Ok, Slap me, I did it again!

Ok, Slap me, I did it again!

This is a discussion on Ok, Slap me, I did it again! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok Guys I'm been a VERY bad boy here. While my Wife is out in Florida, enjoying her time with her sister, I have been ...

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Thread: Ok, Slap me, I did it again!

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    Ok, Slap me, I did it again!

    Ok Guys
    I'm been a VERY bad boy here. While my Wife is out in Florida, enjoying her time with her sister, I have been scronuging the shops, and I came across these two guns. One is a USP with Hi-Caps, night sights etc.. I traded the Shrty Forty Mk3s for even money. (I might add I was into the S&W for 465.00) I KNOW I got a good deal on this USP Compact

    I also found a BRAND NEW Glock 29 10MM for the price of 569.95 (I NEVER buy new, but I toyed with the idea of a 10MM for a very long time) The thing is, I placed the grip extention (SCRADER) on the mag, and placed it in the Glock, and it was a no-go. The extention won't allow the mag to seat fully. (Now remember this is a BRAND NEW GUN) can ya see why I never buy new?? geeesh now I gotta take it back tomorrow (Thursday ) and see what's up with it. I may even cancel the deal ( I traded the G26 for the 29 as they offered me 400.00 for the Glock 26 I was into it (the G26, for 275.00) I just might go back and get my Glock 26 back. Any suggestions??
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    Ok, Slap me, I did it again!-103nikon-dscn0537_dscn0537.jpg  

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    Class3nh Congrats.

    Just wait until your wife gets home! :chairshot

    NICE FIND on the USP...That is just an exceptional firearm. It's a golden winner. How about opening up a new thread once you take that USP for a test drive & let us know what you think of it? OH...with NIGHT SIGHTS too.
    I don't think you'll ever be trading back the USP. It needs a good holster though. Now...you gotta buy a really nice leather holster for that H&K. The simple pleasures in life!

    The GLOCK 29 I don't know much about.
    But, it's a GLOCK so...it sure will shoot.

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    This is me personnally, I'd go get my G-26 back without hesitation. The 10mm is kind of an orphan for whatever implications that has. I think the G-26 is one of the most verstile guns there is. It works well in an ankle holster as a BUG or even on the belt as a primary gun. The Sig, XD, H&K "subcompacts" just won't fit where the G-26 will. The G-26 works like a Glock, shoots like a Glock, trigger is Glock, it's reliable, rugged, dependable, and accurate. And if you carry a G17/19 and the 26 as a BUG, the higher cap 17/19 mags fit the g-26. Go get it back! And, I don't even carry or especially like Glocks.

    As for the USP, I got one and they are great. Mine is 9mm, I got the impression yours is .40. They appear to be a big gun and are often touted as such. But I did some measuring and discovered they aren't significantly larger, if at all, than other full size guns. The mags are kinda wide; they're about 0.03" wider than a Glock mag.

    You'll probably find the DA trigger (it's not a LEM trigger is it?) a little heavy and gritty, but I've been told that it will loosen up and smooth out a bit. The USP has certainly become a favorite of mine!

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    Hi Guys
    QK?? I know exactly what you mean.I need to hide these from my wife LOL..... .....I found that my G29 's extention was for a G30 Hmmmm.makes me wonder what really happened there. Maybe somebody got cold feet on a purchase and decided to toss the grip extention in the box...
    Tangle.. I know exactly what you mean.that G26 was sweeeeeeeeeeet... I might get another one VERY soon.. ...I'm just a bit intregued by the G29 due to the 10MM cartridge capabilites ... ...I also decided to get a Glock 19 2nd Gen gun for the price of 345.00..(BTW it was at the same place in Maine).soooo..345.00 minus the extra bucks I acrued from the S&W deal trade-in at 250.00, makes me own the G19 for about 280.00?? or close to it? .It seems to fit more of the bill for what I'm atempting to acomplish in a few handguns.. The G19 has night sights as well with 2 spare Hi-Caps.......had to jump on it real quick.i traded a S&W 60 in 38 spl (I got it for 185.00, the...and they gave me 250.00 for the gun.so how could I go wrong.LOL...I'll need to pick up the G19 next week or else they'll be on my heals with any multiple trasfers LOL.......I Saw a HK P200SK in 40 cal today..like new....for 675.00........(they list out at 877.00.........it's a pretty cool gun but controls are a bit small on it......I'll give ya'l a range report on the USP Compact and the G29 as well probably tomorrow night..I still need to shoot that Colt Defender I got Monday afternoon LOl.............

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    I agree on the G26. It is greatness.
    Blessed be the Lord my rock who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle. Psalm 144:1

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    Others have said it all I think. USP a great aquisition - I feel more and more drawn toward trying to find one sometime and yeah - for me anyways, forget 10mm however good the round certainly is.

    BTW BOB - - - - incoming - - - - SLAP!
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