k9 or 239SAS?

k9 or 239SAS?

This is a discussion on k9 or 239SAS? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; what is your opinion on these two? i know they have been beat to death in 12 different threads but i want to know what ...

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Thread: k9 or 239SAS?

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    k9 or 239SAS?

    what is your opinion on these two? i know they have been beat to death in 12 different threads but i want to know what you all think head to head of the two. If you had a choice which would you choose for CC and why? i am 5'8 and 155lbs and the double stacks just dont fit my hands well. give me what you think. wifey said get what you want.....lmao.. will be a while before i get it but at least it gives me much time to find what im looking for and at a good price =O)

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    I have a Kahr K9.

    It is a good gun. Mine is accurate, reliable, and easily carried and concealed.

    I have no experience with the Sig, other than admiring them.

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    Ended up choosing Kahr's CW9 for carry, mainly because it was a single stack 9mm with good reviews and reliability. Looked at others like Glock 26, Springfield XD9 sub-compact, but the Kahr fit the hand well and seemed to be a decent balance between carrying size and something I'd still enjoy taking to the range.

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    Both are good choices... the Kahr will win in the concealed dept., the Sig will win in the shooting dept. Flip a coin... you cant loose with those two.
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    Tough call - both are good

    This is a hard decision because I like both of these guns.

    I took a look at the specs on these two 9mm guns:

    Kahr K9: 7+1 capacity, 25 oz. empty, 6.0 in. long, 4.5 in. high, 0.90 in. slide, 0.96 in. grip, 3.5 in. barrel, internal striker fired.

    Sig P239 SAS: 8+1 capacity, 29.7 oz. empty, 6.6 in. long, 5.2 in. high, 1.0 in. slide, 1.2 in. grip, 3.6 in. barrel, external hammer fired.

    You can see right away that the Sig is considerably larger and would be harder to conceal, but would probably be easier to shoot because of this. The one shot capacity difference seems small, so I guess I would rather carry the Kahr but rather shoot the Sig at the range. If this is strictly a carry gun I would get the Kahr and carry it IWB to take advantage of the slim slide.

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    I'd take the sig and never look back.

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    I agree with the other posters here: Kahr for concealment, Sig for the accuracy. Kahr is a great firearm and you would not regret that purchase.

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    Go with the SAS, you won't find a better shooter and it hides well.

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    I went with the SAS and am glad I did. Shoots well, much more accurate than I am, conceals well, and so far, unquestioned reliability. That being said, I feel that the Sig grip does "feel" different that other handguns. This "feel" is a very personal thing, some people love a Sig grip and some hate it. There doesn't seem to be much in between. As soon as I picked up a Sig, it just felt right. Plus, you can't discount the "cool" factor of the SAS model. As probably has been already suggested, shoot both and go with the one thats right for you. Both are great weapons, you won't go wrong either way.

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    I went with the p-239 in 40 sw sas dak. Slim .single stack (if i can't do it in 8 than i will probably be dead anyway ) and the sig just looks great.
    I have read that the 239 is one of the most accurate also ..
    getting mine this week .Sig is having a sale right now
    on sas models.reduced price and 3 mags.

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    take the sig. my carry is the 239 in 9mm, it is scary accurate even at 25 yards. i don't think i even need to say anything about reliability. i carry iwb at 4 oclock it conceals great and comes very fast out of my kydex holster.

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    p239 is best of two possible choices.
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    EDC the K9 for over 10 years. 2 thumbs up fr me.

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    I like the K9 better than the P9 but I like the DAK trigger better than both Kahrs. I guess I'd flip a coin and hope it lands on Sig.

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    For me, the Sig 239 9mm is an awesome weapon. It feels and wears concealed good. It is both very dependable and accurate. The single stack is not a problem with and extra magazine if needed.

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