P3-AT Armalaser

P3-AT Armalaser

This is a discussion on P3-AT Armalaser within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone here carry the P3-AT with the armalaser? Is it worth the cash? I've heard all the pros... but I'd be interested in any cons ...

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Thread: P3-AT Armalaser

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    P3-AT Armalaser

    Anyone here carry the P3-AT with the armalaser? Is it worth the cash? I've heard all the pros... but I'd be interested in any cons anyone might have.
    The facts are indisputable. There is more data supporting the benefits of Conceal Carry than there is supporting global warming. If you choose ignorance, in light of all the evidence, in order to bolster your irrational fear of guns, you are a greater threat to society than any gun owner.

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    Don't know myself but you might get better luck over at KTOG. Those guys know their stuff about anything and everything Kel Tec.

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    I was just over at KTOG, I did not realize CTC came out with a laser grip for the P3AT. I want one now, I like the CTC on my M&P and would enjoy having one on my P3AT. I can barely even see the sights as it is, a laser will help that.

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    I have had the Armalaser for myself for a little over a year now and have installed a few for other people. To date, no problems whatsoever on any of them. I feel they are worth the money. If you have any specific questions please fell free to ask.

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    I hold the understanding that you have to put your finger inside the trigger guard to activate the laser. Is that correct? If so, that's not cool. I think lasers are a great visual deterrent, but I also think you should never put your finger in the trigger guard until your sights are on the threat and you're ready to fire. That makes the Arma laser a liability, IMO. If I'm wrong about the activation, please let me know.
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    A big agreement from me on that one, Boomstick. I always carry my p-32 or my pf-9 in a Desantis Nemesis for just that reason. Hey, I just realized the p-380 is a mouse gun, so, if you had one, it could be called a Boomstick's Mouser. If you get that, you're too old to have access to a weapon.

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    This isn't the type of gun I would bother installing a laser on. It is meant to be a up close point and shoot belly gun, not something you plink cans with at 25 yards. But that's just my .02
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    For me personally, to do anything that makes the P3AT more bulky defeats the purpose of the gun.

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    Haven't used a laser on it but I've had several/carry several P3AT's and think they're about ideal for their role but I wouldn't spend the money to put a laser on them. Their roll is last chance up close and personal and at that range, it's likely to be a few seconds at best for it all to happen. I just don't think a laser can be effectively employed in the likely circumstances. If you have the time to use the laser or for it to be a visual deterent, then I would hope (if it's possible) that you're retreating and/or moving for cover. Again, I think it's working contray to the purpose of this weapon.

    Having said that, it would probably be fun to shoot with...
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