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This is a discussion on GP100 for CCW within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yup Tim, you are not alone in thinking this is a good CCW. Being mostly a semi-auto man for years, I was amazed at how ...

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Thread: GP100 for CCW

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    Yup Tim, you are not alone in thinking this is a good CCW.
    Being mostly a semi-auto man for years, I was amazed at how well I shoot my 4" GP100 with mags. The trigger is nice and with adjustable sights, I can group better than most any other gun I have.
    I carry OWB in a Don Hume JIT slide holster on an Acker belt. Same as with any full sized, heavy steel gun I carry, I usually use the Perry Suspenders which carry the load nicely.
    The GP100 is my 1911 of revolvers if that makes any sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tex45acp View Post
    Like dawgfvr, I carry a 3" GP-100. I carry mine in a Galco Professional.

    Did you have your GP converted to DAO or buy it stock. (Ruger doesn't show that option, now) . I tried the DAO trigger on a 3" GP100 today and it was really nice.

    Thanks, Cloudpeak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudpeak View Post
    Does the 3" GP come with a smaller grip than the GP100 4"?

    Yep, it sure does. I was 100% set on a 4" GP when I went to get mine. They didn't have one in stock but they did have the 3" and 6". Once I picked it up, I was hooked. The slightly smaller grip is very nice and I think they would be a little better for carry. You can put the larger grips on the 3" and vice versa, completely interchangeable. Very nice gun. I went to the range with 6 handguns a couple weekends ago and took more than enough ammo for the GP. When I got home, there were just empty boxes. It's addicting! By far my favorite wheelgun.

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    A word of warning about the Hogue grips: Ya better have very thick fingers! I have thin fingers, and Hogue grips feel horrible to me; the palm swells are located too low on the grip, which helps the Hogues feel horrible. Plus, the way Hogues are mounted on a sixgun means the whole thing is much longer in the grip than otherwise, which works against concealment. Back to the GP100: While I do not routinely conceal a GP100 on my person, I do often carry a 4" Ruger Speed Six, in a Milt Sparks PMK, and in the past, carried an S&W N-frame M58 .41 mag in several different holsters, including a couple of now-discontinued IWB rigs. The Speed Six is just a wee bit smaller than the GP100, while the N-frame is a bit bigger. Carrying a medium-large sixgun is not that difficult, and it gives one a degree of confidence to carry a weapon which is highly shootable, compared to a smaller weapon which may compromise shootability. I do carry a 4" GP100 fairly often in a Safepacker available from The GP100 is what I shoot better than any other handgun I own, especially when having to shoot in a hurry, under stress. One of my "back-up" weapons when on big-city police patrol is a 4" GP100. Who says back-up has to be something small? It rides in the aforementioned Safepacker, in the front seat area, ready to deploy when I want something with more accuracy or reach than my mandatory .40 autoloader duty pistol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tex45acp View Post
    Like dawgfvr, I carry a 3" GP-100. I carry mine in a Galco Professional.
    That is a great looking gun. My GP100 is 6" so I don't carry it but it is very comfortable to shoot and even my daughter prefers it to everything else she's tried. I hadn't really considered the GP100 3 or 4" for carry due to its thickness but maybe I will have to rethink that.

    G27, Beretta 8040, Ruger GP100

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    The "Texas Heritage" from Tucker gunleather is a nice IWB which allows for comfortable carry of a 4" GP. It holds the gun with the cylinder slightly above belt level, but securely, and is suprisingly concealable as well. He's selling them for $100 and they're worth it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TimM View Post
    I recently purchased (actually, I nearly stole it ) a 4" GP100 and I have found that I shoot it better than any other gun that I own. I am really considering using this for my primary carry weapon. Does any use one of these as their EDC?

    Opinions? Comments?
    I know what you mean about the GP100 being a great shooting gun. I bought mine in the early 90's and wouldn't part with. I've never used it for CC but if you can make it work, it ought to serve you well.
    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. ~ Albert Einstein

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    I love carrying my 4" as a belt gun when I'm wearing a coat or jacket.

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