New DW CBOB on the way!

New DW CBOB on the way!

This is a discussion on New DW CBOB on the way! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I ordered a new Dan Wesson .45ACP Commander Bobtail from Bud's Gunshop website Friday and I received notice today it has been shipped. The waiting ...

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Thread: New DW CBOB on the way!

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    New DW CBOB on the way!

    I ordered a new Dan Wesson .45ACP Commander Bobtail from Bud's Gunshop website Friday and I received notice today it has been shipped. The waiting is killing me. I haven't had a 1911 since the mid 90s (used to own a Colt Government 5" M1991A1, but sold it after six years or so (had problems with the parkerized finish on it, should have kept it and got it refinished somewhere like CCR or Robars, oh well). I mainly have a lot of DA/SA and DAO type pistols for carry (Glocks, Sigs, XD, M&P, Berettas, etc.). I'm debating if this will become a strict range/target use only pistol, or if I want to carry it as well as my other pistols. The thing I'm worried about is I'm not used to carrying a thumb safety type pistol anymore like back in the 90s and the last thing I want is to be in a situation where I have to draw down on a BG (hope I'm never put in that situation!) and I go to pull the trigger and nothing happens (yep, forgot to swipe off the thumb safety. (Not a good thing!)). Now that I have thought this out a little more, I think this new beauty is most definitely going to have to be a strict range/target gun for me, since I have now been carrying so long with pistols without thumb safeties (I think it is the safe and responsible thing to do). Of course, it doesn't mean the CBOB won't get as much attention as my other guns. Most of you out there most likely already know what a DW CBOB looks like, but for the few who don't here's a pic from CZ's website (A work of art (IMHO)):

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    1. There is no reason for it to be a safe queen due to the safety. The answer is PRACTICE. Today I have a J frame smith on me, no safety. I could just as easily have either a Firestar 9mm compact auto or a 1911. When I grab any my thumb goes to where a safety would be automatically on the draw. If none is there there is none to deactivate. If one is and I am drawing for a reason other than putting the gun to bed for the night the safety is flipped off.

    2. Please report on its performance. I really want one in 10mm but have been seeing multiple posts about the guns being far to tight and locking up on the first trip to the range. DW repairs them but you have to pay the shipping, which is BS.

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    I have one (in .45acp) and it is my EDC - had it for a year with 1000 rds with not a single malfuntion. Practice, practice, practice and you will find out what a fine firearm you have.

    Edit - I use Chip McCormick Shooting Star mags (8 and 10 rd) 8 in and 2 10's as backup....
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    I carried autos/combat tupperware with passive/no external safeties since the early 90s (you know, back when 1911s weren't safe) and had no trouble switching to the CBOB as EDC. I had much more trouble getting used to flicking the safety/decocker on the M9 up than I ever did pushing the thumb safety on a 1911 down. As stated above, practice, practice, practice.

    FWIW, I had the triggerguard on my CBOB undercut and like the gun a whole lot more than I did before...and I liked it a lot before. That's a whole lot of 1911 for the money. I use a Wilson 47D in the gun, and a spare on my side. With their plastic "bumpers", they're much easier on my car seats and tender flanks than mags without them, and they work like nobody's business in my gun.
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