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The Glock allure infection is resurfacing...

This is a discussion on The Glock allure infection is resurfacing... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; VERY VALID point ya got there Tangle. I'd do things with my other handguns, that I may not do with a Glock. I do keep ...

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Thread: The Glock allure infection is resurfacing...

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    VERY VALID point ya got there Tangle.
    I'd do things with my other handguns, that I may not do with a Glock. I do keep mine with a round in the chamber, but if it were loose, such as glovie compartment, under seat <as all of us know that under the seat is a real no-no>
    I'd want to consider how or why I brought the weapon in the first place. I'd want mine right on my side, where it's totally under my control, and I'd be wearing the correct fitting holster as well. Less chances of a AD, or ND

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    Actually... I'm not a fan of a loaded gun in a vehicle.

    Just put a loaded mag in it and worry not. If you need it all of a sudden, you'll have chance to rack the slide back which takes all of what, 1 second ?

    No danger of AD or NG. If you go some where and stick it in your britches, load it. Otherwise, there is no need to risk a loaded chamber. Even the police carry their longarms unchambered in thier crusiers...for that very reason.

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    I'm no Glock expert but I have read the solution to the Glock easy trigger pull is to have a NY1 or NY2 trigger installed. I have the same concern about the XD with it's 4 pound double action trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangle
    Maybe I'm worrying over nothing, but every time I start to slide a loaded Glock under the seat, I wonder if something hanging under the seat is going to engage the trigger. Given such a situation, a Glock would fire much easier than a gun with a longer heavier trigger or an external automatic or manual safety.
    If you had to store you carry gun under a seat in your car, wouldn’t it be in its holster when you slid it under the seat? Nothing will catch the trigger if it’s in a good holster.
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    Long guns have a totaly different safty system than a "Block". If you drop a long gun on a hard surface. It will go off. When hunting I use a safty , with a chambered round. I never rely on it.

    To be honest I was abit aprehensive of carring a chambered round in my "Block" at first. I expressed this to lots of L.E.O. buddys from the local, all the way to the Federal level. They all said to me that their isnt anything to worry about, if I practice proper gun handling. As far as I know, all acedental "Block" discharges were due to human error.

    As for carrying a unchambered firearm. I kinda think of it as pointless, even dangerous. Especaly if the BG is in ECC and is able to get your firearm. Whats the point of having an easly accessible firearm with a propor fiting holster. If it takes a whole one or, .5 second to work the slide?

    I do belive my #1 safty is in between my ears. If that safty doesnt work, I have no buissness carrying a firearm.

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    I too agree the #1 safety is between the ears but - I have found the ''Murphy factor'' to be one that is not always totally within our control.

    I can and have enjoyed shooting the might ''G'' but like Tangle - my concern, is shall we say, the ''storage'' aspect.

    If I was gunless and in trouble, and someone gave me a 17 or 19 or 22, whatever, to use - I would be delighted from a shooting POV. No prob's there.
    Chris - P95
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    I simply don't have the confidence in people's brain that some must. I've seen way too many examples of experienced, professional people having serious accidents because their safety (brain) failed because of fatigue, distraction, fear, etc. In my observation of nearly 60 years, the brain isn't such a great safety. If we apply "There's no such thing as an AD, they're all NDs" to automobiles then there's millions of "NDs" behind the wheel. If the car didn't have a mechanical failure then what did fail? The brain.

    I totally agree the brain is important, but it is equally important to realize that brains fail many, many times.

    As someone previously posted, certainly, the safest place for a handgun is on your side in the proper holster - I'm convinced that's true. Unfortunately there are times the gun must be removed from our side, like to go into a post office. I know, many say it's legal; many say it isn't; I'm just not willing to become a test case and find out I was wrong. We may have to remove the gun to go into court, a school, etc. So there are times that we need to remove the gun.

    My choice is to leave the holster on, remove the gun, and put the gun out of sight i.e. glove box, console, and I often put it under the seat. Maybe it would be better to either unload the gun or remove the holster with the gun in the holster.

    I suspect few of us want to go through the motions in public of unloading a gun or removing a holster from our belt and then go through the reverse to get it back on. Not only does it take time, but we could be observed by someone and if nothing else have to explain to the police why we are loading a gun in a public parking lot.

    So I tend to do what is least conspicuious and takes the least time, which means removing the gun from the holster and sliding it under the seat or placing it in the glove box or console, which bring's us back to the easy to fire trigger.

    I'm only saying that if we carry a Glock, we need to be aware a Glock is one of, if not the, easiest gun to fire and simply take appropriate precautions.

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