Proper break-in of new gun

Proper break-in of new gun

This is a discussion on Proper break-in of new gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just purchased my first handgun, a Smith & Wesson M&P9. I will pick it up on Saturday. I was just curious if there is ...

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Thread: Proper break-in of new gun

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    Proper break-in of new gun

    I just purchased my first handgun, a Smith & Wesson M&P9. I will pick it up on Saturday. I was just curious if there is a routine or procedure that is recommended to break in a new pistol? I know the M&P falls into the same arena as Glocks, which many suggest no maintenance is required. But being a mechanical guy, it goes against my better judgement to treat any mechanical device in such a manner. I look forward to your feedback.

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    Glocks, which many suggest no maintenance is required.
    I always clean my barrels spotless after a shooting session. I always lubricate the friction points and remove carbon buildup on all of mine. All the Glocks come from the factory with a special lubricant that's copper in color which they suggest not removing during the cleaning process. This lubricant will disappear over time and usage. I don't know how the S&W is with their pistols, but as far as breaking one in-----I'd shoot it! Check your owner's manual for the lube points. I take care of my guns "maintenance free" or not. Good luck with that new pistol.

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    I don't believe that a fighting handgun like the M&P9 should have a "break-in" period to be made reliable, but I do believe you will want a number of rounds to "prove" that it is reliable. I like 100 or so rounds (at least) of carry ammo just to test the mechanics and the mags - after that, it's gravy.

    A simple, modern design like the M&P shouldn't need much in the way of break-in, but it (like all things) will require at least minimal maintenance.
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    I agree with Opfor. The break in period for a model like this is more for your own peace of mind, knowing that it will work when you need it.
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    I usually do a good cleaning of all shipping grease before the first range session. I usually will fire 100 rounds, clean weapon, fire another 100, clean etc.... After 300-500 rounds with no failures I consider ready to carry. My Glock would throw brass everywhere, including straight back in my face. Really had me worried, but after about 250-300 rounds it stopped that and now will drop all 16 in about a 12" circle, so there definetly a break in period for some parts. Good luck with your new pistol, did you get the rebate offer with it?
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    I usually clean the factory grease out of it then run at least 200 rounds through it. Finish by cleaning again.

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    I clean it, lube it, and run hundreds of rounds with excess lube to start with.
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    Field strip, clean entire gun and relube rails, external surface of barrel and hood and a light coat inside the slide area where the barrel hood rubs the slide and rearward motion. Use some Flitz on a cloth at the barrel ramp and get 'er shining like silver. Don't remove any metal with any power tools.

    Next, run two 100pk. boxes of WWB ball through it. Repeat cleaning process. She should be ready for anything.

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