Detonics Combatmaster MKVI

Detonics Combatmaster MKVI

This is a discussion on Detonics Combatmaster MKVI within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What say ye? Anybody have any direct experience with one? Would it make a reliable carry piece or is it best relegated to the safe ...

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Thread: Detonics Combatmaster MKVI

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    Detonics Combatmaster MKVI

    What say ye? Anybody have any direct experience with one? Would it make a reliable carry piece or is it best relegated to the safe as a collector's item?
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    You'll find that Detonics are a mixed bag. Some folks have had great luck with them. Others, not so much. I'd try it out and use it if it proves reliable. It's a heck of a lot less $$ than a Colt OACP, and it's got a shorter grip to boot.

    I used to carry a MkVI that I liked a lot. I never had any trouble with it. Getting one serviced can be a little bit of a problem, since the company has more lives than Sylvester the Pussycat. However, there are folks out there that work on them.

    Mags are readily available at Metalform. Be leery of any "Detonics" mags. Some are imitation, the ones that aren't are worth a lot of $$. Metalform made all the ones for the "DetonicsUSA pistols."

    If I still had it, I would have no qualms about using mine. If they're going to be collector's items, they sure don't cost much.

    Hope this helps,

    PS--The best forum for Detonics-specific questions is the Detonics Collectors forum on Yahoo! groups. It's normally a snoozefest, but the guys will perk right up if you ask a question.
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    I had an early one and never had any problems with it. Nary a hiccup. It was a great gun & I wish I still owned it.
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    I've owned three in the 1980's and found them reliable and a very well made pistol. I have no idea about the new ones. Jerry Ahern recently sold the company to a fellow in Millstadt,IL. Production facilities will remain at the current location for now. All the administrative offices will be in IL. Jerry Ahern will be the acting president with the new owner as CEO.
    We'll see how the quality is after the reorganization. They are expensive and honestly with the track record of the company being sold every few years I'd buy the new super small Colt!

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