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Ever regret a purchase?

This is a discussion on Ever regret a purchase? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; never a bad purchuse,just trading in my xd-9 service model a while back. i miss that gun. handled great and shot pretty good. oh well....

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Thread: Ever regret a purchase?

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    never a bad purchuse,just trading in my xd-9 service model a while back.
    i miss that gun. handled great and shot pretty good. oh well.
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    Nahh over the years i have owned a bunch i did not care for , but regret a gun .. not yet .
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    Colt Defender. Beautiful gun but I limp wristed every other shot. Waited forever to get it too. Regret selling my Steyr MA1 and a perfect S&W 3919. Made a little cash on both but so what! I'm still early in the game and did not realize what a jewel that 3913 was.

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    Haven't regretted a purchase yet, I hope it stays that way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghettokracker71 View Post
    Regret selling my CZ(first ever handgun,AWSOME peice,...),...Regret the XD40SC purchase(never carry it,wish I had a pf9,p11 or pocket revolver)
    I was looking at an XD40SC for carry - anything you'd like to share about your regrets with that purchase?

    G27, Beretta 8040, Ruger GP100

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    [QUOTE=rgreenpc;579693]I picked up a new P228 a few months back but due to schedule I haven't had a chance to actually use it.

    Well I went to visit my local super-holster shop K&D and he mentioned that I might want to look at something a bit smaller for carry such as a Para Carry 9.QUOTE]

    The ironic thing is that the carry pistol "Para Carry 9" that the K&D shop guy suggested to you is the very gun I regret purchasing.

    I guess the lesson here is, go with what YOU want! Right?

    Here's my Carry 9 that I plan to sell in the near future:

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    I have never regretted buying a gun and I've never regretted selling a gun either. I am the type to thoroughly research what I would like to buy for a long time before actually purchasing it. I have sold and/or traded a couple for reasons such as raising funds to get something that would fit me even better or I just didn't shoot them any more and wanted something else.

    For example, I bought an FNH PS90 last year. Great little gun. fun to shoot. Looks cool. and I've wanted one for years. No regrets buying it. But, after a while I realize that I already have a good defence rifle in my AR. What I didn't have is a good shotgun. In fact, I didn't own a shotgun at all. It was the hole in my collection. At the time, I was also wanting to move to all common calibres of ammo that are easily available. I wrestled with it and decided that I didn't want to take the time, effort and expense to start hoarding 5.7 ammo. 12 ga. ammo is cheap and readily available. And will most likely always be available in some form. So, I posted it for sale on here and several other gun forums and sold it. I used those funds to buy a slightly used Benelli M4 with a +2 mag tube extension already on it. It fit what I wanted and needed at the time and I have had no regrets in buying or selling the PS90.

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    now that I think about it. I just bought a G29...i have the G20, but starting to think weather or not I should have purchased it. Still in the box, had a ******* time trying to find a holster for it that I liked....

    I love the G20...fullsize, no mods to it and I can ccw it pretty well...wearing jackets, bigger t-shirts and what not. Thinking of taking it back...just thinking for now...

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    I like to accumulate old guns. I've regretted purchasing refinished examples of desireable collectible guns in the past and won't touch one any more. I'll take original and ratty over shiny reblued or altered now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagor2k View Post
    I was looking at an XD40SC for carry - anything you'd like to share about your regrets with that purchase?
    My wife and I both have XD40SC's and enjoy shooting them. I like them so much we have two. I have never had a failure in either XD and have put at least 4000 rounds through them both. The only thing about one is the fact that I can't conceal it very well on my person, so I carry it in a day-planner that is always with me. When I don't have my day-planner I carry a S&W Airweight .38 using +p rounds. I can hide it anywhere on me. I am a small fellow.

    I have never regretted buying a gun. I have purchased a few that didn't live up to my standards, but I didn't regret buying it. As mentioned by some of you, I have regretted selling some of my guns. I really messed up when I sold my Ruger Security Six. That was one of the best wheel guns I have ever owned. I was a college student and was strapped for money. I bought a Ruger SP101, but it just doesn't shoot as well as that old Security Six! I guess I will just have to hunt one down and buy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh View Post
    Bought a brand new G19 earlier this year. After putting 30 rounds through it I had already made up my mind on selling it.

    Walther P22... second biggest POS I've ever owned.
    What do you hate about the p-22?

    An ounce of lead is worth 200lbs of cop.

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    Engagement rings, yes.
    Pistols, no.
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    The only regrets I have on purchasing firearms is I waited so long to purchase them. I should have bought them a long time ago when they were cheaper.

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    every tec9 has been a regret
    purchasing a CPX-1 was a regret, especially since I could have bought a Kel-Tec instead
    Tarus Raging Bull 44mag (it was used and abused and I should have known better) but it was such a good deal!
    I don't regret purchasing a COP 357, just shooting a 357 mag through it...ouch!!
    A sigpro for concealed carry...didn't work for me...too bulky, but I still enjoy shooting it.
    A jennings 22, fell apart
    several others I can't remember.
    Advice? Check the gun out with a magnifying glass if it's used, if it's new, stop for a moment to consider the purpose of the gun..concealed carry or plinker? Look for reveiws and handle it often before buying. Never, never buy a CPX-1 or a Tec-9 or any variants of the Tec-9....the horrors!
    If death is what we fear, our freedoms were never realized.

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