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What is the least expensive handgun you would trust to get you through the night?

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Thread: What is the least expensive handgun you would trust to get you through the night?

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    +1 dogngun. Well said.
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    My 200.00 Ruger Speed Six.
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    I carry an under $300 Kel-Tec P3AT 380 all the time, when traveling to relatively safe areas. Example: Grocery store here on the island.

    When I’m headed downtown at night, I don’t trust anything less than a Glock, or the Walter PPKs in the summer.

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    Excellent thread and excellent posts. Think I'll take a second look at High Point.

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    A K frame police trade-in. CDNN has tons of them for cheap. I'd get a 4" for in the house, 3" for CCW. .38 or .357, you pick. There are also a lot of Ruger PD trade-ins that would be a viable option IMHO.
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    Where would I be able to find/look at RIA 1911s on the internet?
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    The S&W K-Frame would be my pick of all time.

    Of the new ones mentioned that Rock Island 1911 .45 would get the nod.

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    A Ruger P89, a used XD, or a used Glock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigEFan View Post
    Any Ruger or any S&W revolver. Can be had for around 300 sometimes less if you are patient.

    I paid $200 for a S&W 442. I paid less for my Glock 19.


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    Star BM, Smith & Wesson SW9VE, and EAA Witness in the order of lowest to highest cost.
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    polish p-64 in 9mm mak. paid $100.00 for it. but,,,it is a well made gun and it shoot just a good as a $1,000.00 gun under ten feet.
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    What is the least expensive handgun you would trust to get you through the night?


    A "night" could be very long based on any number of circumstances. For that money you can buy a CZ/PCR; a glock; Beretta 92; a good slightly used Browning p-35; and quite a few more "name" brands actually.


    less than 200 for a glock, even abused is a bargain [ nice pickup sir ]

    Anyone betting their life on a gun that can't be broken down [ by design ] to be cleaned/parts replaced by yourself if need be, weighs twice as much as a gun in their respective size has to out of necessity due to their design; and costs less "new retail" than any gun I'd buy used and/or abused second hand is out of the question for when it comes to something that will "get you through the night".


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    I have a bersa .380, taurus .38, and had a kel tech 9mm. I would trust them all to my life. It won't make a diffrence if the gun cost $200 or $1000 in the heat of the molment. I have seen glocks jam, sigs jam and sqib rounds put a halt on a kimber at the range. This in a self defence situation could ruin anyones day. What I am tring to say is go to the range and see what fits you the best and is comfortable to shoot from your stand point. I could sit here and say I would only trust my life to a glock but then I would be a lier. In the heat of the molment and gun is better that two fist, a rock, of a stick if faced with a lethal threat.

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    I think the 1911 is about as good as it gets provided the user is well trained in its use. But in the absence of extensive training, a revolver is perhaps the better way to go for a house gun.

    My wife can shoot fairly well, but she isn't well trained - and not likely to be. Moreover, she isn't going to pack a gun on her hip around the house. Consequently, I have K frame revolvers conveniently stashed in several rooms of the house. My wife doesn't have to worry about racking the slide, disengaging the safety, clearing a jam, or anything else. She can simply grab the gun and pull the trigger. Of course, this option of having unsecured guns isn't viable if you have kids running around the house.

    But, nevertheless, for most folks, I don't think there is a better choice than a good service revolver for a house gun. The vast majority of people who have a house gun have zero training, virtually no range time, and only a nodding familiarity with their gun. For them the revolver is the smart choice.

    I know that most of you who post here are reasonably expert with your weapons, but there are hundreds of "lurkers" on the forum who are here to read and learn. Their experience may be minimal. And to them or anyone who hasn't the time, money, or interest to become highly proficient with a handgun, I say if you want a good house gun, buy a used or new service revolver.

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    The least expensive would be the one I have- HK P2K .40- it's only $750- Dirt cheap for a life insurance policy if you ask me!

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