfield vs. Kimber

This is a discussion on Springfield vs. Kimber within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I got myself a used Springfield Micro-compact .45, the loaded model not the gi model, and without a light rail. I went to my ...

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Thread: Springfield vs. Kimber

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    Springfield vs. Kimber

    Well I got myself a used Springfield Micro-compact .45, the loaded model not the gi model, and without a light rail. I went to my ffl dealer to set up receiving this handgun after the new year from the seller. When I told him what I had purchased, he told me that he can't keep the springfield micros in stock and that if I wanted a brand new Kimber Ultra Carry, that he would make me an even trade, my used micro for one of his new Kimbers. He also told me that if I wanted I could get a brand new Kimber ten as well, but that I may have to throw in a few dollars. My question to all of you out there, What would you do? Is a used SA Micro worth a new Kimber? From my understanding, the Micro Compact and the Kimber Ultra Carry are the same size in both barrel and grips, but that the Ten grip is a bit thicker, is this correct? I dod a lot of research and found that Springfields customer service is hard to beat and that lately Kimbers customer service has left some people with a lot to be desired. I know Kimber owners are going to say "Get the Kimber", and I know SA owners are going to say "Get the Micro". I am looking for some unbiased opinions. Ideally, I would love to hear the plusses and minuses of the 2. Does anyone know if the sizes of the micro and ultra carry are the same? What are they like compared to the ten? I could just wait until I get the SA after the holidays, but I am trying to take the next few days to get as much info as possible and try to make up my mind before going to the shop and acting on impulse.
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    Guess it is all in what you want. Does the Micro work well? Is there a reason why you want to go to a different gun? Seems to me the 3" 1911's are sometimes hit or miss in reliability.
    I have had good service from Springfield, cannot say as I never owned a Kimber.
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    Coming from a guy that has both, I'd stick with the Springfield. If he can't keep them in stock, there's your sign!

    You are correct that they are the same handguns for the most part, size, weight, etc but SA seems to have much less issues than a Kimber does and we could argue as to why all day and get no where fast.

    I would stay away from the Kimber 10, but that is just my opinion of it. It is actually a double stack 1911 so the grip will be wider and I have seen problems with them in training classes. One cat actually through his 10 at his target (empty of course) because the rest of us were all done with the instruction and fired our rounds, he however took about 10 min to finish while we all look on at his frustration, try to clear the jam's, get back on target, etc. His well broken in Kimber 10 was spitting and coughing so bad that when he was done, out of frustration, he just nailed the target with it. He picked it up, tossed it into his range bag and grabbed something else to finish the day out, last I herd or saw of that gun.

    Your also right that SA has a great warrenty and customer service. But to be fair I have never used Kimber or SA's CS so I can't compare the two. If I have an issue with a gun, it goes to my world class gunsmith and never back to the factory unless it is a major problem where something craked or had a defect which I haven't had.

    Anyway, it's your decision and to be honest the Kimber UC is a nice gun and very comparable but I bet he is only willing to let go of a blued model and not a stainless. And for him asking for money on top for the 10, he is crazy, I wouldn't even consider that.

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    Jaystekan, I have owned and trained with both, I still have the springfield EMP, the Kimber is gone.....

    The Reasons:
    1. The Kimber took a lot of work to break-in, multiple FTF, FTE when it was new. After it was broke in, it was a fine weapon. That being said, it took 1000 - rounds, a fluff-n-buff, and a few stonings to internal parts, way too much work to make a $800 pistol function to the point that I would consider trusting my life to it. I made numerous calls, and sent numerous e-mails to Kimber regarding "fixes"....... none were ever returned

    2: The Springfield has ingested +/- 2000 rounds, of different ammo. I had one FTF on the first mag of WWB. No other problems to speak of, no need for a call or e-mail to springfield, I do trust my life to my Springer.

    I would keep the Springfield, there is a reason that shops can't keep them in the case, while Kimbers are a little slower to sell.

    Just my 0.02 worth......... Rex
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    i have a kimber. i know a lot of people that have springfield. everyone has their own opinions. honestly they are both great guns. your good to go either way.

