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This is a discussion on Colt Lawman Mk III within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had a Trooper MkIII 6" .357 mag. in the early 80's. I sold it and regret it to this day.Possibly the best duty revolver ...

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Thread: Colt Lawman Mk III

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    I had a Trooper MkIII 6" .357 mag. in the early 80's. I sold it and regret it to this day.Possibly the best duty revolver Colt ever made.Well worth the price. The Lawman MkIII was just as good.

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    For the last 30 years, one of my favorite handguns has been my 1950's Colt Official Police 4" .38 Special -- the predecessor to your Colt Lawman. Mine was a police department trade-in in the early 1970's, and sold through a local gun shop. I've probably run 5,000 handloads through it, mostly 158 SWC's or 148 WC's.

    After 10 years of shooting, I had it refinished with satin ARMOLLOY and added a pair of Herrett's Detective Model grips. Still looks almost new, and is tight after much usage.

    Its a bit bulky for summer CCW, but fine in colder weather, especially under a sweater or loose jacket. Usually it rides in a Bianchi IWB holster. In summer, it becomes the "Car Gun" and lives under the front seat in a zipper case.

    Those old Colt D.A. revolvers have lots of life left in them.


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    Had a Trooper 4" and loved it until I fired something other than butter soft full wad cutter loads.
    The back of the frame at the top of the grip is very squared off.
    I have juvenile arthritis in both thumbs and my center joints are calcified, locked and knobby: those joints and that frame didn't agree.
    Kind of like cracking your shin on a coffee table after dark.
    If my thumbs were normal I would be carrying it today. Fine piece. Well recommended!
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    Gold40, that's really neat that you choose to carry that Official Police. I have one w/4-inch barrel made in the early 50s and would be happy to tote it if I wasn't joined at the hip to my old S&W Model 10 HB. My grandparents had a Fort Worth P.D. friend who worked a beat where they were employed in the very early 60's. I remember waiving at him if I saw him working traffic downtown and also seeing the Official Police with it's well-worn walnut grips, in his holster when he'd stop in and visit them at the Railway Express office.

    For the Colt guy who wants .357 capabilities the Lawman can deliver in a shootable and controlable package the same size as the famous Official Police.

    You bet that those revolvers are still just as good today as ever. Love 'em all!

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    You will like it, I'm sure.

    I used to carry a Colt LawMan 4" on duty, I kick myself in the A$$ every day now for selling it. I bought a Trooper 6" not to long ago to have a wheel gun again, I'm glad I did.



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    I had a 6" Trooper once. Beatiful shooter and I was stupid enough to trade it away.

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