A look at the HK P7

A look at the HK P7

This is a discussion on A look at the HK P7 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Now as posted on this board i recently got a p7, for some reason i really needed one , dammed if i know why but ...

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Thread: A look at the HK P7

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    A look at the HK P7

    Now as posted on this board i recently got a p7, for some reason i really needed one , dammed if i know why but i did . So lets just look at the p7 for a few and see what i got lol .

    I handled my first p7 at " Twinks" in Amarillo TX ( For the forum members from Amarillo this was before she opened the " mall store " out north ) . Jean was a classy lady and allowed me to take her personal p7 for a test run , i liked it but could not afford it at the time . IIRC hers was at that time marked psp and had this big mudflap for a mag release lol . Lets now fast forward to the last year when some police trade inns came in from Germany, they are no cheaper dollar wise than that old first p7 , but time , inflation , and my earning power placed a p7 in reach ( with a deal from a buddy on another board ).

    So now ( lets just say 25+ years late ) i can own the latest technology in pistols lol .

    First off lets clear up some mis conceptions .. Some folk say the hk machining and finish is so good ... well folks the machine marks and artifacts on MY p7 looks like a prospective trainee for Century Arms machinist monkey did this pistol for a class project . Frankly it is not up to our standards .
    2nd off this pistol had do been designed by JMB or a deciple , it is real easy to field strip , and hell it will extract without the extractor , and if you pull ( or loose ) the grip screws you can carry it forever before a grip turns loose . This is a good thing because grips hold in vital parts lol .

    So now i have a limited cap ( dont bother me at all ) 9mm( this is ok too i dont need anything bigger ) with no real exterenal controls other than the squeeze lever ( yes i know about the slide stop , but its less a control than an afterthought ) . Did i mention the dammed thing is all steel other than the grips and trigger ?? Hell its heavy . and its single stack , holding 9 rounds fully loaded . Lets talk about trigger for a sec , heck its striker fired like glock , xd , kahr , and many more , which means the touted " accuracy "of the p7 should be bs ... it aint lol tho spungy the pull is almost what you would wish your S&W revolver to be lol .
    Accuracy ??? well i have a bud who owns a sig p210 , as well as NM colts ranging thro old round slides thro the modern gold cups , and this p7 will shoot with any of them at 50 yards , and outshoot them 25 and inn . a few will group tighter , but that is with favored ammo and the p7 gets what 9mm is avalable to run . So i finally got an over weight 9mm that takes a single stack mag , that Jeff Cooper himself approved of , and being familiar with some of JMB's designs other than the 1911 , folks had he been alive he might well have designed this " failed " pistol .
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    Your funny RNR. I like emine too!

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    Redneck Repairs,

    Hell of a report and remarks on the P7.

    I understand your experience with this gun, my experiences pretty much match yours, but I owned the m8/m13's back in the late 80's, and I now own 3 P7s', an m8 and two PSP's.

    The P7 and the PPK are the most accurate guns I've ever fired with stock ball ammo. Uncanny how that small P7 can put lead on threat at 75-100 yds if need be without any effort at all.

    Nice write up, I enjoyed reading your thoughts, even to the point of having some reason to own one. They are true fighting pistols as you now know.

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    Now that you own one, you can officially call it an HK P7...

    And an Alessi CQC/S and a P7 are the perfect carry combo....

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    I just like my just fine...

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    That was a fun read. The HK P7 is one of my favorite guns. Had one out at the range just last Saturday. Every time I shoot it, I nod my head with that "Oh yeah...this is a great gun" feeling of satisfaction. One of the best production triggers ever. Kevin at KD made my holster.

    I disagree with the JM Browning design comment. He never created any gun this easy to take down and clean.

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    IMO, you just can't beat it. Here's one of my 6 P7's. Have one P7M8 also.

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    Most accurate 9mm I own.

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    Excellent gun....just got a new ISMI chrome silicon spring from Brownells...let's just say the older spring was "tad" compressed.

    To order: SEMI AUTO CERTIFIED SPRINGS at Brownells
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    I really need one of those
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    Quote Originally Posted by imthduke View Post

    Beautiful pistol....


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