Kahr PM 9 Recoil

Kahr PM 9 Recoil

This is a discussion on Kahr PM 9 Recoil within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sorry if this is a stupid question but here goes. I have a PM 9 and was wondering about felt recoil. I use Wal Mart ...

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Thread: Kahr PM 9 Recoil

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    Kahr PM 9 Recoil

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but here goes. I have a PM 9 and was wondering about felt recoil. I use Wal Mart winchester white box 115 gr for pratice. I wanted to know if a heavier weight hollow point like the 147 gr would lessen recoil or would it be the same as the winchester ball. Recoil is not uncontrolable but would like something a little smoother with my carry rounds. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    I felt the same way when I first got my PM9. The recoil is more noticeable vs. my Sig P229 but as time passed, I got used to it. I have only used 124gr +p loads (Golder Sabre and Winchester Ranger) for carry and both didn't seem to have more recoil than the 115gr White Box ammo I use for practice. Unfortunately, I have no experience with 147gr ammo. I'm sure you'll appreciate the size and concealability of the PM9 soon enough and you'll eventually get used to the somewhat snappy recoil.

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    Light guns with a short barrel are going to have more felt recoil than a full size gun. Its the part of price paid for a small gun.
    With that said, the PM9 is very controlable and smooth considering. I would use a lighter bullet, and some more time on the range with it.
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    I just bought one this past saturday and have fired 115 grain and 147 grain and honestly can't tell any difference between the two.I fired about 230 rounds and my hands felt raw and chewed up after that.I ordered an A-grip because I've used them before and they will help a lot.I think the pm9 has a pretty snappy recoil but thats just me.sj

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    I have the mk9 and the pm9 both are good guns. The mk's recoil is alot less and makes for quick follow up shots but is a half lb heavier which I don't mind.I got the pm for the wife because it was lighter for her.that being said more range time with the pistol is always good so you know how it acts when you need it.

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    I think the felt recoil is large from the 115gr WWB vs the Black Hills 124gr +p that I carry. It's much snappier but not uncontrollable. Its uncomfortable to shoot 50 rounds at a time, but I don't plan on needing 50 rounds if I ever have to use it.
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    I just shot a buddy'spm9 today,and didn't find it all that uncomfortable,and I have arthritis.....now I didn't fire a bunch of rounds,but it was controlable.He shoots pretty quick double taps w/ it.Nice gun.....I want one.Damn him.
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    Small light guns equal heavy recoil.
    They have their place for carry but not for a lot of shooting
    at one time.

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    All things being equal the round with the greater mass would have the greater recoil, so a 147 gr bullet would have a greater recoil than a 124 gr with the same powder charge.

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    The PM9 has a sharp recoil, yes. Though, IMO, it's less than a lightweight snubbie S&W revolver (ie, the 442 Airweight @ 15oz). The 7rd magazine tames it quite a bit. Have since sold the PM9. I did not recognize much difference in kick or muzzle rize from either 115gr, 124gr or 147gr. The +P would kick a bit more, yes, but little difference between the different weights. YMMV, as this is so subjective.
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    It definitely recoils more than my P239, but compared to the previous pocket gun it replaced (a P-3AT) it's a dream to shoot. I agree with ccw9mm that to me it's less than a lightweight subbie. I'd much rather shoot 100 rounds out of my PM9 than 100 rounds out of my Charter Undercover (don't give me grief about Charter Arms because I haven't had any problems with my Undercover).
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    I have shot a J Frame snubbie next to my PM9 and the PM9 had much less recoil for me.

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    I have a PM9 and had a PM40. The PM9 has much less recoil and I find it quite manageable. The PM40 was very snappy and kept breaking magazines and followers. I practice with WWB from Wal-Mart, but I carry Cor-Bon DPX and feel quite well armed.

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