Which gun would you choose for home defense?

Which gun would you choose for home defense?

This is a discussion on Which gun would you choose for home defense? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; (1) Sig 229 -40 caliber (2) Glock 21SF-45 caliber (3) Kimber Pro Carry -2-45 caliber (4) Glock 30-45 caliber This gun will be used for ...

View Poll Results: Which gun do you choose for home defense?

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  • Sig 229- 40 caliber

    67 29.26%
  • Glock 21SF-45 caliber

    62 27.07%
  • Kimber Pro -2 -45 caliber

    67 29.26%
  • Glock 30-45 caliber

    33 14.41%
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Thread: Which gun would you choose for home defense?

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    Which gun would you choose for home defense?

    (1) Sig 229 -40 caliber
    (2) Glock 21SF-45 caliber
    (3) Kimber Pro Carry -2-45 caliber
    (4) Glock 30-45 caliber

    This gun will be used for home defense!
    Please state your reasons for choosing this gun!
    Thank-You for both your time & opinions!

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    I voted for the 229, with the 21SF a close second mainly due to the double-action trigger of the SIG.

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    I'd choose a sig every time.
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    Actually I would chose non of the above. Prefer my CZ75 P-06. That said, with the choices given, the Sig 229. Closest in feel to my CZ.

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    SE Virginia
    Glock 30 with my Tac Light. Doesn't get much better.

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    Dec 2007
    Jacksonville, FL
    I voted for Glock 30, but only because you didn't list the 36. I've got big hands, so the 36 just "fits" me better.

    You do give up three rounds (7 in the 36 vs. 10 in the 30), but I figure that 7 rounds of .45 ought to be enough.

    Glocks are easy to shoot, fast to bring on target, bombproof reliable and less expensive than a Sig - what more could you ask for?

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    Had to vote for the Kimber, only because I'm a 1911 fan. I'd much prefer to see an original model Kimber, or other 1911 without the firing pin safety.

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    None of the above! A 3-4" DA revolver in 38+p or 357 and/ or a 12/20 gauge shotgun. I use the KISS principle and nothing is simpler than a revolver, and everyone can easily use it.
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    Glock 21SF for me! You'll never forget to decock it after being forced to shoot someone in an extremely stressful situation. And although I really like the .40 for concealed carry, I'd pick the .45 every time when concealment is not an issue. (ie: home defense) 14 rounds of Federal HST +P .45 goodness is hard to argue with!

    If I was going with a Sig, I'd pick the P226, not the P229. Sigs are fine weapons, I just prefer the simplicity of the Glock. Glock accessories, parts and mags are less expensive, too.

    The Glock 30 can do double duty, but is really more for concealed carry, which is a role it excels in!

    Can't really comment on the Kimber, other than to say that I wouldn't choose a 1911 for home defense, mainly because of capacity. They are great for CCW, though, because they are so slim and feel good in the hand.

    Happy new year!
    Slow is smooth.....smooth is fast.

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    Member Array KevinInstructor's Avatar
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    I voted for the Kimber because I have one and know it is a good gun. Had a Glock 30 before and it was to thick for my hands. Granted the G30 is an excellent selection if it fits your hands
    Stay Safe,

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    I would choose the Kimber Pro carry 2 as I have one and use it for that purpose. its worked for me in the past 4 years .


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    I chose the G30 since thats what I have, I put a 13rnd mag in it at night so its got the same capacity as the 21
    and the HK 45 is in the pistol safe by the bed just in case I need to fill both hands
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    Big is not an issue at home. My guess is you will be going to the range on a regular basis and you can practice all day with a big gun. Go with the very reliable BIG Glock 21SF.
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    i choose the sig-229.
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    Kimber baby......

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