Charter Arms Undercover Southpaw Left-Hand Revolver

This is a discussion on Charter Arms Undercover Southpaw Left-Hand Revolver within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Has anybody seen and/or have a Charter Arms Undercover Southpaw Left-Hand Revolver in .38 Special? I have been trying to find one for my wife, ...

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Thread: Charter Arms Undercover Southpaw Left-Hand Revolver

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    Charter Arms Undercover Southpaw Left-Hand Revolver

    Has anybody seen and/or have a Charter Arms Undercover Southpaw Left-Hand Revolver in .38 Special? I have been trying to find one for my wife, but no luck on the east side of Tennessee. Called 10 guns stores this week and none has one and/or even seen one. Some stores state they might be able to get one. Prices range from $305.00 to over $400.00 for the gun. The other question is this gun well made??? Hope someone has one so I can get the low down on the gun. If I can not find one she will keep the model 36 as her carry gun.
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    I went to the closest gun shop Charter's website listed near me, and the owner had some very unkind words about Charter in general. And they listed him as a stocking dealer?! Not a Charter in sight, he said he ordered one, and that was all she wrote. The more I thought about it, I've spent so long shooting RH guns left handed, I probably couldn't adapt to a left hand revolver.

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    I personally have had good luck with their .44 spl. I know a couple of other people that have CA guns - no issues. These guns don't get tons of range time - but have never failed when they do. I would have no issues purchasing another. jmo

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    I agree with ICTsnub, I have used regular snubbies for so long that I'm not sure I could switch.
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    Charter Arms is owned by MKS Supply,...thats right,same folks the bring you the Hi-point.

    I wonder what their warrenty is,looked all over the website,...I really like the looks of the undercover,comes time for me to get a revolver I'll look into them if I can find out about warrenty.

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    There is a charter arms "forum" (group actually) on Yahoo, the guy that runs it works in a shop (not sure where) and has held one, iirc he thought it appeared to be well made. You may want to check it out and post your questions there.

    Also, Davidsons ( list's one in stock as of 3:15am today

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    Charter Arms is another well respected company that sold out to the overseas mentality...cheaper is better. What a shame

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    i'm lefty, but i've learned to shoot right and left handed. We lefties are taught from young to live in the right handed world. Scissors, computers, everything but writing. I can print right handed. Cute idea, but most of my guns have no mandual saftey and the one auto that does, i've learned to "click" with my left index finger, when shooting left handed. The Bretta I have to qualify with is ambi with it's saftey /decocker. I just bought a used .38 undercover so i'll let you guys know next sunday when I take it out.

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    charter southpaw and other trueisms

    A few corrections to clear up about Charter Arms

    the charter southpaw is available and on the market, you should have no problem getting one thru your fav gun shop,

    Charter knows that many of the left handed experienced shooters have trained themselves to opperate a right handed gun with there left but any and all NEW firearms owners will now have a choice to buy a firearm made just for them and they will.

    As to Charter "selling out to overseas mentality" well Charter has been and was designed to be from the git-go back in the late 60's an affordable american made revolver...way prior to the overseas import craze.they might not be the most sexy revolver but they will work fine and last forever. American made too.

    All Charter revolvers back to the 1s one made carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY ..

    I hope this clears up some questions and other opinions.


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