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What is the least expensive handgun you would trust to get you through the night?

This is a discussion on What is the least expensive handgun you would trust to get you through the night? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; KelTec p-11. I think I paid $145 when they first came out. It has never failed, even when dirty....

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Thread: What is the least expensive handgun you would trust to get you through the night?

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    KelTec p-11. I think I paid $145 when they first came out. It has never failed, even when dirty.
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    The least exspensive, for what I paid, would be my Gluck 19. I don't really like it, but I can and have used it to "get me through the night".


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    Any Ruger or any S&W revolver. Can be had for around 300 sometimes less if you are patient.
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    What is the least expensive handgun you would trust to get you through the night?
    Are we talking "Night at the Museum" or "Night of the Living Dead"?

    Night at the Museum: Any Taurus would suit me fine.

    Night of the Living Dead: A Police trade in G17.

    To clarify, if I knew I was going to NEED a gun, a used G17.

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    If cheap and reliable are your criteria, I'd have to give a nod to the Makarov. I can't think of anything cheaper that is as reliable, and in a decent caliber.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kpw View Post
    I wouldn't feel bad if all I had was a Taurus revolver. I think the blued steel Md. 85 and Md. 605, Md. 65 are a steal for $300 or less. For an auto, Ruger P95 and S&W Sigma, they both go on sale around here at times for around $300.

    Taurus revolver.. $285

    I have a M85 next to my bed.

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    I just don't see how the *price* of the gun matters. What matters to me is the quality of the firearm. If i pick up a Glock for $100 because I got a good deal would it be any less reliable than a $600 Glock that I didn't get such a deal on for example?

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    My short list is...
    1. S&W 40VE
    2. Kel-tec P11
    3. S&W 15-4

    All were ~200. My 40VE is my night table gun to "Get me Through The Night!"

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    I personally like the model 66 S&W on the revolver side as I've owned the same one for the last 23 yrs. and it will not let you down. If you are comfortable with semi's I would go with the RIA
    .45 with Wilson mags and thoroughly practice, practice and more practice with it (1000 rds. for familiarization and break in). My 870 riot loaded with 8 rounds of # 7 shot is my primary house gun backed up by my Springfield Armory .45's. One bedside and another in a secret location. JMO.
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    any bersa

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    I would imagine you could pick up a used millenium pro for about 250 bucks. You pick the caliber.
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    My Seecamp LWS .32. I think it was $425.00. I fires every time I pull the trigger.

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    pa 63. $100

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chooie View Post
    Trust? Probably a Hi-Point, believe it or not. From what I've read, they're rock solid reliable, albeit ungainly and fugly.
    My first hand gun was a Hi-Point. To talk about it on this group is like bragging about Wal-Mart while shopping at Nieman Marcus. However, it still shoots. I like it, but it does not lend itself to bragging rights and it is not as cool to show off with as with my other handguns.

    On the other hand, the question is "What is the least expensive handgun you would trust to get you through the night?" That is a difficult question, because it can be interpreted in one of several ways:

    (a) What is the cheapest handgun that I could trust before switching over to a cross-bow, bow, or merely a knife?

    (b) What is the cheapest handgun that I would be willing to buy and use if I were virtually broke financially, and still believe that it would shoot when needed.

    (c) [Indirectly] What can I afford?

    (e) [Indirectly] What is the most expensive hand gun that my wife will tolorate?

    (f) Finally choice for groups who live in a gated community with nearby armed guards and no history of violance: The answer might be -- As cheap as can be made and still be called a handgun, because no one will have to rely upon it any.

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