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The perfect 3" 1911??

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Thread: The perfect 3" 1911??

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    Have these two and both are great...
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    Maybe I need to rethink my Para. On the 102nd shot out of new pistol, the extractor hook broke today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoMike View Post
    Maybe I need to rethink my Para. On the 102nd shot out of new pistol, the extractor hook broke today.
    Not a shocker there.... sorry that happened. Para has had a lot of issues in recent years.

    I think I got to go with the Colt...and I'm not a Colt fan boy. I also highly recommend the Kimber's, the CDP series in particular.
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    This is the greatest number of positive comments I've ever seen about the 3 inch 1911 platform. I'm happy to hear that so many are happy with them. I may start to re-think some of my 5 inch bias.
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    I have a Para Slim Hawg that has been flawless so far. I have shot a friends Micro Compact (SA) twice. The Micro shoots much smoother. If I had it to do all over I would probably get the Micro. But then again there is a 300 to 400 dollar difference in the price too.
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    I've my realiable Colt New Agent 45 by my side in either IWB or slide. Very reliable, just have to get used to the trench sight. 800+ rounds with no ftfs.

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    "had my heart set on a Kimber Ultra Carry but have recently read several threads that have me second guessing a Kimber Ultra II."

    I had my heart set on one too, and I went ahead and got one. It's a really nice shooter.

    I recently got a Colt New fact I just ran a box of ammo through this morning. I like it too, and it's great to carry in a Comp-Tac Two O'Clock appendix holster.

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    I have a colt defender and the only thing i have a problem with is when it ejects the cartridge hits me in the head... but that is the Only problem i have with it...

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    No problems with my Ultra Carry. I shoot with 3 other persons that carry one. They haven't had any problems that they have mentioned. Gotta wonder where all these Kimbers are with problems. Mine, and the others I see at my matches all run just fine. I wouldn't make a decision based on information obtained on a forum tho. Good luck!

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    Add me to the list. I carry a Kimber Tactical Ultra II and it has been flawless. I put 200 rounds thru it today.... total round count is now up to 600 and it's been perfect. I can't remember having a problem, with any 1911 platform gun I've owned.
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    I have a 1998 Colt Defender. I recently replaced it as my primary carry gun because it doesn't run well with hollowpoints. I doubt I'll ever get rid of it, though.

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    kimber ultras, springfield v10, and colt defenders are all excellent choices IMO.
    i have the kimber ultra aegis (9mm) and LOVE it

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    I have a Kimber Tactical Ultra II with ~5000 rounds through it. The stop on the recoil spring guide snapped, at the weld, at about 4000 rounds. They sent me a new assembly. Turns out the manual recommends replacement every 3000 rounds. Supposedly these can be sent back to Kimber for some credit; normally they are ~$40 Anyway, I love the gun and carry it every day. We bought another for my wife just before she got pregnant so is carrying her H&K until she can start shooting again. I was chastised by a well known instructor (my nickname was Noisy Cricket) for carrying a 3" (he says they are too unreliable), but by the third day of the course he said "that thing seems to be working pretty well for you".

    It's got a firm, crisp trigger with a strong reset. I like the trigger better then my Team Match. Keep in mind that all series II Kimbers have a firing pin block that is actuated by the grip safety. I believe this is patented and Colt's pin block is actuated by the trigger. I choose the Tactical version since it has a beveled magazine well and included tritium sites.

    I have had a few stove pipes but these were early on (<1000 rounds) and were all with Walmart WWB. I have switched to Sellier and Bellot for purchased practice ammo and have had no problems. Carry ammo is Hornaday TAP (JHP) which runs fine but i have shot very little of it since it's +P and expensive.

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    Have Kimber Ultra CDP II for about 1 1/2 years. No problems.

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    My son has a Colt Defender and likes it, no complaints.

    I have a GI Micro from Springfield with just over 4,000 rounds and it's a good runner. Feeds everything well except +P stuff which the manual says to avoid. Didn't need to replace the springs until close to 3,000 rounds when it started throwing an occasional flyer. Get's carried a lot, one of my favorites!
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