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    SA: Lifetime warranty
    Kimber: 1 year warranty

    If he can't keep the SA in stock but is trying to buy it off you with TWO kimbers, that says something. FWIW, I own a GI 4" and it has been 100% from day 1.
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    I did a lot of research before buying my first 1911 and looked at several makes. I now own two Springfields, a 5" SS Loaded and a 4" LW Champion. I did have to send the Champion back to Springfield but it was repaired and returned fairly quickly.

    I have several friends who own Kimbers and they're good looking 1911s. One guy owns several and only had trouble with his reloads. I'd still go with Springfield because of their warranty and they pay shipping both ways (if it's a warranty item).


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    I have two Kimbers...both are great guns...I've owned no other 1911, so I would go with Kimber.
    One of these days though, I want to jump to a Wilson, Brown, or Baer...

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    Mine's the opposite, my SA loaded Micro sucks donkeys. Kimber UC CDP II is perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ti Carry View Post
    I would stay away from the Kimber 10, but that is just my opinion of it. It is actually a double stack 1911 so the grip will be wider and I have seen problems with them in training classes.
    That's sort of true... I have a double stack Kimber and it is no thicker than a single stack 1911 with standard wood grips through the thickest part. It's just "blockier", but the grip angle and overall feel remains the same, at least to me and those who have shot mine. They loved it. FWIW, my double stack Kimber is the Pro BP Ten II, polymer lower and a rockin' 13+1 capacity (non Klinton mags as they only held 10 rds). Another interesting feature is that it's no heavier than a standard steel 1911 because the weight of the extra rounds are offset by the lighter polymer lower. Even when the mags get down to the last few rounds, perceived recoil isn't increased or even an issue. Excellent 1911 style pistol for those who can accept "plastic" in their pistols.

    The ONLY disadvantage to this reliable, accurate pistol is that it doesn't (obviously) use standard 1911 mags and I've only been able to get them through Kahr for $60+ each. But, I've had several over the years and always keep them all fully loaded and never ever had a problem. They are quality mags made by Mec Gar, but they won't sell them direct and I've never seen another dealer selling them for this pistol.

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    My 2 Cents

    I saved my pennies till one day I could buy a Kimber. My 'dream gun' had more FTF's than Karen Carpenter. Tried many types of ammo and I could not trust my life to that gun. Traded it back to the dealer for a Glock with no problems whatsoever. Personally, I believe Kimber to be overrated and too big for their britches. Again, my opinion. Stay with the Springfield!

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    I own the Kimber UC II, and its great. It did take about 800 rounds to break it in. Now it eats everything. Just remember to change out the primary recoil spring every 3000 rounds.

    Note: I brushed the flats myself. I also added the slimline Alumagrips and the Pierce finger groves to fix the slick front strap. The pistol did not come this way.

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    I have a springer government size and a Kimber SIS Ultra officers size. Love em both. However, the Springer tends to be a bit picky about what I feed it. The Kimber eats everything. I'm sure a lot of this has to do with the exact gun, not model, but gun. You can have a crappy pistol come out of the factory and ruin someones opinion of that brand and the next one to ship could be as reliable as they come, so it's kind of a crapshoot. I'd say, go to your range and try some with different ammo and see what you like.
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    One of my friends bought a Kimber 1911 and has had to send it back to Kimber for repairs due to multiple ftf/fte. He said Kimber customer service was friendly and attentive but he is still unhappy about his NIB Kimber having such problems with multiple types of ammo and even wilson mags he bought in case it was a mag issue. This is probably not the norm, just one guy's story. I hope you are happy with whatever you get!

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    I've had a Springfield Armory Mil-Spec micro since '03, and just bought a used Kimber Ultra Carry II a couple months ago.

    The SA has been flawless for over 2500 rnds, very accurate at 20' and in (20' is the farthest I train w/SD weapons).

    The Kimber (w/exturnal extractor) has been flawless for 400 rnds plus another 400 per 1st owner, totaling 800. the Kimber shoots as well as the SA.

    That said; The quality, fit, and finish of the Springfield Micro is heads and shoulders above the kimber. Slide to frame fit on my Springer is as tight if not tighter than the Kimber, the hammer and thumb safety don't seem as "cheap", and is more substantial than the Kimber, and the finish of the SA has held up better the Kimber has.

    I'd say keep the SA, but you would probably be happy with the Kimber as well. just consider the SA as broken in.



    BTW, the kimber's thumb safety disengages way to easy... but thats an easy fix.
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