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    I have never shot one of these, at least I don't remember ever shooting one. But I have watched several people shoot the course to qualify for the TN carry permit with them.

    I had heard in the past people talk disparagingly about these guns but, honestly, no one I have seen use them to shoot the course failed. All seemed pretty accurate and I have witnessed no malfunctions of any kind with these guns.

    Today, I helped with the range time for 35 people who shot the TN permit course. 3 people used the "Sigma". 2 9mm and one in .40 cal. No stoppages at all. All were accurate and all passed the course.

    We have one of these guns for rent at the range where I work and I am going to test it out for myself then next chance I get. I have held the gun and I have to say that the grip is quite comfortable and well designed. The gun seems to be an almost exact copy of the Glock except the grip angle is different, some may say better, and the trigger guard is much smaller and rounded. Didn't S&W get sued by Glock when these guns were originally introduced?

    After looking at the price of these guns, I may have to think about adding one to my collection.

    S&W sells a disaster kit that includes one of these guns in it. It is listed on their website and seems like a pretty cool idea.
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    I use my 40VE for my permit class.

    In a nut shell, it is 100% reliable (4500+ rounds), great ergonomics, easy to shoot, heavy trigger that does lighten up after about 500 to 1000 rounds and dry firing, 14+1 or 15+1 mags and I trust it.

    Buy one!

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    The sigma's got a bad start, but they never shook the rap. The problems have since been fixed, but because of the bad name they are one of the best bargains out there now. When you do buy, make sure its a new one or at least a later production.
    Yes, Glock did sue S&W over the Sigma. Its pretty obvious why.
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