Bersa Thunder 9 Compact

Bersa Thunder 9 Compact

This is a discussion on Bersa Thunder 9 Compact within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Few people seem to know anything about this pistol, but after seeing one in a store, my son bought one. The matte finish will not ...

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Thread: Bersa Thunder 9 Compact

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    Bersa Thunder 9 Compact

    Few people seem to know anything about this pistol, but after seeing one in a store, my son bought one.

    The matte finish will not win any beauty contest, but that is the only negative I can find.

    It has ambi- safety/decock and slide locks, easy to see sights with dot front sight and outlined notch on rear, 2-13 round mags, and one of the best double-action triggers I’ve ever seen on a DA/SA pistol. The fit rivals guns costing more than twice as much, and it ate everything we had, both FMJs and JHPs.

    I can’t give hard info on the accuracy. The weather at the range was horrid: cold, windy, and raining, with some hail. However, it shot similar size groups as the other pistols we were shooting. Those pistols we know to be very, very accurate, so I’m confident the Bersa will be very good.

    Balance and feel are exceptional, and it is quite compact for a 13 round double stack 9mm. I was so impressed that I will be selling a really nice, big name 9 to come up with the money to order one of these for myself.

    This pistol is also available in the same size in 45ACP. I already have a CC .45 that I dearly love, so I probably won’t buy it in .45. If you are looking for a full size pistol, it can be had in 9mm, .40 S&W, and 45ACP.

    I was reluctant to post this, as I post on several sites and hope to neither reduce availability nor jack up the price, but few people will actually believe that a compact pistol costing way less than $400 is anywhere near this good. I have seen it, held it in my hand, and shot it. I am a believer!
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    i've been wanting one of these. next on my list. i'm very happy with my thunder 380. bersa is for sure a good value.

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    I just looked at one for the first time today in my local gun shop. They just started carrying them last week. It looked good and had a really nice feel to it. The price seemed good, too.

    I was looking for the .22, which they didn't have in stock, unfortunately. Anybody have any experience with those?
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    I carry a Bersa 45 as a bug, this gun has proved to be as reliable as any one i have owned, it eats everything i feed it and is very acc. Hard to beat it.

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    I have owned both a Bersa UC-9 and UC-45 for about 4 years, shooting over 2,000 and 1,500 rds through the guns respectively. They are exactly the same gun, though the UC-45 has a slightly larger frame & slide - therefore making swapping most major parts impossible - to accommodate the larger caliber bullet. While most people wouldn't notice the size difference at a quick glance, it's obvious in a side-by-side comparison.

    During the time I've owned the guns I've had ZERO failures of any kind with the 9mm pistol, it hit POA straight from the box at 10 yds and shows no more wear after 2,000+ rds than it did at 200 rds. It holds 13+1 rds of ammo vs. the 45's 7+1 mag capacity and they cost the same. I paid $289 for both my UC-9 & 45 NIB in '04. Average price now seems to run between $325-$375 in most areas. Find one for less money and consider yourself lucky. If someone wants $400 or more, consider looking somewhere else. Around here they are selling for as low as $323 (saw some at a gun show several weeks ago) to a high of $365 (local gun shops/sporting goods stores) for NIB guns.

    If you check the Bersa forums, this customer satisfaction and lack of problems is the norm for literally everyone who owns a UC-9, so Bersa must be doing something right with the gun. FYI, Clinton AWB era pistols were limited to 10 rds, as most people here already know. A few of them are still around in old inventories and magazines currently meant for sale in Kalifornia and a few other states that limit mag capacity to 10 rd magazines are still sold. OTOH, all mags sold after the ban expired in Sep '04 (except those already mentioned) hold 13 rds. Either magazine will work in any UC-9 gun. BTW, guns shipped from Bersa's importer (Eagle Imports) to dealers after August of last year should come with two 13 rd magazines unless they are intended for sale in states with a 10 rd magazine limit.

    OTOH, my UC-45 had a lot of feed and ejection problems for the first several hundred rounds (at least one per magazine) and I almost sold it. However, after I replaced the 45's recoil springs - many early production UC-45's had notoriously weak recoil springs - I experienced no problems and have fired at least a 1,000 rds since then. Owners of UC-45's made after 2005 now report few, if any, problems with FTF/FTE as far as I know. Aside from the early FTF/FTE problems, my UC-45 has performed the same as the 9mm pistol. As a side note, quite a few 3" auto pistols in .45 ACP appear to have spring related problems, with 1911's particularlly sensitive if you read the complaints in many gun forums. I guess it involves the "timing" of the slide after the bullet is fired. The .45 ACP was originally designed for a 5" barrel so it's often hard to get the proper spring design/rate in relation to the bullet & shorter barrel 3" length... so it's not a problem unique to Bersa.

    While I do like my UC-45, I personally prefer the 9mm. It holds twice as many rounds as the 45 and due to it's SLIGHTLY smaller frame, it fits my hand a bit better than the 45. FWIW, I consider my hand "average" in size and while the 45 is not too larger for me, I just feel more comfortable with the grip of the 9mm pistol. Either gun would serve you well and which you buy really is a matter of what you want in the gun. With the dramatic improvement in bullet designs over the past 20 years - particularly in self-defense ammo - the 9mm is probably just as good a self-defense round as the .45 ACP, ESPECIALLY when compared to the .45 ball ammo a lot of people still use. I prefer the UC-9 because it holds more ammunition and it's a better fit for my hand, but if you prefer a 45 caliber bullet, I could see no problem owning a UC-45 if you are comfortable with it. Both guns (plus the Bersa 40S&W) are EXCEPTIONAL values for the money and if you are left handed, you'll never find a more lefty friendly pistol!
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    My wife had one and we never had any trouble with it. It was accurate and functioned perfectly. It did have one small odd trait. When you fired the last round in a mag the brass would often eject straight back instead of to the side. My wife found getting hit in the forehead occasionally to be disconcerting. Chris (P95Carry) has it now and as far as I know he has had no problems either. My wife sold it because it was heavier than she wanted to carry. She now carries a Kahr CW9.

    I agree with rachilders that the UC-9 is an exceptional value for the money.

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