Carry Gun for Wife for Valentine's Day

Carry Gun for Wife for Valentine's Day

This is a discussion on Carry Gun for Wife for Valentine's Day within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Am looking into purchasing a revolver for my wife for Valentine's Day and have been looking at the Lady Smiths in .38 caliber. Wondering what ...

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Thread: Carry Gun for Wife for Valentine's Day

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    Carry Gun for Wife for Valentine's Day

    Am looking into purchasing a revolver for my wife for Valentine's Day and have been looking at the Lady Smiths in .38 caliber. Wondering what those of you who have wives carrying have on them when they CCW. I'm thinking a semi-automatic could present problems for her in the event of a FTF or stovepipe when in a critical situation, so that's why I'm thinking of a revolver. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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    My wife has a revolver because that is what she likes,

    I would suggest to let your wife pick her own gun, instead of surprising her with one.

    My wife told me when she was ready to have her own gun (it wasn't until after or child was born) and then she chose the one best suited for her.
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    My wife is in the process of getting her permit. For now she has a 4" .38. I doubt that she will carry all the time but she wants something for whe she hikes. I'll let her pick out what she wants when it's time.

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    actually... revolvers are the perfect answer for anyone who's not that familiar with operating semiauto's or doesn't shoot that much.
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    LET HER PICK THE GUN. There is no way my wife would have been nearly as happy with anything that I picked. She loves the one she picked and I don't think I ever would have guessed.
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    1st. im jealous. i wish i got a gun for valentines day, i doubt my guy will even say happy valentines day, but thats ok, i still love him
    2nd. if she knows nothing about guns, she needs to learn. if she knows about guns, let her pick. and if she is somewhere in between, a revolver is a good choice.
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    My wife picked out her first gun, a Colt Trooper 357 with a 4" barrel (I would have never, ever thought of that gun for her).
    Then she bought either a Trooper or Lawman, I can't remember which, with a 2" barrel.
    Then she bought a S&W Mountain Gun in 44 Magnum (Lord.....).
    Then she bought two S&W 642s and carried both of them........
    Then she decided "more firepower" and picked a Glock 19, and even convinced me, the 1911 person, to switch to a G19 also.
    My point? I wouldn't begin to pick a gun for her, a nice Valentine's Day gesture might be to take her to a gunshop and she can pick.

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    Let her pick it.
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    Here's my wife's carry gun(s).

    Wilson Combat Professional

    Gotta have pink grips.

    Kimber CDP Ultra

    From left to right, Kimber Stainless Ultra, Bersa Thunder .380, Colt Mustang +II

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    how bout a Smith 642CT 38 spl with a Factory installed crimson trace laser grip about 599.00 new
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    throw in a few roses along with the gun you're going to get
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    We ladies like sentimental stuff. Get her a nice card telling her how much she means to you. Tell her that her safety is very important to you. Then make a date to take her to the gun store. Then you can spend some quality time at the range. What could be better?
    Get her input. Don't pick it out for her. DH tries his best to get me to like his Glocks. Just because he thinks I shoot better with them doesn't mean that I like them. If I don't like it, I won't carry it. The same goes with your wife. If she doesn't like her new gun, she won't carry it. Let us know how it goes!

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    Was that her idea, or are you just dreamin'? That might go over kind of like, say, a new vacuum.......

    I like tk4878's idea myself.
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    My wife says, "I hope he knows that not all he should get her."

    When we were picking out a gun for her, she said she wanted a revolver because they're simple - she's comfortable with that. She also wanted as many shots as possible, and a "cute, rabbit's nose" length barrel. After making sure she could reach the trigger DA on an N-frame in a store, I ordered her a S&W 327 2". She likes it! (Maybe not as much as I do...)


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    I don't think it's necessarily bad form to find a nice know her best. My wife was pretty excited when I told her I had gotten a little revolver for her. I knew that never in a million years would she have gone shopping for one. I still haven't actually gotten her to the range with it, however, but I'm working on it. My hope is that experience with my pretty diverse collection will pique her interest in buying something really nice.

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